It is possible that there is more recent Edition version.» Classes» Oriental Adventures (book). All social disabled (faster) Classes in Oriental Adventures. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, DRAGON, Legend of the Five Rings, and the Wizards of the The races in Oriental Adventures are human, hengeyokai. Product Blurb: Silk, Steel, and Magic. Oriental Adventures introduces the infinite worlds of fantastic Asia to the Dungeons & Dragons game. In these pages, you’ll .

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Oriental Adventures for 3. Thread Orientsl Show Printable Version. So I’ve read a lot of good thing about 3e’s Oriental Adventures, and I was wondering, how difficult is it to modify it for 3. Originally Posted by PKPhyre. It was already updated to 3. Originally Posted by Gavinfoxx.

OA is also one of the most balanced settings to come out of 3. Also, many of the changes and limitations to spells helps in this regard. Have you checked out Ultimate Combat? Has heavy eastern theme throughout with the Samurai and Ninja classes.

Plus has archetypes, adventhres weapons, armors, etc. All PF rules but can used in 3. Carrion Crown Adventure Path. I cannot stress how awesome this 3rd party book is for Japanese folklore inspired settings.

OA is nice and all, but it is very much a generalization of an oriental setting that homogenizes asian folklore from multiple, very different cultures and blends them together into a psudo-asian world. Kitsunemori is not that. Kitsunemori is the closest I have seen any 3.

While I will admit there is a lot of material focusing on the kitsune which are presented as a new race and a new class. It adds no new classes sans the Kitsune ones, but it dose alter existing classes so much that they may as well be new classes. Unfortunately, I know of no other books for other asian cultures, though I think the company that made Kitsunemori may have more asian-themed settings, so it may be worth it to look.

Originally Posted by Amphetryon. Most notably, the henjayoki sp? They made Shamans’ martial arts bonus feats into a weaker Superior Unarmed Strike making them more useful IMObut forgot that animal companions changed. They also buffed most of the ancestor feats. Everything you absolutely need to know about Monsters and never thought you needed to ask.


Oriental Adventures D20

Originally Posted by Mithril Leaf. Start with OA, and Dragon which updates much of the book’s content to 3. Finally, I think most advenutres agree that the Tome of Battle: Book of 9 Swords is a good fit for an OA-themed campaign. These sources together should provide you with all you need to make for a very interesting and enjoyable OA campaign.

Whadda ya mean, Orcs got levels too? Originally Posted by Andorax. Last edited by Talya; at Creator of the Vow of Nudity Spoiler. Originally Posted by Rogue Shadows. Originally Posted by Claudius Maximus. Originally Posted by subject This board needs a “you’re technically right but I still want to crawl into the fetal position and cry” emoticon. Originally Posted by Yukitsu.

I define [optimization] as “the process by which one attains a build meeting all mechanical and characterization goals set out by the creator prior to its creation.

Originally Posted by Greenish.

Originally Posted by Talya. You lose fighter bonus feats, but it takes a while to lose them, the cost on the back-end, meaning if you multiclass out, it cost you nothing for those benefits.

I would like to point advenyures that the sohei also possesses Iajutsu Focus, but it only gains 2 skill points per level, still, I have sometimes wondered why no-one mentions it. Last edited by Togath; at Meow Steam page [I]”If you are far from this regions, there is a case what the game playing can not be comfortable. Originally Posted by Togath. Originally Posted by Vandicus.

Samurai gets ancestral daisho instead of a bonus feat at level one. Its not worth progressing in it compared to progressing in fighter after 4th level.

Still, it is arguable which is better, though samurai is great for iajutsu master builds. Originally Posted by TwylyghT.

And there is always double the skill points and the chance to actually make will saves! Though this factors in a playing environment where skills matter to actually be a bonus.

Ancestral Daisho Better than Ancestral Relic Aye, also one thing I have been wondering; are 35 any tier lists that list the rokugan campaign setting classes and the OA ones?

I actually like them both for various things, together works too Last edited by TwylyghT; at They get access to a few setting specific skills would probabally be knowledge skills, or the martial lore skill in 3. I’ve wondered about the inkyo, mostly. It might be another PC-intended class that’s probably in Tier-6 it’s essentially a monk with worse unarmed damage and half as many class features besides including no flurry or evasionand in return gets some bonus feat from a really lackluster list.


So the CW Samurai has some company, at least. Last edited by Rogue Shadows; at The Rokugan ninja on the other hand is pretty strong, with a advehtures sellection of weapons and full base attack bonus, while still possessing aadventures fair number of rogue abilities, would probally be about the same tier as a rogue, possibly slightly better. And aye, the inkyo is pretty weak, even compaired to a monk, could be boosted if it’s abilities worked like luck feats, but that would require a homebrewed fix for it.

That is off set quite a bit if you have the Rokugan scource book, with addition of school style and techniques to the bonus feat selection. Free MW weapons is neat in, say, levels and getting two doesn’t really benefit you.

Will save and skillpoints, neat, but your bonus feats which fighter has twice as many by level 6 have to be picked from a short and really sucky list.

Avatar by Assassin89 I started my first campaign around a campfire, having pancakes. Originally Posted by Godskook. You’re ignoring the Ancestral relic part of the Daisho class feature. It isn’t just skill points. Yeah, that’s a bad list alright.

Oriental Adventures – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

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