Catálogo SP. Aplicaciones para ruedas de camiones y transporte pesado: Incluye especificaciones y intercambios. Rodamientos y. Sellos SKF. From one simple but inspired solution to a misalignment problem in a textile mill in. Sweden, and fifteen employees in , SKF has grown to become a global. Heavy Duty Pillow Block Maintenance Handbook Catalogue No. CDN SKF Canada Limited AN ISO REGISTERED COMPANY Proud recipient of The.

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For spherical roller bearings with W33 or E suffix groove in outer ring and three lubricating holes spaced at the center lubricating fitting must be used. To avoid damage to the bearing it is used at very high or very low temperatures. SNL SNH pillow blocks of cast iron with either self-aligning double roll ball bearing for normal loads or self-aligning spherical roller bearing for heavy loads. Lubricator time set dial allows easy and accurate adjustment of chhumaceras flow Transparent container allows visual checking of dispense rate Cartridge neck screws into lubrication point or accessories Special piston shape ensures optimum emptying of cumaceras TECHNICAL DATA Grease capacity ml, 4.


The simplest way to move the V-rings is to use a screwdriver blade while rotating the shaft by hand. User-friendly tool Fast and easy to attach, easy to use Aligns grooves of the pulley rather than its face, allowing for alignment of pul leys of unequal width or with dissimilar faces even fits applications where pulley face cannot be used as a re ference No trial and error.

Induction heating An induction heater is similar to a transformer, using the principle of a primar y coil with a large number of windings and a secondary coil with a few windings on a mutual iron core.

Poor machine alignment generates additional loads and vibration, causing premature damage to bearings, seals and couplings. Lubrication through center fitting for W33 Non Chumaderas If grease is used as a lubricant, at installation of bearing chumacetas lubricant must be worked in between the rolling elements.

At the initial startup, with shaft rotating, lubricate seals through grease fitting until a bead of grease appears around the periphery of the flingers.

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The second labyrinth seal is placed on the shaft. SKF pillow block housings are primarily intended for grease lubrication. When heated by an SKF induction heater, the bearing chumacersa the short circuited, single turn secondary coil catalpgo which a high current flo ws at a low voltage, generating heat. Slide one labyrinth seal, consisting of labyrinth flinger, with prongs towards bearing location and labyrinth insert with O-ring installed on its O. Pillow block housings caps can be equipped with grease fittings.

Any bearing deprived of correct lubrication will fail well within its predicted lifespan. Lock cap screws with lockwire through holes cayalogo heads. The rubber O-section cords are placed in the grooves in the housing cap. When the locknut has been tightened to achieve this, then insert and tighten cap screws. These pillow blocks can also be supplied in cast steel. Lubricate the surfaces that slide against each other during tightening. If the bearing is a C3 fit, the outer ring will swivel freely.

One V-ring and one sheet metal washer are catwlogo on the shaft. The heater is cataolgo with two top yokes or bore diameters from 0. The machine can then be correctly positioned according to the calculated live va lues provided on the display. The simplest way to mount the cords is to use a screwdriver blade while rotating the shaft by hand. With only two components, BeltAlign is fast and easy to attach, and requires no chumacerqs to operate. Dimensional inaccuracies, slight positioning errors in mounting, and thermal elongation of the shaft can be accommodated in the pillow block housing itself.

Double-lip seals are designated TSN followed by the housing number and suffix G, ie. The bearing is mounted on the shaft directly or on an adapter and filled with grease. The sliding fit of the rotating seal ring on the shaft ensures that it will automatically find its own proper location relative to the stationary hub grooves. When oil cnumaceras used, it is advisable to employ an oil reservoir or an adequate supply of oil and effective housing seals so that the oil does not leak out.

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SKF precut machinery shims are a timesaving accessory to any rotating machine chumaceraa ignment job. The new housings will accommodate the standard LER triple ring seals and in addition, a new taconite service seal can be used with the same housing.


Bearing Bearing Seat Grease fitting s 1. Never use an open flame to heat the bearing.

The bearing is mounted on the shaft directly or on an adapter sleeve and filled with grease. The assembly shown at the right is for grease. Remove locknut and install the procedure and the installation instructions to be used for this washer with the inner prong located in the slot provided in the assembly. cataligo


No need to buy expensive spare-parts; a unique safety pin breaks should excessive force be used Service life of puller extended by safety pin Self-centering avoids damage to shaft Efficient use of time due to quick dismounting For additional Maintenance Products Tooling, Heaters and Lubricants contact you local SKF sales office or www. Finally the silicon O-ring is placed in the grooves of the labyrinth seals. If an adapter sleeve is used to secure the bearing to the shaft and only one fixing ring is required, it should be placed on the same side of the bearing as the locknut.

Slide labyrinth insert with O-ring installed on its O.

Finally the silicon O-section cords are placed in the grooves of the labyrinth seals. When the demand is lower, IT8 can be used. If a contact rubbing seal is selected, care must be taken with regard to the surface finish of the shaft. They vatalogo most commonly used in the SDCD and SNL series of housing which have additional grease fitting allowing the seals to be periodically purged.

Consult SKF for availability and technical specifications. Increased load capacity can be provided by specifying the series bearing for cstalogo the new block has been designed as well as the series.