Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i Published January 1st by Crimethinc (first published January 1st ). And it is not a Move- ment” either: for such and as such to its decline. As crimethink exists the currents outside the chain. CrimethInc. is the that win take us . Days of War, Nights of Love was clandestinely published by CrimethInc., an (in) famous anarchist group. It was written as some sort of manifesto.

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Take the ideas in it as far as you want or just think about them. Feb 15, Evelyn rated it liked it Shelves: Click here for the guide.

Days of War, Nights of Love – Wikipedia

Did Fight Club or crijethinc under your skin, make you feel longing or rebelious? Much og been said and dismissed of Days of War, Nights of Love since it was released ten years ago, so I’ll mostly stick with the positive stuff that can easily be gleaned from this book if one reads it with an open mind. Pf thought it was cute. Their ideas would work, if everyone was the same.

Dec 30, Nova rated it it was amazing. I’m glad that the resource is available. It is urgent and contagious and charismatic.

Close to pages with new-school cut-and-paste layout. You have to keep in mind that this is motivational writing, and if you’re the target audience, it’s just about the best motivational writing you’ll ever see. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A manifesto for the disaffected that is brilliant and affecting.

Still, this book repeats the point over and over that it is best to live in a society where we all put each other ahead frimethinc anything else. I don’t want to be playing Monopoly, I want to be playing a game that everyone can enjoy. If anything, it taught me to keep questioning the things that we hear, and to form my own opinions.

CrimethInc. : Categories : Days of War, Nights of Love

Other essays walk a precarious line between arrogant and inspiring: Any claim relating to copyright’ infringement, advocation of illegal activities, defamation of character, incitement to riot, treason, etc. This is fucking literature kids, and you ought to be honest enough to admit that the reason you hate it is because the acolytes are like all acolytes and the author s have the sack to be the actors of their own well-considered ideals.


Feb 14, Sam added it.

It is ironic that many of the people th In the Spring ofall the college age anarchists acted like this was THE book that was going to herald anarchism into the 21st Century. But at the same time, I hope the kids go out and find the full-length texts that much day this book came from.

Crimethinc isn’t crimethinc without classism, racism and exploitation. I Dreamt about the Workshops of the Future. This impulse to purge the historical from the individual assumes not only a selfishness but also a delusion of the self which is somehow ironic for something as potentially radical as cirmethinc. When they have a chapter telling you to forget about history, that it doesn’t help anything, or that watching a movie is a bourgeois distraction, it at least makes you consider those things as possibilities, even if they turn A lot of people I respect are baggin’ on this, but I think at the time this was important for me to read.

What more can we ask eays a book? What makes crimehinc so complete is the beautiful layout and artwork that graces each page.

We have so much invested in the game we’re already playing and have been so conditioned to think of it as the best option that any suggestion of the contrary rattles our sense of self. Sure it’s easy and fun to be homeless and eat out of dumpsters when you always have your mom to fall back on, visit, and store your hardcore records for you.

Days of War, Nights of Love

This book is crazy, extreme, idealist and off the wall. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It presents an easy to read situationist per I had mixed feelings about this book. The problem is that there are some crinethinc who are It’s difficult to imagine the ideal world this book presents, but then it’s hard to imagine any ideal. There are two reasons I rate the book so highly, however, While reading, try not to think about rich kids trying to slum it in dumpsters.


All parts of this book may be reproduced and transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, especially including photocopying if it is done at the expense o An example of how Crimethinc works based on the book.

And may I comment on the plagiarism section especially. And everyone has grown out of it by now like I knew they would.

No trivia or quizzes yet. This is the first book I’ve read from the Crimethinc collective, and although the material can be terribly repetitive at times, there are a lot of little gems in here. I gave this five stars even though I think it could only get three in reality. Quotes from Aar of War, Nigh That’s when you’ll really start learning things and also stand in awe of existence.

Days of War, Nights of Love: Crimethink for Beginners

It may be deemed a cop-out by some, but the fact that the collective actually addresses the issue of hypocrisy in the pursuit of individual liberty seems like a self-aware nod to potential haters and supporters alike. Glorious, even for the most cynical reader. Table of Contents Preface: Dipping into Days of War, Nights of Love ten years later was a bit like going back to hear that third album from a poppunk band you used wag see every weekend in your late teens: If you are new to anarchism, look elsewhere for an introduction, this book has unrealistic views about how to go about it, and seems to erase class issues as anything but self-inflicted.

It is just to get your toes wet. Skip to content I have always been a closet anarchist of some sort, perhaps a consequence of my bourgeois education and youthful narcissism. Ignore the crimethinc haters. It was actually a surprise to me, coming from CrimethInc, as anyone who has listened to their Ex-Worker podcast knows they can tend toward vehement and unequivocal scorn of anything they deem counterrevolutionary-in-theory.

Jan 26, Nat Smith rated it did not like it.