Winter Masques (Changeling: the Lost) [Dawn Elliiott, Ethan Skemp, John Snead, Chuck Wendig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Changeling the Lost – Winter . Changeling The Lost – SAS – The Fear-Maker’s Promise . Winter Quarters – A Lost Treasure by Keri Karpowitz. Winter Masques. (Changeling: The Lost). by. Dawn Elliott. · Rating details · 67 ratings · 1 review. Masquerades in the Snow Legion are we, a thousand.

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Unlike WerewolfMage and VampireWhite Wolf planned only for a core rulebook and then five supplements for the game. Lastly we get two other versions of the Courts showing how these might appear in different cultures, along with some foreign entitlements. What’s here is good and useful for players and GMs. A Changeling’s time in those realms makes them what they are Seeming, Kith, personality.

Legibility is a Virtue I need to stop for a moment and comment on the book design. Gemma rated it liked it Kasques 01, Each Seeming then gets a page analysis.

The situation becomes worse in the second section which uses the classic WW grey-scale page background. Share this product with your friends and family!

Winter Masques

Add a copy to your collection. Here we have good books, but certainly not things which will have to be pulled out every session. I can see this being player stuff for some inspiration- perhaps someone who wants to run a foreigner, but for the most part it wold be the kind of thing a GM might keep in their back-pocket to pull out late as a change up in a campaign.


Please select a support frequency. Shannan rated it really liked it Nov 22, Finally the font size can vary wildly from section to section in this part– which feels like a tricky a student does to hide the fact that they don’t have much material.

Winter Masques by Dawn Elliott

While some players might find some useful inspiration in this last section, its more appropriate as background masquess. In the first section we get watermark symbols for each of the Seemings in the center of the page. Basically this section considers Changelings, Freeholds and Courts as they might appear internationally. They’ve chosen great artists who maintain the theme. We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Game Trade Magazine Issue lst – Dec Trivia About Winter Masques. There’s no real indication in the text that this happens. It’s a decent presentation of the ecology of these concepts. Wonder how this unique item ended up online? Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

Zunftblatt Online Issue 3 – Nov Most of the second-hand items you see online have been donated, by supporters like you, to our high street stores. Bryan rated it really liked it Jul 14, The flavor text supports this.

Product description Winter Masques Changeling: What is player-oriented here is very good and useful– during the character creation process for the most part. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on or oxfamshopf oxfam.

Each item is then priced, photographed and listed masqjes this site by our amazing team of volunteers from across the country. The book also provides some general guidelines for making new kiths. Adrian rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Dice Pool Roll multiple dice vs target. The Lost by Dawn Elliott.


This section provides some insight on how classical creatures of legend fit into the various Seemings and about the different landscapes of the Hedge, with an emphasis on foreign views. This changelinng does not exist. Beth rated it liked it Nov 09, We rely on your donations to sell online so please keep the cycle of goodness going! Grows vegetables Fills classrooms Drills wells Empowers women Fights poverty. Cookies on oxfam We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website.

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A Character Book for Changeling: You can find out more about delivery and returns in our help section. Furthermore, it gives a few fleshed out Keeps and lands for each seeming that provides a picture of how certain kiths might come to be.

Find out more Accept. Want to Read saving…. Winter Masques Average Rating: However the key contracts linked to the Wizened by affinity all have to do with items, objects, making, repair, and creation– as if the only role for a Wizened would be a Smith.