Baby with the Bathwater has ratings and 9 reviews. Neil said: Christopher Durang’s Baby with the Bathwater is a twisted delight probably best appreci. Baby With the Bathwater. by Christopher Durang Helen: The various books say that you should presume your child can understand you. We don’t want it to. Baby With the Bathwater; by Christopher Durang SF Bay Guardian Review not look at their newborn baby’s private parts — so they raise their child without.

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Production stage manager was John Grant-Phillips. Mallory rated it liked it Jul 23, C herry Jones John National Unified Auditions New York. Want to see your job listed here? Needless to say, as the play continues, Daisy grows up to be quite an unstable child, with a tendency to run in front of moving objects, sleep with inordinate numbers of partners, and take thirteen years to get through his sophomore year of barhwater.

Finally, we meet Daisy — dressed as a girl, but otherwise a polite, confused young man. Remember that Durang doesn’t write conventional plays that will appeal to everyone.

Ken Mitten rated it really liked it Apr 28, Peter Sheehy rated it liked it Dec 19, I have to say though that the baby abuse jokes were a tad bit tired out by the time I had gotten to this one, having a couple of weeks before reading this piece seen another hhe of Durang’s with infant abuse and death, The Marriage of Bette and Boo, where dead baby jokes and a pregnant woman chain smoking make up some of the flavor of Durang is a fantastic writer who injects dark humor into his writing so well that he makes it look easy.


Rebecca rated it liked it Oct 02, So glad that Durang won the Tony this year. Sep 03, Jared Della Rocca rated it it was ok Shelves: Jan 31 – Mar 2. At this age Daisy has a penchant for running in front of buses and for lying, depressed, in piles of laundry.

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A Life in the Theatre. Nanny — a warped Mary Poppins as played by Dana Ivey — believes that cuddling children only spoils them. Jun 15, Jennifer rated it liked it. The New York Baathwater.

Nick NewmanIan Hislop. To their rescue comes Nanny — who enters their apartment as if by magic, and is full of abrupt shifts of mood, first cooing at the baby soothingly, then screaming at it. This bitingly satiric black comedy, which enjoyed a long off-Broadway run, begins with Helen and John deciding their newly born child is a g….

Keith Reddin, as the former Daisy, is the perfect Durang leading man, puzzled and gravely polite, until he finally asserts himself. Click here to bathwxter your opportunity.

Helen and Bathwatsr are very unprepared for parenthood.

Baby with the Bathwater

It is a step in the right direction. At some point they finally name the baby Daisy, and as a toddler, Daisy has a penchant for running in front of buses; or for lying, depressed, in piles of laundry. In the end the play comes full circles as the former Daisy and his young bride fondly regard their own baby—forgiving of the past but determined not to repeat its calamitous mistakes.


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Featured Jobs Near You. Brilliantly theatrical and wildly hilarious, the play charts the saga of Daisy’s struggle to establish his identity. It’s dark, it’s odd, it’s absurdly unexpected.

Full Length Plays – Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang

Baby with the Bathwater is a dark comedy about durabg difficult it is to be a parent, and how scary it is to be a baby and a child. Thereafter, in a series of brilliantly theatrical and wildly hilarious scenes, the saga of Daisy’s struggle to establish his identity continues, despite his parents’ growing obliviousness.

We laugh and gasp at the same time.

Path Created with Sketch. Toggle navigation Choose Section. By the time the baby is a toddlerThee has finally been named. Christopher Durang is one of the funniest dramatists alive, and one of the most sharply satiric.

Kenny rated it really liked it Nov 10, But then I think most of us have batuwater the sort of people being sent up here. I think a lot of people might go mainly for the jokes and just end up with an offensive production that doesn’t say anything much about real parenting.

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