There is no dispute that since the date of award Berubari Union No. , that a tribunal should be set up without delay and in any case not later than January. In Re: Berubari Union case was decided on 14th March It was decided by a seven-judge bench of the Honourable Supreme Court. ; posts about Berubari case which created a history of Indian Judiciary. This is 1st case where SC.

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Then, as regards the argument that the inclusion of the power to acquire must necessarily exclude the power to cede or alienate, there are two obvious answers.

What is the Berubari case ()? – Quora

berubar The Agreement begins with the statement of the decision that the area in dispute will be so divided as to give half the area to Pakistan, the other half adjacent to India being retained by India. This was not a case where contracting parties independently determined the line with a view to settle the dispute between the two respective States.

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After criticism, Union govt decided to refer matter to the supreme Court. It provides that the division of the berubxri will be horizontal starting from the northeast corner of Debiganj Thana.

Paragraph 3 in annexure A shows that the line which was fixed by the award generally proceeded along the boundaries between the Thanas, and this general outline of the award would have assisted the decision of the dispute if it was intended to resolve the dispute in the light of casse award.

It is no doubt suggested by the learned Attorney-General that an examination of the description in annexure A in the Schedule to the award in relation to police station boundaries revealed a lacuna in it, inasmuch as there was no mention in it of the boundary between police station Boda and police station Jalpaiguri; and the argument is that the gerubari of this description was that the two points were specified, one on the western boundary of the Berubari Union the extremity of the boundary between the Thanas of Pachagar and Jalpaiguri and the other on its eastern boundary the northern corner of the Thana of Debiganj where it meets Cooch-Behar State without giving an indication as to how these boundaries were to be connected.


This position would be of considerable assistance in interpreting Art. This Act was passed by Parliament under Art.

How did the Berubari case lead to a verdict that stated that the preamble is not part of the constitution? In our opinion, there is no substance in these contentions. Such powers embrace only those expressly granted in the body of the Constitution and acse as may be implied from those so granted”.

The story of Berubari Union

Relevant notification was issued by the Government of India under the said section as a result of which certain Indian laws were made applicable to it. We are not impressed by this argument either. This gave opportunity to Pakistan to claim on Berubari, citing a reason that Berubari falls in the map of Pakistan. Accordingly, a boundary commission was appointed, inter alia, for Bengal consisting of four judges of High Courts and a Chairman to be appointed later.

Part I of the Constitution deals with the Union and its territories, and in a sense its provisions set out a self-contained code in respect of the said topic. The said notification also provided that the corresponding French laws would cease to apply with effect from May 2, Whether the treaty made can be implemented by ordinary legislation or by constitutional amendment csae naturally depend on the provisions of the Berubati itself.

Berubari case,1960 explained

We have yet to consider Art. Besides, the lacuna to which the learned Attorney-General refers could have been cured by taking into account the general method adopted by the award in fixing the boundaries.


Dear quorans, This is my first answer on quora. The effect of this order was that the States which had merged with the Provinces were to be administered in all respects as if they formed part of the absorbing Provinces. Has it really purported to determine the boundaries in the light of the award, or has it sought to settle the dispute amicably on an ad hoc basis by dividing the disputed territory half and half?

What is the exact relation between the Preamble of Constitution and the Berubari case of ? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Having come to this decision the Agreement describes how the decision has to be carried out. Cession of national territory in law amounts to the transfer of sovereignty over the said territory by the owner-State in favour of another State. What was the Supreme Court verdict on the Berubari Union case, regarding the preamble being part of the constitution?

Such diminution may occur where the part of the area of a State is taken out and added to another State, and in that sense Arts. Ratio of the Court As authored by Justice Gajendragadkar The Supreme Court, in the present case, mentioned that there is no trace in the Agreement of any attempt to interpret the award or to determine what the award really meant. In this connection the learned Attorney-General has drawn our attention to the provisions of Act XLVII of by which the boundaries of the State of Assam were altered consequent on the cession of a strip of territory comprised in that State to the Government of Bhutan.

See for yourself how vulnerable you are. That no doubt is true; but, if on its fair and reasonable construction Art.