For many classical-guitar students, tackling the “Bourrée in E minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach (–) is a rite of passage from playing. Bourrée in E minor by J.S. Bach from his Lute Suite in E minor, transcribed for classical guitar, is a popular piece among guitar students and. Classical Guitar Technique Bourrée (J.S. Bach) Measures sung in two voices. It sounds good played as two voices on the guitar as well: Watch.

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You can return the course and get a refund, or you can keep it and come back to it later. After you complete the checkout, you will have access to the course. The notes belonging to the upper voice have their note-stems pointing upward.

Why am I seeing this? Fretting-hand fingering is shown in the standard notation staffs where it might be helpful. I would like to guard this, but you may be right that this adaptation could do with a third voice, exactly with respect to the counterpoint that you mentioned.

Please note that the guitar MP3 recording doesn’t include bourred last 8 bars of the music bars as these bars are an exact repeat of the previous 8 bars bars You can login at the top of any page. Bream and I believe each of the two voices goes divisi.

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If it is three voices, one could name them the upper voice-middle voice-lower voice, voice one-voice two-voice three, gkitar part-middle part-lower part, soprano-alto-bass, or soprano-tenor-bass. I’ll bouree be adding an MP3 audio recording in place of the midi file for this piece.


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The Related Products tab shows you other products that you may also like, if you like Bouree. Cancel anytime, with no contracts. This is optional, and it sounds great both with or without this technique. It’s not a particularly easy classical guitar piece as it moves up the fretboard quite a bit and there’s no shortage bourree sharps to deal with if you’re reading the notation rather than the tab.

Unless this is damped after being played it will ring out for the whole of the first bar and create a muddy sound. Bach was a master of this type of music – known as counterpoint or contrapuntal music – and he could write and even improvise make up on the spot music with as many as bouree different parts all playing at once! There is no limit on time, and you can progress at whatever pace is most comfortable for you.

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. The challenge when performing the piece is to try and maintain a balance in volume and intensity between the two voices and give them equal emphasis. You are commenting using your Facebook account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

So, where are the sustained quarter-notes crochets in the soprano?

Video Lesson: Learn JS Bach’s ‘Bourrée in E Minor’ for Guitar

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Bourrée Fabulous Fingerings | How to play Bourree on classical guitar

Just have also a look to the video score there! But, they could also be called voice 1-voice 2-voice 3-voice 4. Most pieces of music can be a wonderful experience for a wide range of players. This site uses cookies.

Recording J.S. Bach’s Bourree’ in E Minor

Bach Final phrase sung in two voices. This is used to prevent bots and spam. This piece is only in two parts, bass, and melody, and is simple compared to some of Bach’s highly complex multi-voice compositions such as his fugues. Does this course include the sheet music? Instead of saying “voices”, sometimes we also casually refer to them as “parts”.

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You can also click the link below the video to download and print the entire score. Minuet in G – J. For example, a two-voice passage would be two parts upper voice and lower voice. The earliest polyphonic and contrapuntal music was mostly performed by singers.

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