A curva de Brody foi selecionada como a melhor, porque possui menos parâmetros. A curva de Gompertz teve a tendência de subestimar pesos e alturas. Los modelos de Gompertz y von Bertalanffy han sido confrontados por Silliman La expresión clásica de la curva de von Bertalanffy es de la siguiente forma. curva (Ü de absorción espectral — spectraI-absorption curve curva (Ü de cumulative frequency curve curva (Ü de Gompertz — Gompertz curve curva (Ü de.

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Resultados para as curvas de Weibull e Brody foram similares em todos os casos. However, overexploitation generates a decrease of the natural stocks of animals this size in the rivers of region, indicating the depletion of natural stocks of these species Da Silva Batista and Petrere Junior Cryopreservation of tambaqui Colossoma macropomum semen: Purification, characterization and substrate specificity of a trypsin from the Amazonian fish tambaqui Colossoma macropomum.

As noticed by Steel [5] and by Wheldon, [6] the proliferation rate of the cellular population is ultimately bounded by the cell division time.

Were analyzed biometric data from animals measured for three years – for economic important traits. In total 4, measurements on 1, horses were available. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Multiple factors affect the efficiency of the animal growth in fish farm, such as genetics, sex, nutrition and environment Oliva-Teles The study has dams and 15 stallions. Animal Sciencev. After, the animals were transferred to earth ponds tank m 2 remained during the whole period with alimentation two-fold per day up to apparent satiation.


It was commonly used by insurance companies to calculate the cost of life insurance. Although measures very similar growth, different curves were adjusted for each sex.

Mathematical analysis and biomedical inferences”. This function can be applied to monitor tumor cells; metabolic rate is dynamic and is greatly flexible, making it more precise in detailing cancer growth. An ideal equation is one which adequately predicts curv overall shape of a growth curve and, in addition, can be extended or modified to give greater flexibility and precision Gomperrtz, Growth rate consists of baseline and systematic deviation components in Thoroughbreds.

The body weight showed a growth faster than morphometric traits. Gompertz curve; body growth; maximum growth rate; slaughtered point. In order to estimate body growth of the tambaqui and evaluate differences between males and females was used the Gompertz nonlinear regression model.

Gompertz function

Was evaluated the pattern of growth among females and males of tambaqui by Gompertz nonlinear regression model. Selection of fast or slow growing animals can be carried out using these functions, especially animals which are more mature at an earlier age BROWN et al.

The mean square of the residual was calculated for each function. The energy at rest is lower than the energy used to maintain a tissue, and together represent the energy required to maintain the existing tissue. Curves Weight and height were analysed as a function of time using Gompertz, Brody, Logistic, Weibull and Richards curves.

Braz J BiolBrazil, p. Agrarian Sciences Growth curve by Gompertz nonlinear regression model in female and males in tambaqui Colossoma macropomum. In fact, tumors are cellular populations growing in a confined space where the availability of nutrients is limited.


Factor analysis of body measurements in Arabian horses. A multiple range and multiple F tests. In general, males had lower maximum growth rate 8. The assumption that there is no competition for resources holds true in most scenarios.

The Gompertz gompretz or Gompertz function, is a type of mathematical model for a time series and is named after Benjamin Gompertz Statistical theory with engineering applications. F X is the instantaneous proliferation rate of the cellular population, whose decreasing nature curvx due to the competition for the nutrients due to the increase of the cellular population, similarly to the logistic growth rate.

The metabolic function is particularly concerned with accounting for the rate of metabolism within an organism.

Gompertz function – Wikipedia

Hanoverian, Brazilian Showjumper, English Thoroughbred and Crossbred horses reared by the Brazilian Army were weighed and measured from six months of age to adult. An Acad Bras Cienc Genetic and phenotypic aspects of the growth curve characteristics in Mehraban Iranian fat-tailed sheep.

Based on the above considerations, Wheldon [6] proposed a mathematical model of tumor growth, called the Gomp-Ex model, that slightly modifies the Gompertz law. Growth Kinetics of Tumors.

Biologia reprodutiva de Tambaqui. The growth curve for the head length showed a slow growth Fig. Modelling the growth of tambaqui, Colossoma macropomum Cuvier, in floodplain lakes: Mathematical Models in Cancer Research.