Brain Wise, Studies in Neurophilosophy by Patricia Smith Churchland. Patricia Smith Churchland (born July 16, ) is a Canadian-American analytical philosopher . Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy. () Cambridge. In Brain-Wise, Patricia Churchland tries to show us how the cognitive sciences, and the neurosciences in particular, are related to questions about the self.

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Progress in the neurosciences is profoundly changing our conception of ourselves.

Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy – Patricia S. Churchland – Google Books

Contrary to time-honored intuition, the mind turns out to be a complex of brain functions. And contrary to the wishful thinking bfainwise some philosophers, there is no hcurchland the revolutionary impact that brain research will have on our understanding of how the mind works.

Brain-Wise is the sequel to Patricia Smith Churchland’s Neurophilosophythe book that launched a subfield. In a clear, conversational manner, this book examines old questions about the nature of the mind within the new framework of the brain sciences.

What, it asks, is the neurobiological basis of consciousness, the self, and free choice? How does the brain learn about the external world and about its own introspective world? What can neurophilosophy tell us about the basis and significance of religious and moral experiences?


Drawing on results from research at the neuronal, neurochemical, system, and whole-brain levels, the book gives an up-to-date perspective on the state of neurophilosophy–what we know, what we do not know, and where things may go brainwie here.

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Patricia Churchland

And contrary to the wishful thinking of some philosophers, there is no stemming the revolutionary impact that brain research will My library Help Advanced Book Search.

MIT Press- Medical – pages. Whilliquor – LibraryThing So far I love this book Contents An Introduction to Metaphysics. An Introduction to Epistemology.

How Do Brains Represent? How Do Brains Learn?

Religion and the Brain. Other editions – View all Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy Patricia S. Churchland Limited preview – Common terms and phrases activity amygdala animal areas argument Aristotle awareness axon behavior believed binocular rivalry biology body brainstem causal cause cell cerebellum changes choice cingulate coding cognitive neuroscience Cognitive Sciences color concepts connections consciousness coordinates correlations cortical Damasio declarative memory bgainwise dopamine dualism emotions empirical epistemology evidence example existence experience experimental explain face fact feelings figure fMRI frontal function genes hippocampal human brain hypothalamus hypothesis input knowledge learning lesions levels logic means memory metaphysical microtubules mind monkey motor move movement nature nervous system neural neurobiological neurons Neurophilosophy neuroscience neurotransmitter normal nucleus organization P.

Churchland patients perception philosophers physical predict prefrontal cortex Press problem protein qualia questions rats reason receptors regions relevant represent representation response retina role scientific Sejnowski sensory sensory systems signals space spatial specific stimulus strategy structures synaptic temporal thalamus theory things tion understanding vector visual. Popular passages Page 8 – I felt as if I were thrown again into the open sea. For I could not find any way of explaining how the body makes anything happen in the soul, or vice versa, or how one substance can communicate with another created substance.


Descartes had given up the game at this point, as far as we can determine from his writings. Unidentified curved bacilli in the stomach of patients with gastritis and peptic ulceration.

Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy by Patricia S. Churchland

Page 8 – I admit it would be easier for me to concede matter and extension to the soul, than the capacity of moving a body and of being moved, to an immaterial being. References to this book Braihwise Issues in Psychology: FrenchHoward Wettstein No preview available – An Introduction to Metaphysics.

Theoretical Issues in Psychology: Studies in Neurophilosophy Bradford Books Brain-wise: Studies in NeurophilosophyPatricia Smith Churchland.