Dracula Spectacula – Show synopsis – Shows D. There are plenty of good parts , a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that makes this an attractive. is the Marsden Year of the Musical and Dracula Spectacula, to be held in There are plenty of good parts, a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that. The Dracula Spectacula (). From sltarchive Well this is a little bit like that but with singing, dancing and a very corny script. For those of.

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I assume he had not known the production was a youth theatre production and was expecting something else?

Fairy Tales sceipt, FriendshipLove. Ivor NovelloAlan Melville. It’s fine to disagree with a review, it’s a subjective matter after all. Children enjoying their acting, singing and dancing; projections cleverly used to show scenes; slick dance moves; a good balance of adults and children for the parts. Sign in to your Samuel French account. A drunk pilot who cops off with the air hostess is the sort of humour young people find funny, Hans and Gretel are husband and wife how that can be incestous beggers belief?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

The Dracula Spectacula

I am sure the children in the show gained from the experience. Nadia and the children followed their emotions all the way on their journey from Pensylvania spfctacula to Transylvania and for Nadia, she ended up beyond The Starry Spheres in the galaxies with Nick, the hero, in a most delightful song, well sung with appropriate dance moves. Home Explore the BBC.

The songs could well have been cleverly written but the dradula were for the most part indiscernible under both the piped soundtrack and the cacophony of movement of the hundreds of children crammed spectacupa stage.

Dream Street The Musical. But BBC Berkshire want to stress that AF Harrold is a respected reviewer who has graced our pages many a time over the last few years and we will not allow abusive comments to be made about him.


All in all, an excellent children’s show, full of humour, wit, fun, and enjoyment. Additional Info In this bubbling modern extravaganza for the young, the immaculate Miss Nadia Naive and her three pupils scgipt swung into riotous Transylvanian happenings with the irrepressible Count and his gruesome acolytes.

Michael Howard I am suprised at these comments we must have seen different shows? Why go if it was such a bother??

Come on this was fun for all the family and alot more innocent than watching television. Audience Target Audience Appropriate for all audiences Additional Info In this bubbling modern spectaculla for the young, sxript immaculate Miss Nadia Naive and her three pupils are swung into riotous Transylvanian happenings with the irrepressible Count and his gruesome acolytes. I think that maybe just this particular performance you saw was bad, the script isn’t the thing that is bad.

Keywords Fairy TalesFriendshipLove. The show was full of comedy for all ages, however the reviewer would probably not understand this being very old fashioned and obviously a scrooge when it comes to Halloween fun!

Father O’Steak witnessed the adventures and helped his strong leader, Nickolas Nechrophilliac in Transylvania and were well assisted by the locals, Hans, Gretel and their Glublick liking village ‘idiots’. Sign In You’ll have to sign in before you share your experience.

The Dracula Spectacula () – sltarchive

No mention of the simple but effective set, the use of visual media, the huge amount of laughter from the audience, encouragment for the young people involved! We arent all stuck in the ‘s! I think that your comments are untrue and are simply trying to have the last laugh! From BBC Berkshire Hello there, I’d dgacula to emphasise that, while I’ve approved these comments below in the moderation stage, we will no longer tolerate criticism of the reviewer, only the review.


Casting 24boy s or girl s. Plenty of good parts, a sizzling score drafula a fresh hilarious script. And it is these children one must feel most sorry for, they try their best but are let down by the adults in charge — in the script, in the direction and in some very worrying decisions. Overall the play shouted out with genius, aptitude ecript expertise.

There is one song in which a large chorus of children are made to sing a song entirely in favour of getting very drunk eracula the local Transylvanian grog The Lubbly Glublick Song. And my school is going to do this play and We’re going to top themYou should be nice. Please take this into account, xx Christine I personally think you’re being very pesssimistic.

I think this review needs to be spdctacula re-done, and in response to the stroking of a young female that was obviously done to fit in with the song and was most certainly not sexual.

Each of his worrying comments are extremley valid today, in that young people need to understand, role-play, and discuss the various topics that stood out for him, from a directors point of view I am glad he has picked up on them! The fact that soemone has the nerve to insult such a talented cast is ludicrous. Mim I attended the opening night and found this production to be funny, colourful and most importantly FUN!

Come and see high school musical at the Hexagon and you will be ‘spitting’ your words back out. Find out more about page archiving.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The adult characters are the most obscene stereotypes.