BTG – General about this document This document is a complement to the ordinary MBT User manual (M) and Service. MPS & PPS Manual / Pneumatic Pulp Sampling Valves. MCS . BTG’s MEK is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consist-. Item 1 – 8 Manual loading of probe signal settings. . Based on BTG’s patented Peak Method (see section ) of optical anal- ysis, the TCT MEK

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ATV58E user manual in User manual of MBT PF English User Man The reason for this manual is that some important changes have been made to the MBT transmitter and the normal manual has not been updated.

So please read this mznual and see what is in it and have that in mind when reading the User manual and the Service manual. The most important thing is meek the junction box is completely changed, see below for JCT To allow clearance for opening the box, hooking up the terminal and connecting it, leave at least 50 mm 2 in at top mahual sides of the unit.

To connect the cables, mm 8 in of free space is needed below the box. Add sufficient room to open the box and to use the hand-held terminal. Fig 1 Junction box dimensions.

The unit is hose-proof when the cover and cable fittings are correctly attached. A roof should be fitted over the box to protect it from being sprayed by water or pulp. Direct sunlight can cause overheating of the power supply if any fitted.

Do not insert the box in a second housing, as this may interfere with cooling. Install the box in a position where it will be protected from mechanical damage. The junction box is usually located within 10 m 33 ft. A protecting roof is recommended for the junction box. Remember to provide sufficient space below the electronics box for the connection cables, see fig 3. Fig 3 Protecting roof for Junction box For a convenient working height and a good operating position when using the terminal the junction box should placed approximately 1.

The types are named alternative a and b. Customer provides 24 V DC power supply unit. Junction box is delivered without power supply unit. Dimensions and connections to the junction box are given in section 1. The plastic enclosures are made of polycarbonate thermoplastic.

User manual |

They are metal-plated internally to protect against interference. Two hand terminal brackets are included to be mounted on a wall close to the junction box.

It contains both circuit card, terminal blocks and a 24 V DC power supply unit. This design provides full interference suppression according to the relevant CE directive, provided that recommended connection cables are used and that they are correctly connected.


A metal interference suppression housing surrounds the power supply unit. There is space reserved for mounting a power supply unit when necessary. BTG will disclaim any mel for problems and damage caused by incorrect power supply.

The 24 V DC power supply for the transmitter is provided from an externally mounted power supply unit.

Locate the power supply unit in a suitable place, for example in the rack room. Size the power supply unit for the mill section in question to feed all BTG smart transmitters. Use an interference-free power supply unit to assure safe operation for the transmitter. The connection should be performed according to established personnel and interference suppression directives. To avoid power outs on multiple transmitters, a reserve power supply unit is recommended for on-line backup UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply.

The power supply unit must provide 24 V DC dual voltage with transient protection. The transmitter requires a supply voltage of See data sheet for power consumption. Calculate power supply unit capacity to include a safety factor margin. The transmitter is tested as a complete system to conform with the relevant CE directives and standards.

The device must have a fixed frequency supply and should be caged and grounded inside the junction box.

All connections including the main power supply must have shielded cables rated according to the information in section 1. BTG cannot guarantee conformity with the CE directives for installations using the transmitter system units in other combinations manua those described in section 1. The transmitter system in combination with customer installed external devices may conform with EMC- and associated safety requirements when properly installed and using an adequate power supply.

The system operator is responsible for CE directive conformity. Conformity has to be checked by inspection. See also section 2. Electronics box with built-in power supply unit: Electronics box bg built-in power supply unit: The typically used size is 2 x 0.

BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

The signal cables can be combined to one or two cables. The junction box cover is secured by two screws. To open the cover, loosen the two cover screws. Do not attempt to bypass the sealing components since the unit will then no longer be sprayproof and thus the enclosure rating will be compromised.

High voltage within the junction box. Connections may only be carried out by qualified personnel applies to version with built-in power supply. Once the cover is opened the connection terminals can be accessed.

Before the main power supply to the unit is turned on, check that the connection has been made correctly, see section 1. If using the junction box with built-in power supply, check that the supply voltage is within the stated limits. The unit automatically adjusts the output voltage to 24 V DC. Product information Equipment type: Shielded by copper paint coating Cable fittings: Externally mounted power supply unit The externally mounted 24 V DC power supply unit should conform to the applicable safety standard.


Power supply noise requirements are: Max ripple p-p on output voltage: Before installation, ensure that: All power to the system has been turned off.

The conduit for the power supply to the junction box should be installed in the hole furthest to the left. Wiring the main power supply screw terminal: The earth wire must be connected to the terminal indicated by the protective earth symbol PE.

See fig 7 and fig 8. To prevent electrical shock – connect the protective earth PE properly. Strip the cable covering insulation to expose the shortest possible length of the connection wires. Unshielded long, looped wires may cause interference! This can interfere with the signal! Once the wires are inserted, tighten the screws to secure them. Mount the connector in its position. To ensure interference-free operation, a shielded cable should be used.

Make sure the shield is correctly connected – fig 6. Fig 6 Connection of cable shield, in special cable screw cap metal 1 Connection cable for power supply, output signal, measuring range etc. Tighten nut fully for mwnual contact for the shield. Turn on the main power supply. Msnual on the main power on the electronic card. The power LED should now light up. If it does not, check the connections first and the 2 A fuse for the power supply located on the power supply unit inside the electronic box.

See fig 5, as well as the fuse located on the electronic card. Standard output signal mA with superimposed digital signal according to Hart? The setting of the respective measuring range is arranged via a binary code switch see note Y or DCS. Output cable is connected, load resistor has to be activated, position OFF right. Now the output cable has to give min ohm circuit resistance. Range, binary input To choose different calibrations for different production circumstances there is a manyal to do this change via binary input to transmitter.

The main power supply is connected according to msk 1. The mains power is turned OFF. To ensure interference-free operation, the cable fittings should be adapted for shielded cables. Strip the cable covering so the shield is exposed.

Use the shortest possible length of the connection wires. Unshielded long, looped wires may cause interference to the 6.