The basis of the major motion picture starring Billy Bob Thornton, KimBasinger and Mickey Rourke, The Informers is a seductive and chillingly. The Informers. Bret Easton Ellis, Author, Gary Fisketjon, Editor Knopf Publishing Group $22 (p) ISBN In this incisive collection of stories, Bret Easton Ellis returns to the moral badlands of s Los Angeles.

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A self destructive musician sets out on the Asian leg of his world tour and through the clouds of blackouts and smoke machines he proves not only to be a danger to himself but an extreme danger to others as well.

One can’t convey Epicurean nihilism or suicidal hedonism in a way that engages a reader unless there is a soldier’s discipline in the author to not write in either of those ways. Outside of the college-aged, blonde, tanned and fit young bodies, and the Porsches, cocktails, tennis matches and colonic seminars; or suicide by shooting one’s self in their stomach to preserve their face, there is an outlier involving a middle-aged rock star and A possible foreshadowing of things to come for the younger characters.

His characters are young, generally vacuous people, who are aware eazton their depravity but choose to enjoy it. This chapter is narrated by the ex-wife of William, and mother of Graham and Susan.

Tommy quickly grows too apathetic to intervene, and simply takes to urinating in his kitchen sink and defecating at a nearby gas station as a way to avoid the bathroom. Sure, this was written around 10 years after LTZ, and Ellis is now a more mature, fully formed writer. Maybe I’ll read it again in the future now that I’m more prepared for the structure. They are strangely hypnotizing work I love the way Bret Easton Ellis writes.

Informdrs the blase disregard of relationships for transient gratification, the desire for genuine connection is thinly veiled; informwrs son who is affected enough to disappr LA’s vapid hedonisim is chronicled in thirteen narratives, separate yet melding into an ellix voice that is languidly restless, unfocused, indifferent, and rambling in a drug-induced haze; friends, lovers, spouses merit the same mention, often less favourable, as Porches, Mercedes Benzes, Jaguars, and personal financial worth.

Started skimming so much and then downright paging through to other chapters, then to the end, then said “enough!

It will be a horrible month, since Earth will be destroyed in increments and there will be suffering and pain on a level your mind will never be able to understand. Chapter about Cheryl Laine, a news anchor with a complicated love life. She then follows her son Graham and watches him score drugs. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to rbet. The father dies in a plane crash and a young girl comes home from school back east.


He is considered to be one of the major Generation X authors and was regarded as one of the so-called literary Brat Pack, which also included Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney. The chapter ends with Tim and Les sitting on the beach staring at the ocean. Most of Bret Easton Ellis novels feel the same, he is often called a moral satirist but I often feel like he is just a nihilist. It was first published as a whole in In the last section, Jamie goes to visit his psychiatrist, Dr. Nova’s daughter, spurring him to write tye prescription.

The protagonist meditates upon his girlfriend’s rapidly deteriorating condition, which she first exhibited at their senior prom, and which he attended while high. Graham lives in an apartment with his girlfriend, Christie, and two other boys, Randy and Martin, the latter of whom is having an affair with Graham’s mother and with whom Graham is also having sex.

In a series of relatively short chapters, which have cinematic punch, new characters are introduced, fade, die and reappear, each connected to the next, or to one who went before, but never ostensibly…only fleetingly, or unemotionally if you will. The culture of money, sex, drugs and violence are the harbingers that bring about their demise but their desperation for the next “thing” is what makes the future seem so, so bleak and filled with a cloud of darkness in The Big Orange. Had he made bfet to a number of them, or only one?

Graham ultimately goes back upstairs, ignoring the outcome infor,ers the hostage situation. None of these characters seem even remotely happy with niformers lives. As a self-claimed moralist, he is obsessed with the immoral aspects of humanity.

Anne undergoes drastic physical, eastoh, and mental changes, being indoctrinated into the often detached and morally hollow Los Angeles mindset. I always suspected that Jamie and Carol had done something but since I never really liked Carol that much only in bed and even there I was unsure I sit at the table, uncaring, not moved by what everyone but me knew.

Her impending death reminds him informerss much of his own mortality, and the prospect of being around to witness it is too frightening. If you want to bore yourself to tears, read this one.

The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis | : Books

For some characters it seems that they have never been taught to know what’s good and what’s bad they just go on doing what they’ve always done.

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She married William, but they separated after he left her for a woman named “Linda”. Aug 01, Pages. Unlike those other works, in very few places in ‘The Informers’ does one actually get a vantage point that provides a narrative contrast or “space” that allows the reader to really feel the banality of waste, selfishness, and l Empty is as empty does– As I thought about what made this story of Brett Easton Ellis’ so awful compared to his more recognized ‘American Psycho’ thank you Christian Bale!

The pool cleaner then finds two dead rats and starts talking to the narrator, who becomes flustered by the conversation. Thanks for telling us about the problem. An unnamed protagonist spends the day at the zoo with her married lover, Bruce, iformers television writer who has been using her for money and sex while promising to leave his wife.

However I found myself getting drawn into the strange ties between the stories, and the way the book continues to spiral into darkness. This justifies the zoned-out voice with which Infodmers presents these multiple, loosely-connected, but explicably similar people and their stories.

The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis

Tommy initially protests, prompting Peter to assault him. Oct 05, Patrick rated it liked it. Reviewing the book for The New York TimesMichiko Kakutani eawton that Ellis had btet “a novel that is as cynical, shallow and stupid as the people it depicts. I guess we can’t escape being a product of the times, can we? Yes, yes, I know, “Isn’t that B.

Before they leave, he encourages Tommy to murder the child to tie up loose ends. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The Informers

Okay, so it’s a little disconcerting and maybe a little self-indulgent being shoved so far out one’s own skull, like being flung into a distant orbit, knowing hoping you’ll return, but not for a while, and you might as well enjoy the view before the wreck. The first book so bad and uninteresting that I actually put it down before I finished it. Fixating on tanning, youth, and strength distracts some from addressing their own hollowed existence, buried feelings, compounding problems, and even their own mortality The overwhelming message of the decade for the younger generation was to remember to take their vitamins, along the way the message got a little misconstrued, but they made sure they always got their Vitamin D.