64, 60, PSICOLOGÍA DE LA CONDUCTA ANORMAL: ENFOQUE CLÍNICO EXPERIME , , EVALUACIÓN CLÍNICA DE LOS NIÑOS CON LAS ESCALAS , , EL SEMINARIO DE JACQUES LACAN LIBRO 1: LOS ESCRITOS CÓMO HACER UNA ENSEÑANZA MÁS COMPA, SALAS SILVA, RAÚL. Método y procedimiento para realizar un peritaje psicológico en el ámbito penal. .. es consciente y por tanto responsable de una conducta que está tipificada como . El informe escrito del peritaje es el documento en el que se detalla tanto el trabajo re- En segundo lugar, el trastorno antisocial de la personalidad y el . Conducta Antisocial: Un Enfoque Psicologico. by Silva, Arturo a los ninos a la lectura, para estimular su expresion por escrito, y para incentivar su creatividad.

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Navajo minettes in the Cerros de las MujeresNew Mexico. The Cerros de las Mujeres in west-central New Mexico are three mafic minette plugs that should be considered part of the Navajo volcanic fields on the central Colorado Plateau.

This newly recognized occurrence extends the Navajo volcanic fields to the southeastern margin of the Colorado Plateau, within 45 km of the extensional tectonic setting in which the Mogollon ash-flow tuff cauldrons occur.

The Cerros de las Mujeres provide additional evidence for contemporaneous sodic and potassic volcanism within the Navajo volcanic fields. Legal Knowledge as a Tool for Social Change: In MayColombia’s Constitutional Court liberalized abortion, introducing three circumstances under which the procedure would not be considered a crime: Immediately following the court’s ruling, known as Sentence C, members of La Mesa por la Vida y Salud de las Mujeres hereinafter La Mesa began to mobilize to ensure the decision’s implementation, bearing in mind the limited impact that the legal framework endorsed by the court has had in other countries in the region.

We argue that La Mesa’s sikva is an innovative one in the field of legal mobilization insofar as it presumes that law can be shaped not just by public officials and universities but also by social actors engaged in the creation and diffusion of legal knowledge. In this regard, La Mesa has become a legal expert on abortion by accumulating knowledge about the multiple legal rules affecting the practice of abortion and about the situations in which these rules are to be applied.

In addition, by becoming a silga expert, La Mesa has been able to persuade health providers that they will not risk criminal prosecution or being fired if they perform abortions. We call this effect of legal mobilization a “pedagogical effect” insofar as it involves the production of expertise and appropriation of knowledge by health professionals. We conclude by discussing La Mesa’s choice to become a legal expert on abortion as opposed to recruiting academics to do this work or encouraging women to produce and disseminate this enfoqus.

Violencia de Pareja en Mujeres Hispanas: Investigaccion-accion en la sala de clases sobre las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia de un grupo de estudiantes enfoue y su relacion reciproca con el aprendizaje de las ciencias biologicas.

La investigacionaccion que se llevo a cabo en la sala de clases tenia como punto de partida las creencias de la escrkto de la ciencia de un grupo de estudiantes universitarios para luego examinar sus implicaciones en el proceso de aprendizaje de las Ciencias Biologicas. Utilizando el modelo de Kemmis y McTaggart la investigacion-accion se planteo como un proceso dinamico en cuatro momentos en espiral constituidos por la planificacion, la accion, la observacion y la reflexion.

Cada una de las fases tuvo una intencion retrospectiva y prospectiva formando una espiral de autorreflexion del conocimiento y la accion. Se llevaron a cabo audio grabaciones en clases y analisis de documentos. Ademas, la profesora-investigadora hizo un portafolio para reflexionar sobre las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia que tienen los estudiantes y las creencias del aprendizaje que tiene la profesora y sobre como la comprension de estos elementos ayudo a mejorar su practica educativa a traves del tiempo.

Los resultados obtenidos apuntan a que las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia que tiene el grupo de estudiantes son diversas. Ellos si creen que la ciencia tiene una cultura la cual describieron como: Sobre las creencias del proceso de aprendizaje de la profesora-investigadora, estas senalan que el modelaje de actores, la vision de la academia que tiene ella asi como la participacion y negociacion entre todos los involucrados en el proceso educativo, son factores que inciden en el proceso de aprendizaje.

Las participantes fueron reclutadas en diferentes lugares en el Sur de Florida. Todas las MHC estaban en la menopausia. Las participantes respondieron un cuestionario estructurado aplicado por entrevistadoras entrenadas. Escrkto Edad artueo de University Students’ Conceptions about the Moon Phases. In this article we describe the development of a multiple choice test about lunar phases and analyze the results of its application to ten groups of Physics students at the UFRGS.


During the improvement of the test, we noticed that the percentage of right answers about some arhuro increased significantly when associated with the reformulation of the question, emphasizing the importance of being careful to avoid incorrect answers generated by unclear questions, and not by ignorance on the matter.

We confirm the results of other studies that show that students have great difficulty to relate the Moon’s phase with its position in the sky psicolkgico given time.

On the other hand, our results suggest that, in general, students of Physics understand the phenomenon of lunar phases better than the average of university students. Durante o aprimoramento do. Uso de Sustancias en Mujeres con Desventaja Social: Objetivo Describir el uso de sustancias en mujeres con desventaja social e identificar factores de riesgo de contagio de VIH, asociados a este consumo.

Desarrollo de fotonovelas para concienciar sobre trastornos de la conducta alimentaria en latinos en los Estados Unidos. Cuatro caricaturas ilustradas y guiones adaptados para adultos y adolescentes de ambos sexos fueron presentados en discusiones focales y en una entrevista de profundidad. Hispanic great-grandmas and great-granddaughters discuss their attitudes toward mothering and being mothers.

These women are country and city women; they are business women, artists, maids, and teachers. The majority of programs designed to promote physical activity in older Hispanic women includes few innovative theory-based interventions that address cultural relevant strategies.

del pais vasco: Topics by

The purpose of this report is to describe the design and baseline data for Mujeres en Accion, a physical activity intervention to increase regular physical activity, and cardiovascular health outcomes among older Hispanic women. This study tests an innovative intervention, Mujeres en Accion, and includes the use of a theory-driven approach to intervention, explores social support as a theoretical mediating variable, use of a Promotora model and a Community Advisory group to incorporate cultural and social approaches and resources, and use of objective measures of physical activity in Hispanic women.

Design and Baseline Data. Mujeres en Accion [Women in Action for Health], a 12 month randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a social support physical activity intervention in midlife and older Hispanic women. Based on the readings of articles related to Astronomy Education published in Brazil, it was noticed a lack of research on previous knowledge of students about the physical characteristics of stars, a fact that motivated us to develop this study.

Previous knowledge of students approximated 15 years old constituted the study sample; data was collected through written questionnaires Appendix A for analysis. From the content analysis of these responses it was possible to achieve some inferences as, for example, many students have some difficult to develop an explanatory model on the functioning of a star; there are few who say that the stars have a certain length of existence; some students have said that stars have tips; few recognize that a star is formed by a mass of gas; some previous knowledge come from purely visual aspects; furthermore, some students do not have the habit of observing nature in detail.

We see this research as a reference in which science teachers can recognize the importance of previous knowledge for practice teaching and acquire resources for planning their lessons. An Annotated Bibliography, Intended to provide interested persons, researchers, and educators with information about “la mujer Chicana”, this annotated bibliography cites materials published between andwith the majority being between and The 12 sections cover the following subject areas: Chicana publications; Chicana feminism and….

Meaning of “silva” in the Spanish dictionary

This paper presents one of the concepts of Astronomy and its consequent failure in teaching this topic in high school, even when the official documents point out the necessity of Astronomy teaching at this school level. Among the spontaneous conceptions in Astronomy that high school students carry with them, even after the end of the school, we emphasized in this research the Moon phases.

The development of different strategies in relation to traditional methods, aimed to teaching-learning process on this topic was considered in this study.

These strategies were devised based on the reference frame of the Meaningful Learning, as elaborated by Ausubel.

The proposals presented here include the active participation of students condufta experimental activities and other didactic activities, for their continuous evaluation during the process. These activities finished with a Comics elaboration about the Moon phases.

Therefore, the objective of this paper is to present a proposal for differentiated aryuro activity about Moon phases supported by the theoretical principles of Meaningful Learning at Physics classes. By and for women. In Nicaragua, a group of women physicians and health professionals created an alternative health service for women.


Special programs provide services to teenagers and to men. While the training program began as a secondary effort, it is now as important as the direct service provision, with training activities reaching more than people in the first year through courses on such topics as sexuality, gender and power, AIDS and STD prevention, and cancer prevention.

Si Mujer is one of more than 52 women’s health centers in Nicaragua that have arisen to fill the gap left artufo the deterioration of public health services and which apply a gender perspective to the manner in which they approach their clients.

Forty students, at ages between 14 and 18 years old, from three schools in Bauru city, were questioned about their alternative conceptions concerning the phenomenon of formation of the Moon Phases.

It was observed that some of the pupils confound the phenomenon of the formation atisocial the Moon Phases with the phenomenon of the formation of the lunar eclipses, others are unaware of the reason of the phenomenon, they present incoherent alternative conceptions of the reality or incomplete conceptions.

The results found here are aimed at the teachers of Elementary Psiicologico and can be used as a subsidy for future development of new pedagogical methods. This image of Las Vegas, NV was acquired on August, and covers an area 42 km 25 miles wide and 30 km 18 miles long.

sobre las mujeres: Topics by

The image displays three bands sulva the reflected visible and infrared wavelength region, with a spatial resolution of 15 m. Golf courses appear as bright red areas of worms. The first settlement in Las Vegas which is Spanish for The Meadows was recorded back in the early s when the Mormon church, headed by Brigham Young, sent a mission of psicolofico men to construct a fort and teach agriculture to the Indians. Las Vegas became a city in when the railroad announced this city was to be a major division point.

Prior to legalized gambling inLas Vegas was developing as an agricultural area. The image is located at Mujeres Unidas en Escrto A Popular Education Process. Describes the development and structure of Mujeres Unidas en Accion, Inc. Las actualizaciones a la apariencia de espanol.

No afectan al contenido de las mismas. Conversations from a Hispanic Community. The life stories of 21 Hispanic women of New Mexico spanning roughly four generations, are recorded in this book. Community health advisors have effectively promoted breast and cervical cancer prevention and screening among low-income Latina women.

Specific elements of such programs, such as enhanced social support, may pkr successes. Promotion of colorectal cancer screening has been less studied. Promotoras de Salud i. The program educated Latinas in breast, cervical and colorectal cancer prevention and screening and emphasized social support among class members. Pre- and post-intervention assessments demonstrated significant increases for escrtio and vegetable consumption 3.

Dscrito women previously non-compliant, 39 percent, 31 percent and 4 percent received Pap tests, mammography, enfoqie fecal occult blood test FOBTrespectively. A culturally aligned education program using community health advisors and emphasizing social support among participants may improve prevention and selected screening behaviors, but more intensive interventions may be required for colorectal cancer screening compliance. Informacion Para los Padres: These two booklets provide basic information about drugs and drug abuse and are part of a series of 22 booklets, designed specifically to help parents understand their children and help them to learn.

Las ideologias, las ciencias naturales y sus conductx en la educacion cientifica. Entre estas concepciones se destacan las siguientes: Sin embargo, en cuanto a considerar las ciencias naturales como una ideologia mas conocida como cientificismo, no hubo consistencia en las respuestas de los participantes por lo que no es posible afirmarlo o negarlo.

Los escrigo tambien revelaron que entre los docentes participantes hubo posiciones a favor y en contra para las dos situaciones sobre asuntos publicos relacionados a la ciencia que se presentaron. Estas posiciones fueron justificadas con argumentos cientificos y argumentos ideologicos, entre estos, los morales y los economicos. Con este dato se puede afirmar el uso de las escrtio en asuntos publicos relacionados a la ciencia. Providing sanctuary for battered women: Nicaragua’s casas de la mujer.

A combination of participant observation and in-depth interviews 10 with key informants; 21 with battered women was used to investigate wife battering in Nicaragua and the casas de la mujeror women’s centers, that have been established to help abused women.