CONPES 3146 DE 2001 PDF

Document. Conpes. Republic of Colombia. National department of Planning Bogota, D.C., December 20 of 2. CONTAINED. INTRODUCTION. conpes de pdf file. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for conpes de pdf file. Will be grateful for any help! Top. (CONPES, of December, ) followed up on the earlier decree, . () estimate that the Government of Colombia would face a.

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Government Circular on the Ministerial Decision for new school canteen standards. National School Health and Nutrition Strategy. Expands on the outline from document 21 to a full draft of the proposed new law. Discussion of the state of the project at that time. Discusses the structure of the management in the Cauca Valley. Clicking on ” Display results on the map” triggers a map with the search results to which you can add the nutrition indicators. Gives discussion of legal framework regarding maritime and continental waters, water quality, regulatory nature of the country.

Law 70 of August 27By which the transitory article 55 Of the Political Constitution is developed.

Rechercher | Global database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action (GINA)

Talks about the formulation of the bill and methods for resolving conflict that may arise during the formulation process. Tells what is being done in the region, and tells what is sought by the department in the new law. The role of the organization and its interaction with other existing government agencies are explained. Layout of the country- resources, rivers, climate, natural resources, population, education, economy, transportation, mining, fishing, ag, etc.


Gives basic stats of major rivers, including length, basin size, flow. Goals are laid out for the management of the water to promote sustainability and improvement of quality. The vengeful rate consists of a collection by the direct or indirect utilization of the sources of water and by its harmful consequences for the environment. Law of July 11By which the state of the home public utilities is established and other dispositions are dictated. Protection of the people and development of better coverage of water systems are other key focal points.

Includes legal and administrative framework, strategies for conservation and recovery, and methods of finance. Labor Standards Act No. Aller au contenu principal Skip to navigation. Strategy for Agriculture and Water. National Food and Nutrition Implementation Plan. Discusses problems facing the administration of water in Cundinamarca. Action plan for implementation of the national nutrition policy. Inefficiency of service providers, gaps in coverage, failure to recognize limits of resources, inability to control public utility rates, and contamination are primary problems discussed.

Harina de Trigo Fortificada. General framework for coordination between various entities.

Published by the Xonpes Secretariat at http: The filters on the right side allow you to tailor your search strategy. Law 56 of December 23Through which are approved the “Covenant for the Protection and the Development of the Marine Middle in the Region of the Great Caribbean” and the “Protocol relating to the cooperation to 20001 the discharges of hydrocarbons in the region of the Great Ocnpes, signed in Cartagena of Indias March 24, Block I includes regulatory and legal aspects of control, emergency management, information management, and transition, Block II includes institutional aspects of management, hydrologic planning, and authority on appropriations, and economic instruments.


Discusses the nature of water and reasons that a new bill is needed for water management.


Contains 72 articles in 11 titles. Law of January 3By which the ecological insurance is established, the Penal Conpees is modified and other dispositions are dictated.

Gives a somewhat detailed overview of the laws affecting water allocation in Colombia. Document providing the information needed to stimulate a plan of multi-sectoral conpss of water resources.

Programa Nacional de Alimenta o Escolar. Provides very detailed statistical and background information about Colombian wetlands. Outlines the major areas that must be included in the new bill. Guidelines for artificial recharge of groundwater systems, contamination prevention, and land delineation and acquisition for the purposes of water system management are also advised.

S on the Legislation xe the Water. Outline of what will be included in the new law.

Discusses the organization of the project. General Law of the Water. Nutrition Policy for Sudan and Strategy for Implementation.

Sistema Nacional de Información para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres

Gives considerations for conpea regions. Bolivia Plurinational State 201. Mandates conservation and loss reduction programs to be submitted to the Department of the Environment by Regional Corporations.

Some discussion on the choosing of CSU as a consultant. Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Law 9 of January 24By which Sanitary Measures are dictated. There are several mentions of amendment 99 and how to incorporate this into the new law. Health Sector Strategic Master Plan