when creat- ing Council of Wyrms characters. If the ability scores rolled using the D M s approved method fall within the requirements of a given race, then the. Council of Wyrms was different than the many other D&D settings of because it was done-in-one: the entire setting was covered in one. AD&D 2nd Edition – Council of Wyrms – Book 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Whenever you deal damage with your bite attack, you may force the victim to make a poison saving throw for one of the poisons you have consumed or be subject to its effects. Dragons experience time differently than most races. It provides detailed information on dragon psyiology and the different types of councol.

This attack deals 2d6 fire damage and increases by 1d6 per character level beyond 1st. The green dragon clans are less free with their gifts, but not short on their dedication to order. Particularly among the brutal chromatic breeds, hunting and devouring prey is one of the greatest joys a dragon can experience. Whenever you make a melee attack, you cause all creatures within feet to make a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for one minute.

Though sustained force projection is nearly impossible, many of these soldiers are trained to work together in disciplined teams which are the equal of many dragon lords. Draconic memories are sharp and they won’t easily forget people they dealt with years ago, though as the dragon matures they might be less surprised when they find their contacts old and gray the next time they see them. Their champions are brutally swift and capable of moving between the trees quicker than dragons can track their movements, appearing from thickets to spear vassals and young wyrms on swords of shining, enchanted crystal.

You can swim at a speed of 40 feet. These cultists rarely appear alone, and are frequently guarded by ogres, bugbears, and other chaotic evil humanoids and giants enslaved by the red dragons. You retain your ability scores in this form and may wield weapons or wear armor, but you are not proficient in either. These types of campaigns may be the most dangerous of all, for the humans are alone and pitted against the entirety of Council society — including vassals who can root them out in places dragons cannot go.


Recruits are few and far between, usually criminals or other outcasts that find shelter from justice or the depredations of monsters in the dragon slayer citadels. Get to Know Us. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Council of Wyrms – 1d4chan

Courageous and daring, bronze dragons are champions of good and defenders of the weak, ruling coastal settlements with a fair but firm claw. Dragons may live for thousands of years if they avoid the dangers of the world around them. This site uses cookies. This example of an accomplished dragon slayer is a throwback to the time where they were the feared, implacable foe of all dragonkind. A raging dragon can destroy entire villages with ease.

Firstly, the divine mandate of Io hangs over the head of all dragons, and the Council remembers this fact. Furthermore, you can acquit yourself in such a way that clan dominates or Council representatives recognize your savvy and treat you as befits your ambition, though this rarely manifests in such a way that you gain anything more than a token audience with such individuals.

They learn a number of draconic combat styles throughout their lives and are formidable opponents even among dragons. Should not his creations, as powerful as they were, rule over the whole of the world in unchallenged dominion? Dragons are huge, heavy creatures and despite their wingspan, they must maintain a forward momentum to avoid stalling.

In the first year of twilight, the dragon must roll a Constitution saving throw against DC 10, increasing by 1 for each additional year that passes. Divine ichor poured into the steaming oceans of the ancient world and a mighty chain of islands was born, to which he bade the dragons migrate and rule.

The lords of the blue clans of Clearsky, Lightningwing, Sandshaper, and Swiftclaw organized the Compact to better combat the dangers of the deserts and surrounding seas. Furthermore, class abilities that allow a character to Dash as a bonus action also apply to Dive.

This map is a pretty neat hex map, and I can see me using it for a possible homebrew wyyrms down the line.

At ancient age, your explosive lozenge has a foot range with a foot explosion radius. Share your thoughts with other customers. On any turn in which you fall to move this speed, you must succeed on a Strength Athletics check or begin to fall. You can exhale a foot cone of desiccation as your breath weapon. They rarely participate r&d Council activity unless their personal interests are at stake, and have a laissez-faire attitude toward most things.

The world presented to us by TSR for the Council of Wyrms setting is one where the maps are only given the lightest of details, the intricacies of its politics ayrms only in pencil. If a dragon loses coubcil of its wings or its fly speed becomes zero, it falls. Should your kindredbond die due to old age or because you forsake or release them from this bond, you do not suffer this penalty.


Classics Unboxed: Council of Wyrms

Unlike their vassals, dragons cannot make use of most typical equipment, mundane or magical, that is available in core rulebooks. Hails of arrows, ample use of cover, and fighting withdrawals are how their ilk engage their far stronger opponents.

This breath weapon becomes stronger as you gain in levels. Any dragon may be a cleric. The fierce chromatics consider emerald dragons to be difficult opponents, for the emeralds have an affinity for traps and misdirection. You have a burrow speed of 15 feet, which increases to 20 feet at young age, 25 feet at adult age, and 30 feet at ancient age.

Even dragons can have a competitive streak, and those with this nature are particularly prone to undertake challenges for which they might not be ready.

Furthermore, most wondrous items work as expected. As an action, you may transform into a dwarf, elf, or gnome and remain in that form for up to one hour.

This damage increases to 2d8 at young age and older. If it uses a d8 or d10, you add one die per point of Constitution modifier. Naturally, metallic and gem clans treat their vassals better, but this is not always the case.

Council of Wyrms

Should a kindredbond die, even if it is later raised from death, the dragon suffers an immediate level of exhaustion that lasts for a period of one month and cannot be removed by any means. Dragons neither want nor need many of the luxuries common in the development of other civilizations.

Once on its turn, the Wild Gods Warlord can use 10 feet of its movement to step magically into one living tree within its reach and emerge from a second living tree within 60 feet of the first tree, appearing in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of the second tree.