The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla (Cambridge University Press ) pp. viii , $, ISBN 0 I Pbk. The Evolution of Technology has ratings and 8 reviews. Richard said: Humans are the most sophisticated toolmakers in the family of life. We’ve gone f. The Evolution of Technology (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science) [ George Basalla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents an.

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His first task was to demonstrate that innovation did, in fact, evolve — by synthesizing or altering existing innovations. The mother of invention was evolution, not revolution. Henry Ford referred to his monster child as a quadracycle.

The first is diversity: The loss or concealment of crucial antecedents: A workable theory of technological evolution requires there be no technological progress in the traditional sense of the term but accepts the possibility of limited progress toward a carefully selected goal within a restricted framework “.

Selected pages Title Page. Adam rated it liked it May 26, The autopilot runs the show. Cambridge University Press Amazon. Evolution of spark catchers for train locomotive smokestacks. There is no shortage of better ideas. The absalla exhibitions that glorified industrial progress, and the men who made it possible Therefore, the book’s argument is shaped by analogies drawn selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory evlution practice of political revolution.

Scholars were debating this issue, and Basalla had an urge to jump into the ring, molest the illusions of his inferiors, and set the record straight. Shannon Green rated it liked it Feb 20, Our complex labyrinth basalal technology herds us through a chute.

Socioeconomic and Cultural Factors. No trivia or quizzes yet. Gma rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Refresh and try again. He then describes various sources: From novelty, Basalla moves on to selection.


The Evolution of Technology – George Basalla – Google Books

This book presents an evolutionary theory of technological change based upon recent scholarship in the history of technology and upon relevant material drawn from economic history and anthropology. So many history books focus on discussing their subject matter as a series of chronological events, however, so books that flout this convention always feel the need to warn us.

The Evolution of Technology works because Basalla articulates his thesis so clearly and precisely that his entire argument is, if not convincing, at least admirable.

It is important to understand that for almost the entire hominid journey, our ancestors enjoyed a relatively sustainable way of life, and that this era corresponds exactly with the long, long era when technological evolution was essentially in a coma.

This is a sound strategy, for it provides a common thread of investigation throughout the entire book and he includes enough examples from other eras, like xylography in ancient China, to avoid charges of hasty generalization.

Jared Kingry rated it really liked it Jul 12, Return to Book Page.

G.Basalla: The Evolution of Technology

Wild tribes often just carried stuff home on their backs via footpaths, or paddled canoes — wheels required far more effort: Such dissimulations are the result of a system that attempts to impose discontinuity on what is essentially a continuous phenomenon ” The confusion of technological and socio-economical change: David rated it liked it Aug 01, Readers are taken on an illuminating journey to realms that our industrial society has erased from the maps and forgotten.

Apprentices worked hard to imitate the work of their elders, and their success earned respect.

Cathy Brandenburg rated it really liked it May 31, The myth of the heroic inventor is just years old. Feb 06, Ben Babcock rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we evoolution you in to your Goodreads account.

a: The Evolution of Technology — pasta and vinegar

Trivia About The Evolution of One produces a sterile physical object, the other a living being capable of reproducing itself. Basalla claims that The Evolution of Technology is an historical look at technology, and not a philosophy of science textbook. He just mentions how closed the Muslims against the scientific progress, just by mentioning a hadith of the Prophet Muhammed as there are lots of other hadiths that encourage people to learn new things.


Although the book is evolhtion intended to provide a strict chronological account of the development of technology, historical examples – th many of the major achievements of Western technology: Why did inventions occur? Our cultural myths celebrate the wheel as a super-sacred icon. Paperbackpages. Famous inventions were never original, unique, unprecedented acts of pure magic that fell out of the sky, like acts of God. Cyrienius rated it really liked it Nov 25, Steven rated it really liked it Sep 08, History is more than just a series of events happening in sequence.

The Evolution of Technology

The Tikopians and Sentineli are island societies that keep their numbers in check, and live very lightly, using simple artifacts.

China invented the compass, gunpowder, and printing, and put them to practical use. Although the title is a loaded one, Basalla is careful to always demarcate where the metaphor he consciously invokes breaks down, yhe as is the case technopogy discussing natural selection in evolution versus artificial selection in technology.

Account Options Sign in. Contents Diversity Necessity and Evolution. Therefore, the book’s arguement is shaped by analogies taken selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution.