Sieze The Time is Bobby Seale’s, a longtime activist and co-founder of The Black Panther Party, riveting first-person account on the evolution of The Party as a. From the Introduction: “Seize the Time was first published more than twenty years ago. I [Bobby Seale] tape-recorded and wrote most of this book under the. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Excellent book, provides good detailed description of key events in the Panter’s history. Written by Bobby Seale, thereby .

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He’s a kindhearted person.

Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton by Bobby Seale

A lot of arguments came down. Details From the Introduction: JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Read our full comment policy. But the thing is, after that I told them, “Now don’t be gambling no more. So we read the program one to one.

I’m pretty sure they’ll go for that, the Saturday lecture class right before the baseball game. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Seize the Time

I worked in every major aircraft plant and aircraft corporation, even those with government contracts. Some were mad, and some weren’t. So we went and bailed the brother out. I got mad at them one night and busted down their door. We had been rejected by people at San Francisco State, Merritt College, and on the Berkeley campus, because we talked and emphasized the necessity of arming the people with guns.

The draft of black men was a big thing on the college campuses; of course, just the draft itself became a high controversy.

I talked him into going back a second time but a week or so later he got kicked out again. Huey and I began to talk about a lot of things. Weize were talking about starting some organization, a school campus organization. I just want the true facts, things that you remember, or that you heard people talk about that sound pretty true to you. I even found brothers who knew drafting.


Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton

They accused us of stealing money, and then rejected this idea about the guns and arming the people. They ought to have enough money to give you a job.

Most of the sisters could read. Allen, why don’t you just let them finish the tour, and if we just work it out together, we could have them send some of the regular patrolmen off the streets to talk to the kids at one of the Saturday morning lecture sessions.

Buddy, recognized Mackelvain as they approached him, but Huey didn’t. Because of this, there are points when Seale tends to ramble a bit.

We know that the workers are exploited, and that most of the people in this country are exploited, in one way or another. When I look back at some of the things that Huey was thinking at that time, and a lot of the things that Huey understood then, I know that I didn’t understand them at the time; but I followed Huey because he clarified these things to me.

Many things about us that appear in the mass media graves if they could see lumpen proletarian Afro-Americans putting together the ideology of the Black Panther Party. Then with some of the cats who were twenty-one years old, I bought them all the beer they wanted for the rest of the summer.

Seize the Time – Bobby Seale – Black Classic Press

All the cats tbe thought they were slick wanted to gamble. So one of the cultural nationalists ran up to him and said, “How come you opened the door for that white girl? You see these dudes, man?


My objective in the program bpbby to hte Black American History if I could, and teach them also some degree of responsibility; not teach them responsibility in old Establishment terms, but in terms of their own people living in the community. I could see Huey and say, man, loan me a dollar, and he’d let me hold a dollar, and he could see me and say, man, let me hold a couple of dollars – it was that kind of thing. I had to show them that it wasn’t necessary to be ripping things off, when they had money in their pockets.

By linking the struggle of black Americans to anticolonial struggles in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Huey’s political ideology inspired from the Revolutionary Action Movement who were inspired, in turn, by the black anti-colonialism of W.

But the cultural nationalists sloughed it off and got pissed off and scared because they knew we meant business. Come down to the park where we meet on Saturdays. From there, he begin to explain how Donald Warden was exploiting the old church thing, preacher-type attitude and concept, to bring the people around, and start talking about “buy black business.

So now that they’ve drunk half the wine out of the bottle, the rest belongs seise me and you, doesn’t it, brother?