rock, jazz and all types of club music, such as Debaser Malmö and Kulturbolaget. .. The menu follows the seasons, taking advantage of every ingredient the region .. Other Millennium tips: Mellqvist kaffebar in Söder- malm, where Mikael. Tickets and RSVP information for Skraeckoedlan’s upcoming concert at Debaser Strand in Stockholm on Dec 27, with a mix of Swedish and French classics on the menu. During the summer, the .. deBASeR Stockholm’s center for live music and rock culture. Clubs both at.

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Herring is the star of all our traditional holiday buffets.

Shoe from the globally acclaimed fashion house, Acne. For more information, visit www. Sweden is a country that values tolerance, diversity and respect, where everyone is welcome regardless of origins, ma,m and orientation.

Doormen at hotels and restaurants are tipped modestly. Timid and difficult to see. Medical care The general practioner system does not apply in Sweden. NonStp – Webmagasin och kulturkollektiv: BBC logo is copyright and trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation and is used under licence.

Imagination In a way, not doing anything in particular has become the ultimate luxury in our over- loaded information society, especially for children, who are so accustomed to digital entertainment and other stimuli.


Some are big events attracting thousands of visitors. Several major cities can be reached in less than an hour by air and there are several departures daily.

Tipping A service charge is automatically included in most hotel bills. With a dollop of fresh cream, cloudberries are a genuine delicacy. Join him on his trip through culinary Sweden. Go north with SJ, two spartan tracks that lead straight to the wilderness. Gothenburg is a leading entertainment and events city in Scandinavia. The ingredients and the climate have shaped the local cuisines, as have mrny traditional methods of making use of harvests and catches from meadows, forests, lakes and the ocean — methods such as smoking, salting, boiling, souring and curing.

Their charac- teristic crisp, fresh flavour comes from ripening slowly in the open countryside. Most common dofollow anchors Anchor No. June 4 — July 12 Jokkmokk Music for films Katharina Nuttall katharinan Choose your restaurant and en- joy live music at the bar.

Calaméo – Sweden

As well as the light, so renowned among artists. Dec 25 Boxing Day Some hotels and airports still offer special rooms for smokers. Many great chefs have trained with Fransson. High- quality cutlery, china, sports equipment, textiles, handi- crafts, furs, crystal, jewellery, febaser, fine glassware, pottery, furniture, quality cars and mobile phones.

Just jump on for debaseg ride! And a long, sweet twilight that slowly, slowly drifts into the mythical white night, that never truly gets dark, but retains a secretive, romantic shimmer. While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication, the VisitSweden can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions, nor for subsequent changes. If you are already on medication, make sure you have an adequate supply before leaving for Sweden.


Interior from Kristofers in Stene. Some come in chartered planes, and many are bridal couples. Seafood from the west coast is much acclaimed meng Gothenburg is the best place to enjoy it.

,eny such as Filippa K, J. For the summer of50 years after Astrid Lindgren wrote the first Emil book, the park will get a new Emil Land.

Bar Brooklyn – Stockholm

On longer trips, couchettes and sleeping car facilities are provided and long distance trains generally have a buffet car. He has featured on TV for twenty years, and has won numerous awards, including Chef of the Year.

mwlm They come to see the film and book locations in real life. Aktionsgrupper Stockholm Skyline stockholms Or see how they make paper from elk droppings. The cloudberry is called the gold of the mountains; the vitamin-packed buckthorn berry grows best by the coast.