DVBLink TVSource with Network Pack is also a UPnP server that streams live TV to UPNP Setting up the system to watch TV on one computer is easy. Simply. i have not much possible settings in DvbLink TV server, it only . describing exactly what kind of streams can DVBLink TV source produce. DVBLogic TVButler TC Tuner only – computer TV tuners (DVB-T2, DVB-C, . a USB TV tuner and the highly awarded DVBLink TVSource server software.

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Just no video and audio appears inside it except the 2 or 3 cases described above That is what i am trying to say. It has more developed streaming capabilities compared to the DVBViewer. Tv signal source is ok. You should try the recording service instead.

TVSource: search channels: DVB-C – DVBLink wiki

Posted September 21, edited. Problem is, when it shutdowns every nightmachine is not able record anything anymore logically.

If your question is not answered here, you can browse our Wiki [2] or our Forums [3] to see if you can find the information there.

Read about our refund policy here [12]. You will get a response from the qualified technical people or other enthusiastic users of our products.

Edited September 17, by soundguy. These tuners are tested and guaranteed to work on all supported NAS platforms. Dvblikn has, as the only program, problem with streams coming out of it. Retrieved from ” http: I installed DVB Dream and as you suspected, it gave exactly the same results. I thought it could get load some net stream or etc, but i dont know if this DVBlink TV server produces.


– Downloads

Windows 10 Pro Version Build Upgrades software releases with increased major version number are not freebut available with the discount for customers using previous versions of the DVBLink products.

Sorry, but this DVBLink thinge is unfamiliar ground for me and probably for everyone else on this forum if judging from the scarce response configuartion have gotten so far. It has multiple options.

Posted September 16, Posted September 6, edited. It has same options as DVBViewer, only less of them: It was working ok but i used to miss night broadcasted episodes. This platform is capable of transcoding changing video into a lower bitrate, allowing it to be sent over low-bandwidth mobile networks. But in DVBViewer i am having big difficulties. So mayba only some problem inside DVBviwer? This is a paid service yearly subscription, prices vary confiuration on the EPG provider.

This trial mode can be activated immediately after product installation as described on our wiki: This page has been accessedtimes. Anyone have any suggestions? Using the following software on Windows 8. There is no general answer to this question. Share this post Link to post. That could solve whole problem, IMHO. However you usually get much better quality EPG data, including series information, large descriptions, thumbnails, crew information, genre etc.


Edited September 6, by soundguy. On the list of the filters is only: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. It is linux machine, so i cant use Recording service there if there is not any Linux distribution of it, that im am not awared of.

Posted November 3, edited. If your question is still not answered – register at our forums and ask the question there! I tried to replace it with recording service and add hardware there, but i dont know hot to setup upnp receival there.

Thanks for any help.

Any help welcome, thanks. I have no experience with that.

Emby server and DVBlink server

Posted September 21, I have put these credentials into “imaginational” tv tuners like dvb-IP-tv but with no succes, because i m noob. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich weiter komme?

I think this could be a source of problem.