*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. AV7 ~ The New Authorized Version of the Bible in Present-day English is an easy-to-read, accurate, word-for-word. Title: Easy to Read Accurate Literal Translation of the Holy Bible The Complete New Testament with a Treasure of Old Testament Passages. Question: Why does the AV7 Bible include only selected passages from the Old Testament? And when will the entire Old Testament be available with the AV7.

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Sep 9, Messages: I picked up a copy of the “New Authorized Version” New Testament earlier this week while shopping for bargains at Dollar Tree a dollar store. I’ve visited their website, www. Their website seems to have a FAQ section, but not all questions posed to them have been officially answered.

Mar 30, Messages: Keith M New Member. Dec 6, Messages: Forever settled in heaven New Member.


Jul 29, Messages: In evaluating the reliability of almost all contemporary versions one must take into account some little-known history of Bible translations. The principal Greek New Testament text from which almost all contemporary translators worked is known as the Codex Sinaiticusdiscovered by archeologist Konstantin von Tischendorf at the foot of Mt.

This manuscript is shorter than the text used in translating the Authorized Version by almost three thousand words. This shorter Greek New Testament text was unused and ignored for more than fifteen hundred years in the life of the church, and was reflective of Gnostic and secular influences of the Alexandrian and Hellenistic cultures of antiquity.

It was never used in any English Bible translation until It is worthwhile to note that the New Testament of the Authorized Version finds its support in over five thousand ancient Greek manuscripts, more than any writing in the entire history of literature.

By contrast, contemporary versions are supported by a mere handful of ancient manuscripts. Contemporary Bible translators and publishers attempt to defend their use of the shorter text in their translations by arguing that theirs is more ancient than the manuscripts supporting the text used in the Authorized Version.

But recent scientific examination of fragments of Greek manuscripts which are still more ancient casts much doubt on such claims.

Dec 12, Messages: James sure hated the Calvinistic notes in the Geneva Bible. Brother Bob New Member.


AV7 The New Authorized Version of the Holy Bible in Present-day English…

May 13, Messages: Who authorized it, Jesus? Oct 31, Messages: Aug 2, Messages: May 7, Messages: It looks like they have a website: Jul 4, Messages: At this point, this thread doesn’t have very many posts so it is not very difficult to go back to the first post and follow the conversation.

However, it may be a little confusing because there are two different translations being discussed: Both make claim to the subtitle New Authorized Version. I’m a little surprised there isn’t more interest about these on this forum. Jan 9, Messages: May 10, Messages: Aug 20, Messages: Who do they imply authorized it? Of course, another KJVO type 5 also said: Both groups allow that the Bible is the main means whereby we know about Jesus, the Christ.

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