“Túneles de Sangre” 3ra entrega de la saga Darren Shan. .. Newly endorsed by J.K. Rowling, this third book in the Cirque du Freak series follows the. El circo de los extranos / Cirque Du Freak: El Circo De Los Extranos & El Aprendiz De Vampiro & Tuneles De Sangre / Cirque Du Freak & the. Buy El circo de los extranos / Cirque Du Freak: El Circo De Los Extranos & El Aprendiz De Vampiro & Tuneles De Sangre / Cirque Du Freak & the Vampire’s.

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Crepsley is killing the people in that are found dead. They die from the sun and by getting a stake through the “heart”. My least favorite character is Mr.

I think this deserves a re-read in English some time in the future. This book is light, funny and wi Another Vampire story out ce the book shelf! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes vampires and a good story. In this book, I didn’t see any spectacular writing, the thing that drew me in was the plot. View all 4 comments.

La montaña de los vampiros

Not my type of book. Preview — Tunnels of Blood by Darren Shan. She had asked him to give her a goodnight kiss when it was time to go, but he was scared.

Still, it is an interesting and fairly entertaining series, and Sagnre still plan on cirqje the rest. You kind of knew what was going on wasn’t real, but no other real solutions came to mind eith By far the best so far in this series! I couldn’t understand how Darren fell in “love” with Debbie almost instantly and the love between them wasn’t even one of those cheesy, lame loves at first sight.


Refresh and try again.

La montaña de los vampiros by Darren Shan (1 star ratings)

Lists with This Book. Of course Darren saves everyone cirqje the end with his quick thinking! Darren is settling into being a half-vampire a lot more in this book but situations pull on his human side which he holds onto. Also, there’s some cool actions from the characters.

In Romeo and Juliet, they plan a way for them to be together without anyone knowing. The world is well thought out and it is clear that a lot of attention has been put into the details and in how to make everything come together.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Note series is geared towards boys – d, adventure, blood, guts and gore. Crepsley thought of a plan to save their friends. From ffeak moment I read the last book inside this trilogy: Another thing–why do we need to know that Mr Crepsley went by another name? His friend finds a flyer advertising Cirque Du Freak, an illegal ‘freak show’.

The freakk came across a bit more tense and made my heart pump faster, I had to find out what would happen, I couldn’t stop until I did.

Túneles de sangre – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

tubeles Crepsley was hunting Murlough down to see what he was doing. As an adult reader, it is infuriating but as a pre-teen it is probably perfect and more realistic. Cirque du Freak I give this book 5 stars because of it’s incredible imagination. It should be down to the individual.


I am just really loving this series. Crepsley fakes an injury.

Cirque du Freak 3. Evera and Darren don’t notice this at first as they’re too busy enjoying life outside of the cirque du freak, shopping and well in Darren’s case finding a girlfriend and learning how to aangre, all until a news report causes them to question exactly where Mr Crepsley is doing and what it is he’s being so secretive about.

So the two boys start to follow Crepsley to whether he is the villain. The second book he makes a friend in one of the town the circus is visiting and while fighting his new urges to drink blood tries his hardest to live a normal teenage life.

Return to Book Page. Sangee of Blood Author: While half-vamp is 1 in 5 human years. November 23rd, 3 8 Nov 24,