THE INDIAN UPRISING Source for information on The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. By: William T. Hathaway “The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme is an iconic short story of the s heralding the defeat of the US empire. The Indian Uprising has 9 ratings and 1 review. Glenn said: The Indian Uprising is among the most popular of Donald Barthelme’s stories, one I.

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At uprisign end of the story, the narrator and his friends Block and Kenneth are attacked by their enemies, with whom, the reader learns, Miss R is actually allied. But here, in the world of the postmodern story, it is language. America, the land of hard drugs To combat the uprising, Bob notes: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Bob simply gets more and more drunk and falls more and more in love.

Critics have also called Barthelme a writer of postmodern fiction, which is variously defined as fiction written by anyone afterfiction that blurs the line between high and popular culture, or fiction that questions previous literary forms the definitions of postmodernism are multiple and often contradictory.

When it is gone, he will have nowhere to hide, and this fills him with anxiety. But maybe they are benevolent conquerors and send him to a reeducation camp. Trends and appearances are crucial. Shelby rated it it was amazing Mar 13, This uncertainty and skepticism result from defining reality as that which can be perceived through the senses.

Very descriptive article, I liked that bit. Other characters mentioned in “The Indian Uprising” include the captured Comanche brave, whose torture comprises a central motif in the story and who ultimately reveals his name to be Gustave Aschenbach, the name of the emotionally tortured protagonist in Thomas Mann’s novel, Death in Venice; and the narrator’s friends Block and Kenneth, who seem to be his co-defenders against the siege of the Indians.


Although it is loosely structured as a kind of battle account, the story exemplifies its author’s innovative, fragmented technique.

To her, the only true words are the names of things, the litany she recites. This doubt of all systems of knowledge, this negative epistemology, is the prime characteristic of the postmodern. The reference to Alfred Korzybski, a writer on logic and semantics, raises the postmodern theme of the inadequacy of our conventional thought systems to accurately reflect the world. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Even the warfare is contrived, as during a particularly fierce struggle between “the forces of green and blue” across Skinny Wainwright Square. Donald Barthelme’s brothers Frederick – and Steven are also respected fiction writers and teachers at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Most of the story’s other characterssome critics have argued, that they are not characters at all but vehicles for Barthelme’s verbal experimentationare women, and images of love and war are closely intertwined. Barthelme’s method in such juxtapositions is that of collage.

The Indian Uprising

Meanwhile Sylvia betrays the narrator by joining the Indians in their uprising. He felt we can know very little about the world but somehow we have to keep trying to figure it out. The family moved to Texas two years later, where Barhelme father would become a professor of architecture at the University of Houston, where Barthelme u;rising later major in journalism.

Consider the story’s opening line: They keep up with all the latest art, and they pride themselves in being connoisseurs, collectors of quality.

: donald barthelme : “The Indian Uprising” critique

Barthelme’s attitude toward his father is delineated in the novels The Dead Father and The King as he is pictured in the characters King Arthur and Uprisihg. Both of these tend to divide the world into opposing categories such as either-or, subject-object, cause-effect.

He also loved music and said people should read his fiction like they listen to music — stay with it in the moment and be open to whatever it stirs up inside them. Their art is intended to break through these illusions and reveal the void underneath.


Open Preview See a Problem? Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Its writers tend to resist the impulse to define it, because definition serves the thought system they are challenging.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It is his refuge from the fighting in the streets, but it too is failing. The life Sylvia and the narrator live is a contrived one.

“The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme

The poet William Carlos Williams had an artistic credo that is appropriate here. Most of them shun any unifying principles which other people use to understand the world, such as generalized theories of human nature, psychology, religion, and history. Barthelme was drafted into the Korean War inarriving Donald Barthelme was born to two students at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She is supposedly unorthodox but successful with difficult cases like himself. By placing them together in the manner of pasting the image of a cartoon character indkan a dollar bill where George Washington should be, Barthelme creates a new entity in which both compositional bartthelme retain their identity; indeed, it is the commentary these elements make about each other that forms the created work of art.

Such self-regarding, writerly work is often known as “metafiction. There are echoes here of early childhood, the infantile stage before object constancy is developed.

Like Literary Yard on Facebook. His works have educated an entirely new readership to the intricacies of fiction that explores the reality of its own making. America, the land of booze and passion Bob actively participates in more extreme torture. Donald Barthelme was born to two students at the University of Pennsylvania.