Download Basic Ship Propulsion Ghose and Gokarn. Basic Ship Propulsion? deals with the fundamentals of ship propulsion comprehensively and in some detail. The propulsion machinery inside the ship is . Basic ship propulsion /‚Äč J.P. Ghose ; R.P. Gokarn. Author. Ghose, J. P.. Other Authors. Gokarn, R. P.. Published. New Dehli: Allied Publishers, Physical.

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Enviado por Thiago flag Denunciar. Limited No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy- ing, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the copyright.

Acknowledgements The authors acknowledge their debt to the students of the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, who provided the motivation for writing this book. Propulsio authors would also like to acknowledge the support and encouragement they received from their colleagues in the Department.


Basic Ship Propulsion Ghose and Gokarn

Sha gave valuable guidance in matters relating to the use of computers. Banik typed the ma.

The authors are deeply gra;teful to them. The manuscript of this book was initiallywritten by Professor Ghose, who wishes to acknowledge the financial support received from the University Grants Commission. baic

Professor Chengi Kuo of Strathclyde University re- viewed Professor Ghose’s baskc and made some suggestions, for which the authors are very grateful. The book was then completely revised and rewritten by Professor Gokarn taking into account Professor Kuo’s com- ments as well as the comments of an expert who reviewed Professor Ghose’s manuscript.

The authors are greatly indebted to Allied Publishers Lim- ited and particularly to Mr.

Suresh Gopal, Publishing Consultant, for their patience, support, encouragement and guidance propulsipn the period that the book was being rewritten. Copyright Acknowledgements A book such as this leans heavily on the work of others, and the authors gratefully acknowledge their debt to the writers of the publications listed in the Bibliography.

International Organisation for Standardisation: International Towing Tank Conference: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers: The authors are grateful to the following individuals for their help in get- ting dhip permissions: Pam Cote and Mr. John Grafton, Dover Publications Inc. Sarangdhar, Chief Surveyor, lndian Register of Shipping. Grazioli, Chairman, and Dr.


Basic Ship Propulsion – J. P. Ghose – Google Books

X Basic Sbip Propulsion 6. The authors would further like to add that the equations, figures and tables taken lropulsion previously published books and papers have been modified, where necessary to conform to the format of this book. Any errors resulting from these modifications are the sole respons. Preface ln our long experience of teaching the subject of Ship Propulsion to un- dergraduate and postgraduate students of Naval Architecture at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, we have often felt the need for a basic text which would describe adequately the essential elements of ship propul- sion.

This book attempts to fulfil this need.