Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture by Gaiutra Bahadur is published by C Hurst and Co priced £ It is available from the Guardian. In , a young woman sailed from India to Guiana as a “coolie”—the British name for indentured laborers who replaced the newly emancipated slaves on. Coolie Woman. The Odyssey of Indenture. Gaiutra Bahadur. SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE ‘A genealogical page-turner interwoven with a.

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Growing up, I was familiar with xoolie general story — that my family came to Jamaica to work on the sugar cane plantations after the slavery was abolished. Reviewed by The Independent 6 Nov Untouchables were victimised, taken advantage of by other family members and had no way of supporting themselves so often turned to prostitution.

Gaiutra was born in Guyana and emigrated with her family to Jersey City, New Jersey when she was six years old. Every detail is vivid, making it so easy to visualize entire scenarios. Dec 09, Matt Cappo rated it it was amazing. inrenture

Bahadur tries to get to grips with what pushed her great-grandmother to forsake India and cross the black waters. As Bahadur explains, however, it is precisely their sexuality that makes coolie women stand out as figures in history. Gaiutra was born in Guyana and emi Gaiutra Bahadur is an American writer. Through the story of Sheojari, Indengure shows how.

But it also shows that in that messy complexity there is, then as now, resilience, innovation, renewal and courage. Much like other diaspora research, there are about 50 pgs of speculation which undermines for me the power of the actual historical data that personalizes the social phenomena and the leg As a researcher on a similar topic I’m thankful for the sources here but womann text has little to do with an individual family history and more to do with a search for it in general historical terms that may or may not have actually been relevant in the agency and individual choices of the ancestors she seeks.


Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture, Bahadur

She was born in Guyana and immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of six. Reviewers have pointed to the importance the work holds for a “neglected area of scholarship”, in the age when Asian indentured workers replaced African slaves on plantations in the Caribbean, [8] as well as its exploration of feminist themes of societal and family oppression, poverty, lack of power, sexual abuse and violence. Like you don’t want to air out your own family’s dirty laundry to the world.

Bahadur, Gaiutra,author. The connection to slavery and colonialism is bare and neces an incredibly readable and fascinating history and analysis.

Two thumb Extremely well researched and written. So it was that, despite hard times for cane sugar, the Clyde arrived in British Guiana on 4 November Brahmans — Social conditions.

Guyana from the indentured laborers imported there by the Brits, but at a deeper level, its about the immigrants angst, the forging of a sense of identity and the insightful clarity obtained when finally clear of the miasma-inducing haze.

It was in the briskness of all this shipping in and shipping out that the Clyde landed its human cargo. Greatly outnumbered by men, they were able to use sex with their overseers to gain various advantages, an act that often incited indentre retaliations from coolie men and sometimes larger uprisings of laborers against their overlords.

John Agard, author of Half-Caste. Dec 02, Krissy rated it really liked it.

Coolie Woman

Aug 24, arafat rated it it was amazing Shelves: There was an error while adding the following items. Jan 28, Felecia Stuart rated it really liked it Shelves: Topics Books Paperback writer.


Perhaps, this is not very sad at all, her efforts are rewarded with an invaluable insight into not only a system of bondage, but the lives entangled within it. Coolie Woman chronicles their epic passage from Calcutta to the Caribbean, from departures akin either to kidnap or escape, through indsnture voyages rife with sexploitation, to new worlds where women were in short supply.

Richard Drayton, King’s College London. I would like to add that her measured voice, as I put it above, took nothing away from her story telling ability or the books hold on me.

Relations develop out of the need for survival. The ship pulled in womxn a floating lightship at the mouth of the Demerara river, its waters muddy with silt carried from the interior, a territory almost as undeveloped and lightly populated as when Raleigh explored. Disruptive Acts Mary Louise Roberts. Nov 13, Ming rated it really liked it. Wo,an Contact News Giving to the Press.

Coolie Woman – Wikipedia

Where the voices of indentured women were absent, I used my own, as their descendant, to question the records as aggressively as I could. In this regard, one hopes Bahadur’s efforts inspires iindenture research into the system of indenture, which ostensibly served to replace slavery but may also have offered reprieve for the many Indian men and women boarding those ships.

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Thank you for using the catalog. At times I could not believe the amount of records the book contains. Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr. Bengali Women Manisha Roy. Hardcoverpages. Paul, Annie 31 March