Cuéntalo bien by Ana Sanz-Magallón; 1 edition; First published in CUENTALO BIEN: Books – Cuéntalo bien – Ana Sanz Magallón. 1 like. Interest.

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The only grape that sherry-makers here use and that grows well in the dusty, sun-baked soil of Cuuentalo is the palomino, a small, lightly colored variety. They can blame only themselves.

This small wine bar is one of my favorite places to bken for a pre-dinner vino. Curro is now friends with J. I remember it being super windy and very old looking.

Tiene una anchura de unos noventa metros y la arena es muy fina y dorada. Their bodegas are concentrated in a region called the Sherry Triangle, demarcated by three cities in southern Spain.

He removed the cap from one barrel, plunged the cane into the liquid and began the intricate pour: They were small enough to keep the oppressive sunlight out, and strategically placed to capture the dueling winds that blow through here: Not every girl is lucky enough to marry a guy whose hometown is a gorgeous, historic beach city.

This was another discovery I made after already spending some significant time in El Puerto. Lo mejor que tiene es su terraza dentro del propio parque. The system — called solera — relies on an elaborate network of tubes that flow between the barrels, slowly pumping the newer wines into the older ones, and the older ones eventually into bottles. The boardwalk is full of bars and restaurants and everything is reasonably priced, if not downright cheap.



Sherry is the English word for Jerez, another city in the sherry triangle located ccuentalo 20 minutes from El Puerto. You can explore on foot, or rent a bicycle cjentalo a few euro.

Completo la T2 en 30 segundos y decido ponerme calcetines para evitar posibles rozaduras. The south of Spain is the home of Spanish tapas, so do take advantage! Cancel Thanks for telling us about the problem. Preview — Niebla by Miguel de Unamuno. Think of making sherry as the opposite of making other types of wine, he told me. As it turns out, El Puerto as we call it for short is home to 88, people, and while it still often feels like a small town, it is actually a small port city known for great seafood and fino del Puerto, a very dry sherry cuenta,o.

Cuentalo Bien El Sentido Comun Aplicado A Las Historias

Or the darker oloroso? Preview — The Strange Case of Dr. When I come to visit I take full advantage by enjoying tapas, cheap beer, amazing gelato, and yummy pastries until I cuengalo longer can button my jeans. Dec 17, Oct 01, Calle Luna, 22 Bodegas Guiterrez Colosia: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


You can also try fully cured tuna and tuna belly.

Curro – Spain (88 books)

This pushes lunch up to 3: Locals go to the bodegas with plastic jugs and cuentali them filled with the lighter and younger manzanilla or fino for only a few bin.

Comments on discussion boards from them will be hidden by default. The music is also a lot more varied. There are bodegas that serve it, though, or will plunge their tasting canes into their private barrels to indulge the curious and thirsty. Avenida de la Paz, 38 Valdelagrana.

But despite the distance the locals in both places appreciate good seafood, wine, and company! The water is really warm since it is from the bay and the sand dunes are gorgeous.