ei kasuta konkreetset sõna (lk 10). *Pariisist meenutades hall. *lapsepõlves maal. * Pariis — ära, palav, igav. lk The rrator of Emil Tode’s (T宵 ծnepalu’s) Piiririik (“Border State”, ) is “driven by the need to confess”. A scholar from an unmed Eastern European country. The narrator of Emil Tode’s (T宵 ծnepalu’s) Piiririik (“Border State”, ) is ” driven by the need to confess”. A scholar from an unnamed Eastern European.

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And I wrote s he, because I don’t know if it’s a woman or a man, who writes these letters to puiririik guy called Angelo.

Main character leaves his country, but his country remains with him in his memories of his life with grandmother, visits to her half-brother who lived in rural area and earliest love and attraction he felt for same sex. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Oh, there are countries in Eastern Europe where you could easily hear capital W in West when East talked about it and looked up to the West as an example of decent life secure from political w Borders are not just a geopolitical matter – they are also a part of human nature.

Facebook to messanger Copy link. Jul 28, Leen Tool rated it it was amazing. He refers to it, but always using some variation of “that place.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Your most recent searches. The grass would be bent close to the piiriruik by an unrelenting wind. Feb 08, Davor Salopek rated it liked it.

This touching, somehow familiar, blurry stream of thoughts within the pages left me feeling very light and moved. I have always been fascinated with Eastern Europe, and the premise of the book, which is the experience of an Eastern-European gay man in Western Europe, sounded really good.

Sometimes s he started to talk about things that didn’t even make sense in that part of the story.

After page 50, of the Italian edition I read by Iperborea, the plot started shaping up and following a more definite direction until the tdoe. Sometimes it would be dark blue and glistening robustly, at other times reddish yellow and arid, as if about the flare up, but never actually flaming. Een jonge, naamloze ik-figuur, afkomstig uit Estland, onthult in korte brieven zijn opmerkelijke leven. But we soon question the reliability of the narrator and even the existence of Angelo, the recipient of the letters, as the writing fluctuates between fantasy and reality, hope and despair.


There isn’t a plot, not really, though you can guess at the events that happened between the protagonist and a man named Frantz. You are about to make a bid that is 5 times bigger than active minimal bid.

There is a highway, and a field of grain with a farmhouse under tall, thirsty trees, but where is the border between them? Jul 28, Katri rated it it was ok Shelves: However, does this narrator really exist? Lists with This Book.

We learn that the narrator is gay because of his relationship with Franz and his unrequited obsession with a priest, but he never gets deep into this. So from then on, I imagined s he as a she. Enter your ID code to continue Identification nr.

This surreal, dream-like feeling is helped by a narrative that wanders, and even rambles, specially at the beginning, throughout the book.

Ziemlich intensiv besch Ich hab das Buch 2mal gelesen. Selles on midagi kirjeldamatult pahelist. BuyNow without a password. I can’t believe how intimate thoughts I was allowed to follow, and how beautifully and accurately written they were. However, his dealing with the cultural shock of an Eastern-European in Western Europe is good enough to give you a sense of what this situation was like at the time.

For me, despite of what I stated above, the biggest issue with this novel is its disappointing ending.

Border State – Piiririik – Emil Tode – Madli Puhvel | Estonian Literature

Maybe it was a novelty back in early ‘s, but now, in the ‘s, it feels trite and overdone, and it left me with more questions than answers. Descriptions of the Parisian days are frequently interrupted by digressions normally memories. May 18, Volke Loona rated it it was amazing. Eine ziemlich akutelle Frage, die da gestellt wird Een wat futloos en somber boek dat wel een aantal mooie observaties bevat.


Piiririik. Emil Tode. b

Is Angelo a real or imaginary? The whole novel gives off an impression of dream-like wandering, hovering between childhood memories, the present, the situation of a person who misses something, though we won’t be told what although the title helps one understand. Choose account you want to login. Neither is the Soviet Union ever directly named–maybe there are one or two mentions of “Russia,” but, like Piigiriik, that aspect of the narrator’s life is present more as a ghost than something concrete.

Since I came into contact with this book because of the nationality puiririik its author, it jumped out at me that the narrator never names Estonia. A border state is nonexistent.

However, by the time I finished reading the book, I felt I had been talking to a man who turned out to be insane and did nothing but tricked me and even had a laugh at my expense once I closed the book and put it back in my bookcase.

emik Questions like these ones permeate the entire book, which give it a surreal, dream-like feeling. Igatahes ma ei ole vahepeal sulle kirjutanud. Often, the narrator’s mind wanders, returns to a childhood memory, or describes a dream, and the result is wonderful: Borders are not just a geopolitical matter – they are also a part of human nature.

Kohati oli tunne, et kirjanikul oli depressioon. In de eerste persoon geschreven, nogal uitzichtloze en gelaten brievenroman van een Baltische homofiel, die herinneringen ophaalt aan zijn jeugd en aan zijn ongelukkige liefde met Franz in Amsterdam en Parijs.