The HT12E is a 2^12 encoder in 18 pin DIP package. This is CMOS LSI for remote control system applications. It is capable of encoding information which. Make a RF Transmitter and Receiver With HT12E & HT12D: Would you like to With the help of our friends HT12E (ENCODER) and HT12D (DECODER) and a. Dec 8, HT12E is an encoder integrated circuit of 2 12 series of encoders. They are paired with 2 12 series of decoders for use in remote control system.

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Frank Donald December 24, 59 Comments.

Using the address pins we can provide 8 bit security code for secured data transmission between the encoder and the decoder. The encoder and decoder should use the same address and data format. HT12E is capable of operating in a wide Voltage range from 2. HT12E starts working with a low signal on the TE pin.

HT12E Encoder IC Pin Diagram, Uses, Equivalents & Datasheet

After receiving a low signal the HT12E enfoder the transmission of 4 data bits as shown in the timing diagram above. And the output cycle will repeats based on the status of the TE pin in the IC. If the TE pin retains the low signal the cycle repeats as long as the low signal in the TE pin exists. The encoder IC will be in standby mode if the TE pin is disabled and thus the status of this pin was necessary for encoding process.


The above diagram shows the practical set up of the HT12E encoder IC for better understanding on the working. Quote and Order boards in minutes on: But pins AD8-AD11 are not address pins, so we have only 8 pins for address A0-A7, which can provide only encover addresses, so this IC is not good for production?

Dohab, To be honest this is entirely up to your requirement. There are address combinations which I feel will do a good job in securing the communication and keep away interference.

However if you need to have more address combinations then you might want to look for other fncoder pair available in the market. I have 5v 12d cut and 12v 12e ckt. Kindly repost your question.

Calculating addresses, we are limited to 56 addresses per pair. Rod, No we are limited to address per pair. If you need more address I suggest you to look for any other encoders and decoders with more address combinations. Where are the input pins on the ic I would like to connect a potentiometer to the input on the ic for rc car.

So you can enccoder your Arduino with it and work.


Hii Frank, I am interfacing 4 encoder with different address configuration. In ht12d decoder section, i am changing the address by giving delay.

But now, if i want to connect more than 4 encoder how do i configure data pins? But if i want to transmit data in 5th encoder, in which pin of encoder sholud i provide encoded to encoder??? SSS, As per the datasheet you need that resistor to kick start the internal oscillator in the chip which in turn feeds clock pulse to data transmission.


Gunasekaran, Am not sure about what you are asking. ULN was a transistor array IC used for driving high power devices. There is no use of that IC here. Regarding the addressing you can use a simple switch to feed your desired address.

Hope it is clear now.

Thank you for your reply. The query I raised about is dynamic addressing i. No mechanical switching involved. Thank you for the reply and clarification. Unk, Your address should be unique and only know to your receiver end to avoid other source signal interference. The following two tabs change content below. Frank Donald is an Electronics and Communication Engineer who loves building stuff in his free time. Video games, blogging and programming are the things he loves most.

Latest posts by Frank Donald see all. Notify of all new follow-up comments Notify of new replies to all my comments.

Basic Electronics: HT12E Encoder

encodef I have a doubt. Why do we put a resistor between two pins of oscillator viz. Request you idea on this. Dear Frank Thank you for your reply. Dear Frank Donald, Thank you for the reply and clarification. Thank you and I will let you know the working of the circuit.