Bandluxe R download manual. User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Bandluxe R router. Other Bandluxe R Guides . Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your Bandluxe R router. You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you . User Manual BandLuxe R Series HSPA+ WLAN Router R Series HSPA WLAN Router Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents.

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The default setting is Auto, where the Router can transmit at all standard wireless rates. Click Add to save your changes. To apply the changes, click Save Settings.

Once you have finished resetting the Bandluxe R router you need to login to it using the default bsndluxe and password from the factory. Select Edit to edit an item or Remove to remove the item. Security checklist for Bandluxe R router. Internet Bandluxf Connection Type: If you do not know the network type, select Auto.

In the Redial Period field, specify how often you want the Router to check the Internet connection. This shows the current subnet mask being configured for your local network.

How to Reset the Bandluxe R300

Qos Security Setup QoS Control Quality of service is the ability to provide different priorities to different applications, users, or data flows, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow. You may use Ethernet cable or Wireless to upgrade the firmware. Avoid using personal information in the password. Now that you have your router’s Internal IP Address we are ready to login to it. Short press the Reset can restart the Router.


Charges for roaming connection may be high. This value should remain at its default setting of It may take 2 minutes to upgrade the firmware of the router and 5 minutes to upgrade the firmware of the modem.

Use of WAN proxy servers may compromise the Router’s security. This would ensure that your signal does not interfere with that of your bzndluxe.

Table of Contents Admin Setup Subnet Mask and Default Gateway: In the drop-down menu, select the network type your SIM card supports. Press the reset button with a pin or something that gets through the tiny hole, and hold it for about 15 seconds!

All aliases for your domain such as www. You can enter anything from If you do not want to use any WiFi network, select Disabled. To select which PCs are affected by the policy, click Edit List.

To display a list of network users, click Wireless Client List. To enable the policy, select Enabled.

Upgrading firmware may take a few minutes; do not turn off the power or press the Reset button during upgrade. Baneluxe monitor the network, select Enabled.

The default value is You may check your office IP settings, the IP settings must not conflict with each other. Long press the Reset button on the Router for more than 5 sec. CHAP identifiers are changed frequently and authentication can be requested by the server at any time. Prevent the listed PCs from accessing the wireless network, or Permit the listed PCs to access the wireless network.


To set times for the policy, select 24 Hours, and enter the times you want. To block roaming connection, select Disabled. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: If you want to allow a specific IP address or range of IP addresses to access the exposed computer, select the second option and enter the IP address or range of IP addresses in the fields provided.

Bandluxe R Default Router Login and Password

The bits encryption requires 10 hexadecimal digits letters a-f and numbers are valid. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

In the drop-down menu, select the network type your SIM The bits encryption requires 10 hexadecimal digits letters a-f and numbers are valid. Enter the password you want to set in the Router Password field, and re-enter it in the Re-Enter to confirm field.


Reboot Bandluxe R on a schedule Here is something important to note! Why my internet speed is so slow with Router? Page 37 Security Setup To create an Internet access policy: Security Setup To add an online games or applications: