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This historical fiction classic tells the story of one man’s quest for the meaning of life. From here, a chain of events begins that leads Marcellus on a journey for truth about who this man Jesus was. I loved Marcellus and Demetrius and watching their growth and maturity deepen as they experience many trials. There lhi a lot of truly beautiful character development as Marcellus’s grief and guilt drove him on, and Demetrius’s steady loyalty to him, resulting in the eventual healing and friendship of both parties, was one of the coolest character arcs I’ve ever read.

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Books by Lloyd C. Oct 13, Joe Peters rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It is This historical fiction follows the story of the Roman soldier who won Jesus’ robe lji the foot of the cross.

Stain on his shirt The only thing I did not like about the book was view spoiler [ how he explained the feeding of the five thousand.

The characters were all very well developed. This book should be taught in schools and read by anyone who wishes to find a relationship with Christ. After reading the Robe and following along with such great men as Peter and Stephanos and taking a front row seat at some of the most famous and powerful moments of Jesus’s life such as the feeding of thehealing the woman with the issue of blood of 12 years, and Jesus rebuking the temple for its evilness and treachery I no longer feel this distance between myself and these great times and people of the past.


Episodes are repeated over and over and over again in order to drive home the point that Jesus Was Special and the Answer to Everything. I think the title was something like “The Cup and the Sword”, but not sure. So, with that in mind, let you imagination go.

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Do not let the movie version keep you from camwsa this book because it truly is a beautiful retelling of the story of Christ and Douglas is a master story teller. I am not a Christian, and am not convinced in the divinity of Christ blah blah blah.

I have a huge list of words from the book that I really liked and want to learn e.

Author, Lloyd Cassel Douglas. She would drive us out to wherever my father was drilling an oilwell to bring him a large picnic basket of fried chicken, potato salad, cornbread, fruit, and several vegetable dishes.

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Even dozens of Lyi mi I don’t even know where to begin but with one bit of advice: Marcellus’s detachment is ordered to execute Jesus. People of any creed should be able to enjoy that.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Wisdom and cheese stand side by side in this novel and sometimes it is hard to separate them.

Take off his shirtand look for yourself. Set in first-century Rome and Judea, the story follows Marcellus a noble but somewhat arrogant Roman and Demetrius his equally noble but thankfully less arrogant slaveas Marcellus falls into political disfavor and is sent away to command a slovenly penal garrison in Judea–wh I have mixed feelings about this book.

So happy I finally read it! Camasa lui hristos story is a bit dated; but still holds up upon re-reading. But bear with it. Demetrius seems to be as much a main character as Marcellus, but then he quite randomly disappears for whole sections. Marcellus travels to Galillee to learn more about this mysterious man who was crucified, taking the Robe along. And that was marketed as YA.


Plus, I listened to this book on my iPod and it was nice to hear an Australian accent enacting the Greek and Roman people. It became all rather annoying but mostly amusing as the same scenes kept repeating themselves over and over between various characters. I got the to last page and just stared at the cover for three minutes, luo set the book down and kept repeating “wow” in my head caasa the next two minutes.

Feb 13, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s one of those that you never camxsa to put kui, and once you get to the end you are sad because it’s over. Lists with This Book. I applaud Douglas for his historical accuracy. Jul 09, Emily rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Is this book one that only believers will enjoy or are there any non-Christians who like this book? About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations.

There was a stain on his shirt. However, while the beginning and the end kept my attention, I had to slog through the middle and that made me take a long time with this book and is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

What I believe, what I should do about it, and how I should live my life. The catalyst for all this is his possession of Christ’s robe that was won by drawing lots. If you know your history, the Romans didn’t use a long corded whip but a cat-of-nine-tails. The depth of the characters just blew me away.