鈴 the empty bell. 2 – Book Review – Deep River. Shusaku Endo is a Japanese, Christian novelist. His most famous book, Silence, origi- nally published in , . THIRTY years separate Deep River (translated by Van C Gessel, Peter Shusaku Endo’s most probing novel since his masterpiece, Silence. While sometimes shaky, the novel Deep River by Shusaku Endo on faith is also profound in parts.

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Pg But an Asian like me just can’t make sharp distinctions and pass judgment on everything the way they do. The bird died during Numada’s last operation, and Numada feels the bird died in his place.

Deep River (novel) – Wikipedia

The students deserve better from our English department. This article needs additional citations for verification. Gessel has published six translations of works by Endo. So if you think Endo was a sloppy writer, you may come to the conclusion that the book is about all religions edo to the same place and we should all get along.

Endo would have none of that. Jan 10, Pip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Whereas he hardly ever thought about her during her life, now he thinks about her all the time. Because he lacked any religious conviction, like most Japanese, death meant to him the extinction of everything. Naruse is a young hospital volunteer who sometimes sit Second reading. Did he feel himself as outcast as Otsu who identified with the lowest caste of Ind Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Much of his writing centers on the conflict this conversion engendered as he struggled to develop faith in a deity foreign to Japanese culture.

Deep River

The river of love that is my Onion flows past, accepting all, rejecting neither the ugliest of men nor the filthiest. Numada frees a myna bird, in repayment to the bird who saved him. They have a Japanese tour guide, Mr. Unsurprisingly, her marriage failed, and obviously she’s also been looking for ‘meaning’ in her life — hence also her penance cum charity work dealing with patients at the hospital.


I guess it is loved in Japan too, if ejaculatory Do you know that scene in Billy Madison when this is a major spoiler if you haven’t seen Billy Madison and still mean to Bradley Whitford’s character is asked to explain the difference between ethics and morals? Three words for Otsu: Numada, a shsaku author, is also on the tour.

They believe that the river is holy because its water comes from a confluence of many small streams and thus it has its cleansing effect. Diver young woman Mitsuko, is so cruel, I almost stopped reading the book. He is a middle-class manager whose wife has died of cancer. I loved the backstories of all the characters. The case of Otsu is central. Dec 23, Gloria Chen rated it it was amazing.

She is in fact quite lost.

John rated it really liked it Oct rive, So why would his characters state the Mary was a Goddess? A novel about different streams towards God and how there is a deep river that runs deep enough to handle all the craziness that goes on down here.

The novel is a Dostoevskian study of the acceptance and forgiveness of sins, handled with a Graham Greene insouciance. Enndo those books, Deep River is a collection of character sketches tied together by a situation, in this case a group of Japanese tourists on a tour of India.

View the Study Pack. Enami, who studied for four years in India and then found to his great disappointment that no Japanese university was interested in having him preach that kind of eastern wisdom, reducing him to this; he does his job dutifully, but is immensely frustrated.

Yet, there is also life.

And all snusaku soldiers – they looked just like this. And just as Otsu had been taken off to a hospital on a litter, the nuns likewise disappeared in the river of people. He is impressed by a foreign Christian volunteer who helped his sick friend deal with tragic experiences during the war.


Descriptions of India and the Ganges are colorful and philosophical. Feb 17, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The group includes Isobe, who is looking for his reincarnated wife, who he ignored when she was alive and Mitsuko, who has found emptiness in a series of personae: His writings also reflect on his experiences during World War II during the bombings and rivfr subsequent shortage of basic human necessities for the Japanese people.

He does not tell her the truth, but as she sickens, she knows she is dying. It is an intriguing and enfolding novel with vivid depictions of disease, war, ahusaku, and the ways in which the characters are affected by what they see and experience. So, they submerge themselves there, swim and even rinse their mouths, unmindful of the fact that the water is ranked among the top 5 most polluted ddeep in the world in due to high levels of fecal coliform bacteria.

And in Tokyo as well. I will draw a conclusion that Endo found the essence of Christ in rived suffering sacrifice rather that the victorious resurrected champion of the prosperity gospel. Shusaku Endo, a Japanese Catholic, is an intriguing character himself, and so one is impelled to read more of his work. In Deep River however something entirely new happens. It’s about how big our small little lives are — eno a character study above all, no big sweeping things happen in it, in the end.

The main themes of the book are religion and grief – characters contemplate rebirth, Japanese Buddhism, the differences between Japanese Christianity and European Christianity, Hinduism and a few personal constructions, like the man who thinks of God as being in communion with natu For a short book, Deep River covers defp lot.

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