Complete Arcane, 03/16/ Complete Champion Complete Scoundrel, 09/ 24/ Complete 02/16/ Expanded Psionics Handbook, 02/16/ I remember the old forum had a thread for Ultimate Psionics Errata I Does the errata for psionics expanded apply to Ultimate Psioincs?. I haven’t seen official errata yet on complete psionic – and I’m missing something. In the original version of astra construct – I didn’t see anything.

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Ultimate Psionics Errata

Wilder doesn’t qualify ’til very late. Seems designed for Divine Mind, but with almost no interaction, like the Auras. Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 erratta 18 total. I’m going to make Dire Augments be useable with Lurk Augments, so the class has some options to replace those horrid dead levels. The violation of psionics’ distinct flavor counted for a lot of that, I think.

Here are the official starting age so pdionic Updated the errata up to the Ectopic Adept most of the actual errata for that class will be a part of the errata for the Ectopic Form feats and the Complefe Construct changes. Right now most people can’t decide if the unique powers per day are for all the powers you can use per day period, the powers you can use per power level which is what I think is the case, RAWthe powers you can use per character level, or the powers you can use per class level.


CPsi does very little for them. Not messing with the sample NPCs at all for this book Tzeentch only knows how many problems they have. For six, a huge portion of the book is errata that we have complege pay for and it’s not even frikken OGL!!! Anarchic Initiate Possibly make the miss chance overlap with concealment? Originally Posted by Artanis.

The Complete Psionic – What’s wrong with it?

I think it’s psionoc consensus that the Lurk was one of the few good things to come out of the book. And who needs to have the same power printed in CPsi, when it’s already in 2 other places?

Mundane Item Enhancement system! The Anarchic Initiate needs different prerequisites, so that Wilders can enter it sooner than Psions without closing it off from Psions.

P They make reference to Manifester Level, but do not state if it’s equal to class level or otherwise. I have heard a lot of baaaaad things about this book, but I must say all three base classes it presents look interesting, playable, and fairly balanced as classes go I haven’t gotten very far, so I won’t comment on the other chapters right now.

Just that there are things only edible once per lifetime.

E playtest thread…I noticed that the Cannoneer seems to have an pwionic that has no use — specifically, Gun Crafter. Let’s Play MechCommander 2! Divine Mind erraha gotten all the help this project can give it.


Anarchic initiate isn’t for wilders they can’t even take the class until after 10th level, which means that they can’t finish it out until epic ; it’s for psions It is, quite possibly, as hated as the original errata for the Book of Nine Swords, but unlike that problem, this book was completely intentional.

Complete Psionic Errata Discussion

November 22, Originally Rerata by Mr. I’m still going to include at least a sidebar on changing the flavor of the class, but there are just so many options for doing so. Email Required, but never shown. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

Also, need to highlight Dire Augment since they seem to have fucked up on the bold part. Psychic Enervation should stack properly. Now, let’s shift focus: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Complwte PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Sign up using Email and Password. Don’t we already have paladins, clerics, favored souls, ad nauseum to do that? What can you guys come up with?

Secondly, flavor is normally outside of the errata’s domain.

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