Counterpoint has ratings and reviews. Aoife said: First of all: this book had actually good things. The author cleary tried to write not your t. Crescendo (Song of the Fallen) (Volume 2) by Rachel Haimowitz Paperback $ Start reading Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) on your Kindle in. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Nice world-building and well-crafted characters bring this Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) by [Haimowitz, Rachel].

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Open Preview See a Problem? If counterpoijt look at your TBR list and don’t know which book to start with, worry no more. That’s her only point in life, right? Oct 12, Em rated it it was amazing Shelves: Freyrik treats Ayden as well as he can by keeping Ayden locked in his rooms, fed, and out of sight.

Crescendo (Song of the Fallen, #2) by Rachel Haimowitz

I started this book about 3 hours before I had counterppoint be somewhere, and the closer it got for me to leave and stop reading this book, I found myself coming up with different kind of illnesses and other fun stuff that I could suddenly come down with, to keep me home, so I could keep reading. You see, if you take the real middle-ages as example for your fantasy-world and built it according to racgel you’ll have the problem that the middle-ages were incredibly sexist.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please couunterpoint up. Does he want a gold-star saying ‘Look at me I’m not a rapist! Conveniently Freyrick doesn’t belive her for even a second because that might at least have made for some good character-development and made a change from Ayden’s constant pouting and feeling insulted by Freyricks presence and Freyrick thinking about Ayden’s hotness but that was apparently the less interesting possibility to come out of this.

Smashwords – Counterpoint – A book by Rachel Haimowitz – page 1

Freyrik’s always known elves to be beautiful and dangerous, but never has one affected him as deeply as Ayden. One himowitz the best realized worlds with outstanding dialogue you just get swept away in the story. The story was dark, action-packed and fun with some steamy scenes in-between.


It bugs me beacuse it does the book and the author a diservice. Overall it’s not bad but both in dialoge and the narrative the writer uses ‘Tis, ‘Twas, ‘Twould instead of it is, it was etc. The hiamowitz I get for that is a cliff hanger ending.

Which, all the characters you meet in this book is a little over whelming. On the other hand, I also admired his pride, spirit and determination not to be cowed by his slavery. There were sections of the story where this type of phrasing was used heavily, and other long sections which were written in contemporary English. Which is sad beacuse I really love the plot!

Freyrik loses his kingdom, is imprisoned, faces beatings and humiliation, and finally must decide whether or not to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his lover and his people. Please keep the debates restricted to books and ideas, not people. It felt completely rushed. The Prince wasn’t backed into a corner.

It was so far beyond five stars I don’t think I can even count that high. Huge problem number one discovered! No, instead the only point of that was that Ayden becomes so traumatised that he rather accompanies Freyrick than stay in the castle with First Wife, something he had been opposed to before. View all 6 comments.


They are immortal, they have extra gifts and their gifts are driven by their command of ‘elf song’. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. When you want to keep tension in the story you have to build enough valid material and once you burn through that material you can’t use it for tension ever again.

Unputdownable sequel to Counterpoint. I loved that about him. Nowadays however, it bugs me every time I see this review. In fantasy and historical settings I can sometimes stomach it, if it is well written. I have mixed feelings about this book. I experienced more angst and irritation after the book was over, because of where it ended in the story, than during the scene where Ayden was being whipped to within an inch of his life, in front of Prince Freyrik who was impotent to do anything but sit and watch as his lover was being brutalized.


Things go from bad to worse when the Aegis binds Aydin’s magic and Aydin discovers that he’s not the only elf being held prisoner by the high court. If you have questions or concerns, please contact a mod other than Pamela. I did feel that the end of the book was a bit rushed and was glad that there was a chapter to explain what happened.

There’s probably an interesting world behind the stupidity but we aren’t given that we’re just given the stupidity.

Other books in the series. She also flirts rather shamelessly with Freyrick and clearly has her eyes on Ayden, even though Freyrick tells her she should leave him alone Feral beasts are animals that have been taken over by some form of darkness, and changed them into beasts.

Refresh and try again. View all 25 comments. It drew my eye, and it turned out that this book is more than just a pretty cover pffft, pretty cover, more like a sexy cover. The ending of this story is a cliffhanger with a few unresolved issues and definitely no happy ending in sight. Romance-wise though, it was a huge disappointment, as those two spent most time bickering or planning their separate courses of action, than together.

The concept of the story is not a novelty.