TankHigh. Bold characters indicate names of objects of Elipse SCADA or their properties.. Expressions between signs. TUTORIAL ELIPSE SCADA. WinTr is advanced SCADA SOFTWARE for monitoring and saving datas of manufacturing processes which seperated large areas. This chapter introduces installation of easySCADA configuration software, including installation of configuration program and DATABASE.

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Print document function was update, Print screen command added. The driver might have been renamed, moved or removed from the original directory. The problem may be related to your specific system configuration. We thank you for choosing our products and wish you success with your new working tool! It should be available and correctly configured in the local network, so that the clients may find the server. Why should we prefer WinTr? Send your fax to these numbers: Database Support 4 gb.

Applications generated in previous versions are completely compatible; however, applications generated in newer versions cannot be edited or executed in previous versions. There is no limitation at Internal Tags.

We hope opportunities that we presented for now are enough for you prefer us.

The manual comes with the software package and is also electronically available in PDF format. The program will generate an.

And the other programs that are running in the system? Elipse will send an update license file to you.


You can consult the following documentation: If there is already a peripheral device in the port a printer in the parallel port, for examplefirst insert the hardkey and then connect the peripheral device to the hardkey.

Under which circumstances does the problem occur? How to make first scada project? Hardkey update When a customer requires a new or updated software license, it will be necessary maunal the customer to send some information to Elipse.

It has a red color, which differs from the normal HASP. EXE found in the Elipse installation directory with the option -R before installing the program.

Select the Generate File option. If it is too big you can try to divide it and execute it step by step. Once you have managed to reproduce it, you can begin to find the solutions. EXE with the option -I.


Verify if there is any safety device Hasp or NetHasp connected to the computer. You can use the information about what conditions it produces to be able to isolate it. This information will be used to create so we can update the hardkey. Naturally programmers manal the software manuzl they know best. WinTr Scada Software made up by two section as Deveopment and Runtime and has following capabilities: We are unable to provide support in your own language.

Follow the instructions below to update your hardkey: Send the file to Elipse Software via e-mail. HSP extension file with the current license information.


Elipse Software

We hope sada one day best known scada software will be WinTr. Through the network the clients access the NetHASP of the server, where the number and the license acquired by the client are controlled.

There are also versions of system demonstration available. Alarms and Warnings can be defined for process values. Troubleshooting Guide Here are some steps you should follow before to calling technical scafa. See the FAQ section for more information about this subject. We do not known as other scada softwares. Although not too much there is many scada software exist in the world. Telephone The telephone support is available from 9. For now we do not have any representatives in the other countries.

Total Tag number is limited to And no limitation at the Tags being historical. Hardkey Elipse SCADA utilizes a software protection mznual based on an external device known as the hardware key or hardkey, which contains the definition of the modules and tools available for the user. Webserver with password eliipse or without protection select function added.

EXE program License Server which protocol should be loaded: To do this, contact the administrator of your local network. To update the Windows version, manaul the steps: