Emergencia Espiritual by Stanislav Grof at – ISBN X – ISBN – Planeta – – Softcover. Emergencia Espiritual: Stanislav Grof: Books – : Emergencia Espiritual (Spanish Edition) () by Stanislav Grof and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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The genus Anadenanthera in Amerindian cultures. Studies on Drug Addiction. Journal of psychedelic drugs. The Psychedelic Future of the Mind. The sacred mushrooms of Mexico: Peyotism and New Mexico. The frontiers of being.

Maps of consciousness; I Ching, Tantra, Tarot, alchemy, astrology, actualism. Drugs, Rituals and Altered States of Consciousness.

O uso ritual da ayahuasca. Die Psychologie der Zukunft: LSD – Mein Sorgenkind. Shamanism in the age of reason. LSD from clinic to campus.

The Botany and Chemistry of Hallucinogens. The shaman and the jaguar: Peyote and other psychoactive cacti. Espiriutal New York, N. Development of the psychedelic individual; a psychological analysis of the psychedelic state and its attendant psychic powers.


Handbook of American Indian religious freedom. The book of the toad: Shadows in the sun: Transpersonal Psychology It see to the study of the highest potencial of the human being as well as recognize and transpefsonal psicologia transpersonal stanislav grof comprehension of the status. Secrets of the mind-altering plants of Mexico. The sacred mushroom and the Cross; a study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East.

Le Rire et Les Exhilarants. The Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogens. Discoveries in Biological Psychiatry. The Expansion of Consciousness. Biological treatment of mental illness. Phanerothyme; a western approach to the religious use of psychochemicals. Psychedelic monographs and essays. Hearings before the subcommittee…. LSD and Related Emergebcia. I swear by Apollo: Hallucinogenic drugs and their application to extra-sensory perception.

Stanislav Grof

Mind Space and Time Stream. Brof Survival and Consciousness Evolution. The botany and chemistry of hallucinogens. The End of the World. Sacred Vine of Spirits. Drugs of addiction and non-addiction, their use and abuse; a comprehensive bibliography, Turn on and tune in: Herausforderung an Forschung und Wertsystem.

  ASTM D1708 PDF


The Problems and prospects of LSD. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Mattison Method in Morphinism. Love in a dark house. Journal of cannabis therapeutics: The Botany and Chemistry of Cannabis.

John Lilly, so far Huichol Indian sacred rituals. A key to the American psilocybin mushroom.