Love in excess;: or the fatal enquiry, a novel. In three parts. by Haywood, Eliza Fowler, ? Publication date Publisher London: printed for D. The fiction of Eliza Haywood, Penelope Aubin and Elizabeth Singer Rowe has been seen to represent two very different ways of writing novels in the s: the . The Love in Excess Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Eliza Haywood The hero of Haywood’s novel, D’ elmont is painted in a white light of innocence and mind numbing ignorance.

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Oh, the trials and tribulations of the Upper Class!

All your favorites are here: Though women are granted the right to feel strong passions and love, they are still required to remain aware of the or else be condemned haywoood Haywood’s pen. The women were completely annoying most of them.

Sep 06, SharieCrimson rated it really liked it Shelves: Here women, and men, rave, sigh, cry, faint and go mad with love. Trivia About Love in Excess. Published June 12th by Broadview Press Inc first published I really cannot properly express how eye-rolly it made me and how much I wanted it to END.

Jan 22, Lily Morgan rated it it was amazing. And this is the subversive fun of Love in Excess: This sort of narrative–man does terrible things over and over until he sort of understands its a little wrong and everyone celebrates him for entering a momentary fugue of ethical self-awareness–still haunts the novel.

Return to Book Page. You’re more likely to identify with one or more of the many women who cycle in and out of his life. Anyway, as I said, this novel mirrors many of its time in its abysmal characterisation–I never cared about any of these characters, and the circumstances didn’t really have a proper progression, and many were just handed to the characters, and it was boring as a result.

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I skimmed the third book, because basically it was just exces of men wanting to hump ladies, ladies feeling social pressure to not show affection for men, people writing letters and letters and more letters full of coyness and proper facades, urgh–I got sick of it by the end.


Feb 16, Bridgette DeVaney rated it liked it.

The middle part in the country houses of D’Elmont and a neighbor, is where the two actual lovers meet and where it seems that Haywood is scratching her head to determine how to circumvent the laws of marriage and yet draw out the suspense of the lovers joining together.

Eliza Haywood is perhaps best remembered for the caricature Alexander Pope provides of her in his satirical poem The Dunciad — Haywood is the prize for the victor of a literal pissing contest. Refresh and try again. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is indeed Love in Excess. In Rome, an unidentifiable woman rigorously pursues D’Elmont. I wish it they had more depth and the period in which Haywood lived was less terrible.

Love in Excess – Second Edition – Broadview Press

Jan 03, Julianne Quaine rated it it was ok. The behaviour of many of the women in this exceess just seems so over the top and ridiculous that I had to take a step back and say Count D’Elmont can cheat on his wife, be responsible for her death, haywokd fall “in love” with women left and right, but women, if they know what is good for them, should resist all advances.

As I read this book, I went back and forth between really liking it, and really The hero D’Elmont, as a man, is more easily persuaded by his friend to try to ‘own her person’, but is still mostly honorable after he learns how to truly love. I was interested to discover that this book was wildly popular in its eeliza and curious as to why it faded into obscurity after the author’s death. Receiving word that Melliora has been kidnapped from the monastery, and learning through Violetta of Ciamara and Cittolini’s revenge plot, D’Elmont, Frankville, and Camilla flee Rome, accompanied by Fidelio, who is actually Violetta disguised as a pageboy.


Just, y’know, roll ’em with respect. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat He is basically the ark of the covenant. You get the impression that the cover of its modern-day equivalent would eliiza Fabio on it. Because it’s a wonderful critique of the time period. Goodreads helps you keep track of books hayeood want to read. Part the Second deals with D’Elmont’s falling in “true” love with Melliora, a girl entrusted in his care. In this book, the tales of romantic liaisons and attempted affairs becomes very boring very quickly.

It’s not great, but haywoid a good time. It would be delightful if I never had to happen upon a sex scene more graphic than what was written here. The other good thing is that there is a surprisingly frank acknowledgment ln women can be led by passion as well as men – a somewhat revolutionary acknowledgment which it has taken about years to become commonly accepted.

Love in Excess by Eliza Fowler Haywood

To view it, click here. Views Read Edit View history. Instead the lectures focused on his “love” for her, and explaining the qualities of a “redeemable rake. Feb 10, Samantha rated it liked it.

The psychological arc of the story is in D’elmont gaining a peek-through-the-window-blinds shred of sympathy for the position he puts women in. But I think it deserves more. It’s much better than plenty of other books from its era. Open Preview See a Problem? The characters are props for the core of this story–“love.

Love in excess; : or the fatal enquiry, a novel. In three parts.

He attempts to seduce the ward and ends up causing Number 17 of Books you must read before you die. Mar 03, Arria rated it it was ok.

Had to read for class.