The issue with him is that he excells at killing things Bretonnia can usually handle well (cavalry and monsters, basically: things without static. DownloadBretonnia 7th edition pdf. Free Download e-Books For PRESARIO. SGIL Compaq PC Nodevice offers more than one driver for free download. :_Bretonnia_( Skaven and Beastmen last editions army books were indeed 7th Edition.

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Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Login Register. They Eat Frogs in Bretonnia! What fool claimed that dinosaurs became extinct editioj million years ago!? He started with rolling for stupidity for his Cold ones, which they managed with ease.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia

His line then cautiously moved straight ahead, while the stegadon played hurdle race and jumped the hedge next to the house, taking the center. The Skink Priest on foot placed himself between the skirmishers and the Skinks with Krox unit, standing at the foot of the hill.

The Scar-Veteran and the salamander pack takes up position in the woods to the right side of the picture. Then it brefonnia time for magic. Here I realized that my petty 3 Dispel Dice 7fh up against 11 Power dice: Exition skink priest on foot casts Second Sign, giving him a single re-roll.

The priest with engine then tried to cast Forked Lightning on my unit of Yeoman in front of my trebuchet, hoping to panic them and maybe the Treb crew with them!

The Stegadon priest was apparently afraid of my treb, so he casts celestial shield editiob himself with three dice, rolling 8. I let it go through. The engine then choose to lower the casting costs of the Beast lore. The Slann then tries to cast Crows Feast at my Yeomen in front of the treb he channels through the stegadon.

I use all my not-so-many dispel dice and rolls The spell goes through and my general starts eating mud. Then he casts Hunters Spear on the same unit, 3 dice, rolls 12, but the unit is 25″ away Phew.

Ddition nothing within range, he editon his shooting phase. I had no charges this round everything was too far away so I starts by rolling for The Green Knight and comes up with a six.

Warhammer Fantasy “Oldhammer” Codex Army Book – Bretonnia 7th Ed | eBay

I wish I had taken a picture of evition opponents face when I told him what the roll was for. It was a golden moment. I decided to place Mr. Green in the wood containing the Scar-Veteran and Salamander pack.

I am greener than thou! He did not move that turn. He had LoS to two units, and several juicy targets was within his Terror range. On my right flank I moved my Yeoman close to the bretonina wood Mr. Green appeared in, showing their middle fingers to the Skink unit on front of them. The Grail Knights followed close behind.


Army forums:

My generals unit could not move, thanks to Beast Cowers. But the unit of archers next to him decided to enter the house. My Pegasus Knights hides behind the hill, ready to charge anyone trying to move around the hill. The skirmishing archers with Damsel moves up behind them.

My second unit of Yeoman moves up towards the Stegadon and Skinks with Krox, again raising their brteonnia fingers while blocking the Stegadons LoS to the unit of Knight Errants, which moved up behind the Yeomen.

Okay, 4 Power Dice Vs.

They Eat Frogs in Bretonnia! (7th edition Battle Report)

The Damsel uses 3 dice and attempts to cast Hunter Spear on the Stegadon. My opponent uses 4 Dispel and rolls Now it was time for some gretonnia. My Trebuchet guessed 26″ towards the Stegadon, which turned out to be a perfect guess. But I unfortunately rolled a 10 and an arrow, hitting absolutely nothing. Must have been a strong breeze. All my archers and Yeomen gave me nothing but misses. The turn was over fast. WAY to fast in my opinion.

The Lizardmen clearly outmatch me at magic, and I have failed to produce any wounds on the engine, let alone the Slann! No casualties so far Green just might scare of the Scar-Veteran and maybe a few units with him. I know Cold-blooded is difficult to fail, but there is always hope My opponent starts out by passing the cold ones stupidity test. Brdtonnia held my breath, and he rolled the dice: Because my opponent have such a big heart, he would even let me decide which dice to remove.

The Salamander pack rolled a 4, 5 and 6. With a Leadership of 6 they flee 5″, directly away from Mr. Green and out of the editioj. The Skink Skirmishers roll three 2s, going nowhere. On to movement; The skinks on the left flank moves 1. The Saurus warriors next to the Stegadon wheels a few inches, threatning the flank of my 2nd unit of Mounted Yeomen. The Stegadon moves up next to the Skink Skirmishers, facing forwards.

On his right flank is the Saurus cavalry moving around the hill, threatning the Bretonnian left while looking angrily upon my Pegasus knights. The Skink skirmishers behind that same hill have now moved up on top of the hill, accompanied by the Razordon pack to their right.

The Skink priest on foot reveals that he have the Cloak of Feathers, and flies into the house behind him. The engine cast Burning Alignment, hoping to cause some damage on the Green Knight. But he rolls 3″ for range, and the Green Knight is 6″ away.


He rolled 3 dice and rdition out with Having only 3 Dispel Dice, I decided to bite the bullet. He rolled 4 hits, and then rolled 1,1,2 and 5 for to wound. I then roll a 6 for my Ward Save. I like the taste of rubber bullets. He rolls 3 dice one free and gets I decide to bite the bullet again, letting the spell through.

First kill of the match! He rolls 6,6,4 which 7ty an Irresistible Force. Can’t do much about that.

He then rolls a 1 to wound! I spend all my dispel dice, rolling More mud for my general. I must admit, so far I feel a little lucky about this battle. I pass a single armor save. The Razordon on the hill tries to shoot at my Pegasus Knights, rolling the artillery dice: The Skinks next to the Razordon also shoots at the pegasus knights with multiple shot.

The champion makes all his amour saves.

The ordinary peg knights makes one save, failing 3! One and a half Pegasus Knight dead. They roll a 5 for panic, staying bretomnia. There is no close combat yet, so end of turn 2. My 4 remaining Mounted Yeomen on the right flank charges into the skinks who just shoot their comrade. The Grail Knights bretonnix charge on the fleeing Salamander pack, which flee’s 8″ directly away, resulting in a failed charge.

My Knight Errants on the left flank declares charge on the Skink Skirmishers on the hill. They decide to stand and shoot, making 4 wounds which are saved.

The two remaining Pegasus Knights charges the Razordon, which holds because it is too close to stand and shoot. My Yeomen on editoin center of the battlefield tries to be “clever” and moves up next to the house, their backs to the hedge. Now they are out of LoS of the enemy, while march blocking several units.

The Yeomen are trying to earn some extra soup this evening!

The skirmishing archers moves 4″ to the side, away 7thh the Saurus Cavalry. A quarter of the unit is now inside the wood. The Green Knight is feeling a bit optimistic, he moves up next to the fleeing Salamander, hoping to panic the Saurus Warriors with his Terror, so they will flee into the Mounted Yeomen and die.