Beginning with a historical overview of relativism, from Pythagoras in ancient Greece to Derrida and postmodernism, Maria Baghramian explores the resurgence. The Many Faces of Relativism Maria Baghramian School of Philosophy University College Dublin Dublin, Ireland Relativism, an ancient philosophical topic, has. Columbia University Press Comments are welcome A Brief History of Relativism Maria Baghramian School of Philosophy University College Dublin I.

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In Defense of Epistemic Relativism. Get to Know Us. In a world of increasing cultural diversity, it can seem that everything is indeed relative. It is certainly true that the initial motivations of this type of relativism was purely semantic but recent discussions of it, particularly in area of ethics, have started to move the debate beyond the merely linguistic into more substantive arenas.

Maria Baghramian

The parallels with cultural relativism, however, are not exact. Such an effort at persuasions, however, could involve Protagoras in a performative contradiction as the relativist cannot assume baghrsmian her arguments are good for persuading others.

According to Rovane, relativism is motivated by the existence of truths that cannot be embraced together, not because they contradict and hence disagree with each other but because they are not universal truths. Furthermore, the worlds we construct would vary with the different conceptual tools baghrwmian bring into play, tools shaped by our social background, cultural settings and context-bound interests.

Cultural relativism itself falls under a variety of subcategories, chief among them is the division between moral and cognitive relativism. Defenders baghfamian it as a harbinger of tolerance and the only ethical and epistemic stance worthy of the open-minded and tolerant.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. As in the case of cultural relativism, the imperative of tolerance is often seen as a normative reason for adopting moral relativism.

They wish to bring about a change in our philosophical discourse rather than to redefine the old notions of truth and rationality. The first is an argument from assertionthe second an argument from simplicity. De Secondat Montesquieu, Persian Letters, trans.

Relativism (Problems of Philosophy): Maria Baghramian: : Books

This is a metaethical, rather than a descriptive or normative position, because it is a theory about the nature of ethics or morality. RoutledgeAug 5, – Baghramiian – pages. But should we concede that there is no such thing as right and wrong, and no objective truth?

Oswald Spengler, the then-influential turn-of-the-century German historian and philosopher, also declared that: Relativism seeks to synthesize these insights into a more satisfactory picture. The different types of relativism, enumerated here, are not only motivated by different philosophical but also have distinct intellectual genealogies.

There was a renewed interest in both relativism and skepticism at the inception of modern philosophy inspired, baghramin part, by Latin translations of Sextus Empiricus in the 16 th century. Essays on Semantics and PragmaticsOxford: If well-informed, honest and intelligent people are unable to resolve conflicts of opinion, we should, some relativists argue, accept that all parties to such disputes could be right and their conflicting positions have equal claims to truth, each according to their own perspective or point of view.


The example Rovane gives is conflict between a belief that deference to parents is morally obligatory in Indian traditionalist sense and the belief that it is not morally obligatory in the American individualist sense.

Knowledge, Rationality, and Morality, —Oxford: Contact us The University of Glasgow is a registered Scottish charity: Various intellectual developments, leading to loss of old certainties in the scientific and social arena have strengthened the appeal of this point. We are actively engaged in making a world when, for instance, relativsm make constellations by picking out and putting together certain relatuvism rather than others, or when we make stars and planets by drawing certain boundaries rather than others.

A Defense of Pluralistic RelativismOxford: A second approach to defining relativism casts its net more widely relativjsm focusing primarily on what relativists deny. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This important kind of relativism—relativism, I venture to suggest, pretty much as generally and traditionally understood—is clearly easily assimilated to the New Age template.

The indeterminacy intuition leads us to think the truth-value of future contingents is indeterminate at the time of utterance, and either true or false at a later time cf. Similar considerations apply to attempts to rleativism beliefs on secure foundations.