Heinrich von Ofterdingen ; Die Lehrlinge zu Sais has 24 ratings and 1 review. Novalis (* 2. Mai auf Schloss Oberwiederstedt; März in Weißen. Die Lehrlinge zu Sais (German Edition) [Novalis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Novalis: Die Lehrlinge zu Sais Edition Holzinger. Die Lehrlinge zu Sais (German Edition) [Novalis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Novalis: Die Lehrlinge zu Sais Taschenbuch Berliner.

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You’ll never make much progress that way. Now, there are those to whom this endless pursuit of the ramifications of nature seems to be hardly worth the effort; and, moreover, to amount to a perilous undertaking devoid of profit and issue.

Heinrich von Ofterdingen ; Die Lehrlinge zu Sais by Novalis

But the art of equanimous di, of fruitful meditation on the world, is a difficult one; its realization requires a serious, unflagging attitude of contemplation and an austere sobriety of judgment; and its reward will consist in no volley aais applause bestowed by the shirking multitude of the present day, but rather in a simple doe in knowing and in vigilantly awaiting further knowledge, in an intimate contiguity with the universe.

In the former, primordial fluidity, as brought to light in molten metals, alone is manifested; and, hence, mankind is inclined to accord it merely divine reverence. I will recount to you a fairy tale; hearken well to it: Perhaps it is only a pathological condition of modern man that he has lost the capacity to reunite the diffused colors of his soul and to reestablish his erstwhile firm foothold in the natural world, or to bring about new, multifarious combinations.

Tony marked it as to-read Apr 25, It is as though they are intended to show me the way to the place dif the maiden whom my soul longs zuu lies in deepest sleep. He feels himself to be master of the world; his mighty ego soars over this chasm, and shall loftily soar over this infinity of vicissitudes for eternity after eternity. The import of the world is reason: His parents lamented and shed tears; Rosebud remained in her chamber and wept bitterly.

It is natural that man seeks to perpetuate this condition and to distribute it over the sum total of his impressions; that he does not weary of pursuing these associations of the two worlds, and investigating their lehringe and antipathies.


Die Lehrlinge zu Sais

He fully intimates the infinite bliss, the eternal delight, within us; and therefore is he compelled to subsume such a marvelous love under our united auspi ces.

Caves and forests were his favorite haunts; and, moreover, he would unceasingly converse with the beasts of the field and the air, with trees and boulders–naturally in no intelligible language–and, more sonorously, with foolish old Zeus himself, to the point that he found himself fairly doubled up with laughter.

It may well account for our by no means inconsequential belief in the indolence and intransigence of material bodies. The goose told fairly tales, the brook babbled a ballad between times, a big fat rock cut droll capers, the rose genially sneaked up behind him and around him, slinking through the locks of his hair, and the ivy caressed his careworn brow. Hence the source of manifold meditations on nature; and when at one extreme our sense of nature takes the form of a lucky hunch or a meal, we witness her transformation into the pious obsequies of religion, which, from cradle to grave, impart meaning, behavior, and order to the life of the individual.

Die Lehrlinge zu Sais – Oxford Reference

Die Werke Friedrich von Hardenbergs. The enchantment of gold, the arcana of colors, the joys of water, are not foreign to him; in ancient times he intimated the wondrousness of precious stones; and yet, he still lacks a sweet passion for the fabric of nature, an eye for our enrapturing mysteries.

The former have, by and large, assimilated their systematic arrangement of things in bulk to the task of feeding and clothing their fellow men; and in the meantime shattered the erstwhile single, immeasurable Nature into a manifold proliferation of compliant mini-natures. Absent her mind, nature would cease to be nature; to be the unparalleled countertype of mankind, to be either the essential answer to that mysterious question of questions, or the question to that infinite answer of answers.

It was as though our souls had in passing been vouchsafed a pellucid intimation of this wondrous lshrlinge. With your first kiss a whole new world will open up to you; with that kiss, life will rush into your enraptured sai from a thousand points of the compass.

To him it seems, rather, that one can neither be sufficiently preoccupied by nature, nor speak of her with sufficient tenderness, nor contemplate her in a sufficiently undisturbed and attentive frame of mind.

They returned to their parents and learned to ply a proper trade.


Das verschleierte Bild zu Sais

Thereby he wins on both saiz By and by, nothing appeared to him as a singularity. In the workshops of craftsmen and artists; and wherever men stand in a multifold intimacy with nature; as they do in agriculture, in navigation, in cattle-breeding, in bronze-mining, and in many other trades–there the development of this sense most effortlessly and most often seems to take place.

At the fount of freedom we sit and keep watch; it is the great enchanted mirror wherein the entirety of creation is revealed in all of its pellucid purity; in it bathe the frail spirits and likenesses of all natures, and here we discover the door of every chamber left unlocked.

No one strays farther afield of his goal than he who flatters himself that he is already thoroughly and independently acquainted with this strange realm, that he can can epitomize its system in a few judicious words, and that he can specify the right path to take at every turn. Aubrey Byron marked it as to-read Apr 06, He had a perpetually lugubrious mien; he had been here for many years; nothing turned out well with him; he encountered difficulties whenever we went looking for crystals and flowers.

Until then, let man honor her in her capacity as a symbol of his soul, which ennobles itself, along with him, by indeterminable gradations. Everything seemed so familiar to him, and yet clothed in a splendor he had never before seen; then, the last trace of earthly materiality faded away, as though consumed by the air, and he stood lehlinge the celestial virgin; then, he lifted the weightless, lustrous veil and Rosebud sank into his arms.

An ardent embrace, whose sweet fruit precipitates in drops of sensual lust.

In a most curious fashion, lehroinge dreams led him through an infinite succession of chambers full of strange objects, on rousing timbres and alternating concords. Thus, let him who would become acquainted with nature exercise his moral faculty, and cultivate and educate the noble kernel of his inner self; and to him shall nature unfold itself, as if spontaneously.