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ITEM 1 – 84 of 84 View detailed import data of No under HTS Code with details Feb 16 , , 5 CARTON 15 KGS CBM (PLASTIC. View detailed import data of No under HTS Code with details of Feb 21 , , CARTON KGS CBM DEPT PO. CBM Datasheet [] ; download; size: bytes. CBM Wafer Specification Rev [CBM_Wafer_spec_Revpdf].

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The reporter enzyme then binds to the cellulose which is collected for analysis. Data points represent the average of six replicates and error bars represent standard deviation. The first time, every time. This is due to the high specificity of the phages which can often be limited to single strains. The recombinant phage DNA was electroporated into E.

In this study, the T7 coliphage was genetically engineered to express the newly developed luceriferase, NanoLuc NLucas an indicator of bacterial contamination. We have shown the possibility of detecting the immobilized fusion protein in a filter plate which resulted from a single CFU of E. D Schematic of the novel reporter fusion displaying binding affinity to cellulose.

Information about reproducing material from RSC articles with different licences is available on 44082 Permission Requests page. CBM fusion for the ultrasensitive detection of Escherichia coli in water T.

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Talbert c and S. Carbohydrate binding modules are commonly found within carbohydrate active enzymes that fold independently of the larger protein structure and display specific binding to carbohydrate substrates. Back to tab navigation Fetching data from CrossRef. Vacuum was applied according to the cmb specifications until no liquid remained.


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Back to tab navigation. As we demonstrated the successful genetic engineering of a phage to sensitively cmb E.

The type of affinity tag used in this work, a Carbohydrate Binding Module CBMhas been widely employed as protein fusions 47 to provide immobilization onto low-cost, widely available substrates. To approximate realistic analytical conditions, E. Peters dJ.

50m Self-propelled Cutter Suction Dredger – 1500 CBM per hour

Material from this article can be used in other publications provided that the correct acknowledgement is given with the reproduced material and it is 4028 used for commercial purposes. Custom Solutions for Specific Needs.

Furthermore, bacterial species causing foodborne disease have been shown to rapidly gain virulence factors as well as antibiotic resistance markers, further necessitating the need for rapid detection methods to successfully mitigate the population’s exposure to potentially harmful pathogens. As seen in Fig. The advantages of phages include their host specificity, ability to distinguish viable and non-viable cells, low cost, and ease of genetic engineering.

The article was received on 26 Apraccepted on 11 Jul and first published on 02 Aug Our Cloud Department can help optimize your daily processes and change the way you think about business.

Nichols c 0482, J. In order to concentrate and purify engineered proteins, numerous epitope tags such as His-tag, 42 AviTag, 43 and FLAG, 44 among others 45 are commonly used.

Based on previous work with T7 reporter phages bearing much larger reporters, 31,56 the 1. A current limitation to phage-based assays remains the need for cocktails of phages in order to cover the desired host range.

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Future studies dbm cellulose filters to capture the reporter probes may demonstrate a significant improvement in the capture of the NanoLuc:: Expression of a reporter enzyme with a CBM causes binding to cellulosic entities within the cell during expression as well as plastic species within standard laboratory tubing and glassware. Such work will allow a better utilization of phages as both detection and therapy tools.


For example, some phages encode factors that alter the promoter specificity of the host RNA polymerase to selectively force overexpression of phage DNA.

Singh cA-L. Our Help Desk Technicians are ready to handle any issue you have without having to leave your desk. Reporter bacteriophages phages are robust biorecognition elements uniquely suited for the rapid and sensitive detection of bacterial species. This novel chimeric reporter nluc:: An ideal separation method should 1 remove the analyte from the matrix, 2 remove any possible inhibitors cb, a downstream detection system, and 3 reduce the sample size while maintaining a high capture efficiency.

This novel dbm reporter nluc:: We have a team of certified expert technicians that can handle any job. Search articles by author T. The authors would like to acknowledge additional support from the U.

The advantages of phages include their host specificity, ability to distinguish viable and non-viable cells, low cost, and ease of genetic engineering. The carbohydrate binding module cbm2a was fused to the C-terminus of nluc with a short flexible linker. C Expression construct details: This was achieved by separating the 0.