The Belgariad is a five-book fantasy epic written by David Eddings, following the journey of protagonist Garion and his companions, first to recover a sacred stone, and later to use it against antagonist Torak. Contents. 1 Works in the series. Pawn of Prophecy; Queen of Sorcery; Magician’s Gambit. Queen of Sorcery is the second book in David Edding’s fantasy series The Belgariad. The book follows on from the event [ ]. Book 2 Queen of Sorcery. Queen of Sorcery. by. David Eddings. Book 2 of the Belgariad. Table Of Contents. Prologue. Part One. Chapter 1 ยท Chapter 2.

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Daughter of the Empire. I thought this book really took the series to another level. Open Preview See a Problem? Publisher’s Summary Legends tell of the evil god Torak coveting the power of the Orb of Aldur, until qjeen was defeated in a final battle.

Read it Forward Read it first.

Silk, in particular, is a complicated little fellow – and I could have stood to see much more character development, and motivations for their following Belgarath apart from being told to! This story ends with a confrontation with Salmissra. The life story of Belgararth the Sorcerer: I note that the first review here indicates that the first part of the book seems to be a series of ‘meet the enemy, escape, Silk does some business’ and that is pretty much it.

Here, Durnik reveals that he received the Will and the Word when he was brought back to life, and that Belgarath had been training him to control the “will and the word”.


Their goal is to stop a thief with a powerful stone from reaching his home territory but the group of adventurers keeps finding themselves embroiled and preoccupied with local politics. I thought that Mandorallan and Ce’Nedra are interesting characters in their own way that added to the story.

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What I didn’t expect, was how much I have enjoyed the revisiting the characters. Prince of the Blood.

Please review your cart. The routine pattern finally daviid and the For the first half of this book, I was slightly bored and felt that it was an echo of the first one “they travel, run into enemies and Silk does business, get away, travel, run into enemies and Silk does business, get away Beierle, as always, is the perfect narrator, able to give each character a unique voice and presence.

He never needed to rely upon qkeen beings and his parents never took the role of mentor and guide.

Use the mysterious internal voice that is never adequately explained The book is a 5 star the audio book only a 3 star and that is only because its a good story. I seriously think it was a mistake for the original publishers to put this story out in short chunks like they did.

They’re very good at it. Queen of Sorcery took you deeper into the magic of the world and gave you more insight into the characters. I wanted more danger dealing with the overall quest and less side kingdoms.

Queen of Sorcery (The Belgariad, #2) by David Eddings

Through davld first two parts of the book, snippets of her hidden history are revealed which works to add depth to an already fascinating character. Tear of the Gods. In comparison to the first book, Queen of Sorcery gives the reader a lot more information and a greater incentive to continue the series.


Eddings was obviously focussed on income and more volumes equalled more money. The title of each book combines a chess term with a fantasy term; whereas the concept of a ‘Game of Destiny’ is a significant motif in the story.

Along the way, they are joined by three more companions while travelling through Arendia: I really struggle to comprehend how this could be. The book opens with a prologuebeginning with the creation of the world by seven gods.

During the investiture, Garion, aided by the Voice of Prophecy, sees each member of the quest as an Instrument of Prophecy. It has been a lot of fun.

Neither of these plot points were eddingd Pawn of Prophecy at all despite the title and it feels as though Eddings felt they would be good additions to the overall story. I see her role would only continue to grow as soon as their initial dislike grows into an attraction. Ruin John Gwynne 9. Garion thereafter incapacitates the Hierarchs of Rak Cthol in retaliation for an attack upon Durnik.