: Posthuman Studios Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing Game (4 Player): Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jason Hardy, David Hill, Ken Horner, Evan Jamieson. I’ve been reading through Rimward the last few days and just love the idea of a [ Sliders]() style adventure. Here is the thread for this (potential) gatecrashing game. Before I get to work on a 16, and everything, I’d like to discuss everyone’s preferences.

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Setting up a temporary camp is fine, but I don’t want to get bogged down trying to design fortifications for any sort of long term stay. Also, fine with R.

Retrokinesis – of those four concepts, the first two are the ones that are the most interesting to me. I really like Firewall as a way to push things around once and while. Uplifted Sunrise Whiplash xenoarchaeologist. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 gatecraxhing Last Jump to page: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

What do you hope to find on the other side of the gates? A side game that explores the clandestine lab before the Firewall team finds it.

The way that Chronos uses his psychic powers in the first scene the PCs meet with him gives the game away; it’s not possible to break into people’s networks that quickly and easily, and since “regular” psychic powers don’t work that way, it’s a clear sign that he’s an Exsurgent; savvy PCs will immediately open fire, before purging any data he sent them on the presumption that it’s a vector of Exsurgent infection. Once Firewall learns of the imminent attack, they send a separate team of sentinels in to stop the exhumans.

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The team is also thrown into a civil war between autonomists and the hypercorps on a distant exoplanet colony. With this data, the exhumans can possibly achieve the singularity if they harvest enough egos by recreating the Fall in the Jovian Republic. I’m doing a lot of writing for my EP campaign and other writings that makes music more conducive background audio, but once I’ve got some concentration free I will give a listen!

And I’m also fine with fairly dark and sandbox-y, though I admit the minutiae of setting up and running a colony might actually be fun.

Duality: An Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing and Rimward campaign

After leaving Minerva 4, the team is sent to Ceres, a dwarf planet in the main belt, to find out why Kristol made contact with the Hidden Concern. Be the first to ask a question about Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They aren’t all necessarily the “good guys Joey rated it it was amazing Dec 09, A honey pot operation and breaking and entering into a secure apartment. Lists with This Book. Gatecrashing I mostly ask to know how prepared we’ll need to be for gatecrashing.


That post was for advice while still writing the campaign. Interest from previous Thread.

While you won’t be able to read the original at the time of posting link leads to a live Google docs link. Last gqtecrashing by Engine; at Aided by Firewall, the team is perhaps the only hope to stop him before he unleashes the power of the engimatic Mirrored Pillar.

Just keep in mind, you will likely be getting quite a bit of your gear from the corp that sends you through the gate, and crashing is a death sentence more often then not The investigation quickly becomes deadly.

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A Jovian military refueling station becomes a warzone between Firewall and the exhumans. Uplifted Whiplashes technically don’t exist in EP yet, gatecrqshing there’s no reason someone couldn’t make one if they wanted to. Criminal psychosurgeon who relies on not being in the solar system ecilpse all to escape being caught.

Each is relatively short, but still packed with ideas that can be used any number of places.

Each chapter focused on one major system or faction. Maybe one of us or such owns an Unregistered Gate or some such?

Duality: An Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing and Rimward campaign | RPPR Actual Play

Alien the one meets Lovecraft and they have a baby named Dead Space darkness rating, thank you. The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Conspiracy and Horror other than that it’s a transhumanist game where the Perfect Robot Future gayecrashing decidedly wrong and you can play a space whale that swims in the corona of the sun.

Chuck rated gatecrasshing really liked it Apr 17, I may go the edited memories route. Let me know what you guys think. A team of gatecrashers travel the universe searching for Loren Kristol, a mysterious man infected by an alien artifact, in order to stop him from possibly destroying all of transhumanity.