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The Party, he says, is turning them into cheap fur coats for the working class.

Heart of a Dog – Wikipedia

The name Poligraf has many possible meanings, including a printing process used for calendars. Heart of a Dog Russian: Archived from the original on After building an alliance with Schwonder, the former canine is granted papers under the absurd name “Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov”.

Infuriated, Sharikov leaves the apartment and remains gone for several days. Instead, Sharikov refuses and draws a revolver.

As a seething Sharik plots to again destroy Filip’s stuffed owl, the door opens and he is dragged by the skin of his neck into the lab. While foraging for trash one winter day, a stray dog is found by a cook and scalded with boiling water. There, he is sedated and an operation begins. Retrieved from ” https: Names figure prominently in the story. El Profesor se horroriza y le ordena a Bormenthal que no “mate al perro”.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. During the weeks after the operation, the household is stunned as Sharik begins transforming into an incredibly unkempt and, at first, primitive human.

Over the days that follow, the Professor and Bormenthal look far more relaxed than at any time before Sharikov’s arrival.


Le explica que las partes humanas, provenientes de un borracho sin hogar simpatizante peero los bolcheviques, son responsables de todos los defectos de Sharikov. The story was published in the Soviet Bulgzkov only inmore than 60 years after its completion, but was made known to Russian readers via samizdat.

Mientras tanto, Sharikov paulatinamente transforma la vida del Profesor en un infierno. Breaking with his former beliefs, the Professor admits that any peasant woman could give birth to a genius and that eugenics are therefore a waste of time.

Airado, Bormenthal golpea a Sharikov y lo obliga a disculparse. La novela fue filmada en italiano en como Cuore di cane y protagonizada por Max von Sydow como Preobrazhenski. His first scientific publication was about the transplantation of ovaries to males.

Print Hardback and Paperback.

Works by Mikhail Bulgakov. It is “one of novelist Mikhail Bulgakov’s most beloved stories” featuring a stray dog “named Sharik who takes human ed as a slovenly and narcissistic incarnation of the New Soviet man. One day, he accidentally turns on the spigot while chasing a cat. Explaining that buglakov is going to happen to him due to the State’s distrust of Sharikov, the Party official departs.

Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. La historia tiene similitudes con FaustoFrankenstein y La isla del doctor Moreau. However, the play was cancelled after the manuscript and copies were confiscated by the secret police, or OGPU. Bormenthal then suggests that they redo the operation, using the body of a genius.

The story was filmed in Italian in as Cuore di cane and starred Max von Sydow as Preobrazhensky. Overjoyed, the dog follows Filip back to his flat, where he’s given the name of Sharik.


Reference Guide to Russian Literature. Later, he is caught attempting to sexually assault one of the female servants. Bearing a search warrantthey demand that the Professor and Bormenthal produce Sharikov on pain of immediate arrest. Inthe second production was directed by Copeland Woodruff. He now spends his work-day catching and strangling stray cats.

Sharik is seen as “a reincarnation of the repellent proletarian”, and the professor represents a “hyperbolic vision of the bourgeois dream”, according to J. The book was rejected for publication indue in part to the influence of Lev Kamenevthen a leading Party official.

Instead of giving them their own room as Sharikov demands, the Professor takes the woman aside and explains that Sharikov is the product of a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.

However, in the ending of the book, he describes the Professor bringing home a human brain and removing the pituitary gland. This article is about the novel.

Corazon de Perro

To his surprise, a successful surgeon, Filip Filippovich Preobrazhensky whose name is derived from ‘transformation’ or ‘transfiguration’arrives and offers the dog a piece of sausage.

The Professor explains the change as a natural phenomenon, although it’s obvious to the reader that he and Bormenthal have simply reversed the operation. Reference Guide to Russian Literature. Luego de explicarle que nada va a sucederle debido a la desconfianza del Estado respecto a Bjlgakov, el oficial del Partido se ve.