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Coping tips for dealing with stress Breed of the Show: You must log in or sign up to reply here. I was actually reading that a lot of horse people have dobermans and I can totally see why now.

dobermann dog dressage tex han tess de la taverniere doberman chien

I have left her alone a few times to see how she is and I see no separation anxiety issues thus far. We’d love to see more pictures of Prentiss and of your horses. I am self-employed working with world class dressage horses on the ground and I’m a single mom to a 7 year old son. She’s a tad over 3 years of age and she’s huge at 90 pounds soaking wet.

Dressage Dobermann | Dobbies of course | Pinterest | Doberman, Dogs and Doberman pinscher

RitsNov 19, Welcome to DCF from Indiana! I don’t have horses,but live in horse country You sound very busy,also sounds like you made a great choice in dogs,and dog forums. Sounds like you stay very busy. I explained to my 7 yo son that he needs to approach her like he does a new horse and thankfully, he’s got that down to a science as he owns a 24″ stallion named Scooter. Hello from another Doberman and horse person Thoroughbred snd Trakehner.


I looked into feeding her extensively before I got her and she is on a holistic salmon and yam feed and I placed her on supplements as well as I am a huge believer in supplements for my horses including apple cider vinegar.

She is confident as hell and I swear it took her 2 hours to figure out that I was now her ‘alpha’ and so was my son. Welcome from Missouri and bless you for rescuing both Dobes and horses. Stay tuned, and follow Healthy Critters on Facebook! What a lucky dobe she is!! Welcome from Northern British Columbia!!

Dressage Dobermann | Doberman Pinschers | Pinterest | Doberman, Dogs and Doberman pinscher

What to Use, When to Use It. All 8 of the 9 of my crew are rescues. Rein ’em in here and show your horses! Prentiss has now been with us for 3 days and she’s doing voberman.

Out here you mainly see Border Collies, Aussies, Cattle dog, etc. Make yourself at home and I have a feeling you’ll fit right into our like minded community. Which supplement to give when for specific concerns Coffee Klatch: Your dog and horses are beautiful!

The quiz I took said that I should look at a ‘doberman’ and Dobernan started researching the breed and it did indeed seem perfect for me and my life. Horses and Dobes do have a good bit in common as you note, they really do complement each other perfectly.


Jester on the right has a fractured navicular bone which I fixed a few days after he arrived here at the rescue. I wanted a dog to jump into my truck each morning and go to work ddessage the day where he or she would run for hours with the other dogs on 25 acres of property and there were horses and very expensive horses at that. Before I joined here I thought folks would think me a bit odd because I had a Doberman with horses!! At night, she collapses in her crate till we are all sleeping and then she secretly sneaks into my bed and Rdessage wake up with her beside me in the morning.

I have had zero issues with them as I let her see me being the alpha with him and I laughed as she figured it out quickly that my son belongs to me. I like the stable blanket