Bad Blood [Mari Mancusi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bad Blood by Mancusi, Mari [Berkley Trade, ] Paperback [Paperback] by. Buy a cheap copy of Bad Blood book by Mari Mancusi. The newest Blood Coven novel-accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny. Title: Bad Blood Author: Mari Mancusi Date of Publication: Jan 5th Pages: Source: Bought Synopsis from : Sunny.

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Mari Mancusi

In just a few easy steps below, you can become an online reviewer. You’ll be able to make changes before you submit your review. The kids in the library L-O-V-E that series and it is definitely directed towards a younger crowd.

Happily, Bad Blood is much more my style. There is plenty to like here and plenty of depth to the story It seems that there is more to every character than first appears and there are secrets everywhere! There are some great new characters in this book and I especially like Jayden, a guy she meets while investigating the shady and would be co-ruler with Magnus, Jane. Sunny has a lot of up and downs and deals with Magnus not trusting her and she also confronts the issues she has regarding her dad and the fact that he ran out on her and Rayne.

Maybe getting his side of the story is a good idea I almost forgot, most of the story is set in Vegas I mean its Las Vegas need I say more? A fun story with a few surprises and a twist that will keep readers of this series wanting more. Appropriate for 7th grade and up! Find out all about the Blood Coven series here: After reading the short prologue I felt quite caught up in past events and easily settled into this book.

Sunshine “Sunny” McDonald and her twin sister, Rayne yes, cutesy weather names are seventeen years old and live quite the life. Sunny dates the thousand year old vampire Magnus, who is the leader of a big vampire coven. Sunny is a mortal, or at least now is – she was mistaken for her sister in a previous book and was accidentally bit, but was able to reverse the vampire process.

Rayne, after a sequence of events in previous books is now a half vampire, half vampire slayer. The biggest worry in Sunny’s life at the moment is whether she should “go all the way” with Magnus.

Rayne, more of the carefree, screw the world sister tells her to go for it, and after much internal deliberation, Sunny decides after the football game, this will be the night.

Magnus has rented a hotel room, and he is ready! Heck he is 1, years old. I bet he is! However, Sunny will not get her share of booty at the moment. Jane, the person who the coven has chosen to be Magnus’ bloodmate picks this night to show up.

Magnus needs someone to help run the coven, and Jane is selected from many applicants. There is to be a meeting of the covens in Las Vegas in a few days and it will be there where Jane will be officially inducted into vampire society and take over her duty to help Magnus. Magnus reassures Sunny that he still loves her and Jane is just there for business purposes only, but Sunny is hurt and confused.


She decides to take matters into her own hand and do some research on this Jane person. Jane supposedly is well educated from Oxford but after a few questions from Sunny, Jane becomes flustered and confused. Sunny gets a strong feeling that Jane is not who she says she is, but Magnus just thinks Sunny is jealous.

Using the bood to visit their dad in Las Vegas, Sunny and Rayne fly out to crash the coven convention and prove to Magnus that Jane is a fraud. Bad Blood is a cute, quick read that is sometimes silly, but entertaining nonetheless. This book definitely reads more towards a younger audience – I can see a young teen really enjoying this book.

As an adult, it was cute, but not badd I would manncusi turn to or anticipate in the future. Sunny definitely thinks like kancusi seventeen year old, even though her actions and what she is allowed to do might portray bas older. She has a pretty fun, lighthearted outlook on life. Both her and Rayne seemed to have a lot of freedom, but of course the book would not have been as interesting if the parents had been hovering about.

While the book is told in Sunny’s point of view, I was more intrigues with Rayne and her “bad girl” charades. She used her fake idea to gamble the nights away, and she is definitely more the emotional, in your face character. Sunny and Magnus are in love, yet in this book I never really felt love from Magnus. Please keep in mind Mahcusi didn’t read the first three, so I really don’t have their history.

In Bad Blood, Magnus treated Sunny more as a petulant child, rather than his girlfriend. Now there is a year difference between them – HA. During her travels to Las Vegas, Sunny meets Jayden, a cute “emo” that she can’t help but fall for, especially as Magnus is ignoring her taking care of Jane and coven business.

I really enjoyed the dynamics’ in their relationship and hope we have not seen the last of him. The ending was a little over dramatic, and a bit too easily won by the good guys. The very end opens up an entire new direction for the series to head and many will be chomping at the bit to get mancuei next book.

From Amazon I actually liked this book! One of the good series!! From Amazon I really love all the Blood Coven books! I really feel like Mari Mancusi is a really great author! When she writes, she captures lbood reader and it makes you want to read more of her books! Bad Blood is the 4th nlood of the Blood Coven series. I would suggest any new readers to the series read the first 3 books and then read bad blood!


Its just a book for people who love Vampire Academy or Twilight. But I would say this book is way better then the Twilight saga. Give it a try and you fall in love with it like i did! You can always check out the blood coven website to read more about the books and the characters!

Just go to the website and click on join the blood coven. When you become a member you can go to the forum and chat with other blood coven members about the books and also have sneak peaks of up coming books!

Complicating matters for Magnus the vampire head of the Blood Coven and human Sunny McDonald is she does not want to convert while his followers demand he accept a blood mate to co-rule; humans are forbidden.

While he conceals his destiny from her, she learns all about it from Rhodes Scholar Oxford University magna cum laude Jane Johnson, the coven’s chosen one. Bj has issues beyond jealousy though that is what Magnus assumes bas eating at her. Instead Sunny wonders how someone graduating from prestigious Oxford with honors, knows nothing, even common information, about her school and teachers. Worse she dresses trashy and acts as if the educated are beneath her contempt.

Something is not right so when the Coven heads to Vegas for the blood mate convention, Sunny and her vampiric-slayer twin sister Rayne secretly go with them to prove Jayne is a fake before the binding exchange of vows occurs.

Bad Blood – Mari Mancusi – Google Books

Sunny is a pure blood normal American teen who has accepted that vampire exist with a calm demeanor even as she is the readers prime escort into a fascinating sub-culture that resides within the greater society. Volunteer blood donors insure the edict of not macnusi humans is enforced.

Sunny is somewhat hurt that Magnus blows away her concerns rejecting the initial circumstantial evidence she provides without listening. She vows to save him anyway and find a mortal teenage male who she could care for. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

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