: Atlantis (Jack Howard) (): David Gibbins: Books. Atlantis (Jack Howard Series Book 1) and millions of other books are available. Atlantis is an archaeological adventure novel by David Gibbins. First published in , it is the first book in Gibbins’ Jack Howard series. It has been published. From an extraordinary discovery in a remote desert oasis to a desperate race against time in the ocean depths, a team of adventurers is about to find the.

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I agree with most of your review of the book, the problems as well as the positives. He has led numerous underwater archaeology expeditions around the world, including five seasons excavating ancient Roman shipwrecks off Sicily and a survey of the submerged harbour of ancient Carthage.

Atlantis (novel) – Wikipedia

Paperbackpages. The nuclear warheads mentioned in the book were not attached to any missiles atlabtis the submarine but were stored in crates. Again, the books are always filled with interesting historical tidbits. I’m a sucker for a big idea and this has two or three in play at once. Sep 26, Pages Buy. Aug 10, Christina rated it really liked it. I find that to be beyond annoying. The characters didn’t appeal to me, the strings of a way too convenient scenario were too visible to be convincing, without any surprise or thrill whatsoever.

If I wanted to read about all of those emotions, I’d buy a Harlequin. Hey editor, edit this crap out and atlatnis book would be 50 pages shorter and a better read. Nick, I have to say your posts are my favourite bed-time reading. Can it get any better? The blend of the history and the authors obvious passions for his subject matter and his writing make this a cut above the norm for this market.

The Gods of Atlantis

The plot, if you can believe it, is even more gibbisn than the character descriptions. There they discover more proof that this is the site of Atlantis. If you like in-depth details about the topics I mentioned here, this is the book for you. This was a arlantis story and one A lost bunker, in the middle of a German forest, inside a terrible secret long thought gone.


I get so thrilled at finding things. If I had that many lucky coincidences in my life, I could win back-to-back super lottos. Course, I’m a little older than some in the audience, and I remember back when it was in vogue.

There is no dialogue, only again the actors entering lecture mode and telling us about the plot. Below m, the Black Sea is dead, with deposits of brine there from when it was cut off from the Mediterranean.

The author knows his stuff in relation to diving, boats etc but that meant that he went off at a tangent every time a descriptive paragraph was needed – like reading a textbook.

His many publications on ancient shipwreck sites have appeared in scientific journals, books and popular magazines. To top that off, my daught I really loved the premise of this book. This book was terrible. Sep 13, James rated it liked it Shelves: He’s got a few quirks ddavid annoyances, but I think those are necessary to create a memorable character; and when you’re running around the globe trying to save the world, or protect vibbins world, and yourself, I can cut you some slack!

After 50 pages of this tedium I found that I couldn’t care less if Jack and Costas who I still think are gay drowned. I just thought this was written really badly. A lost Nazi bunker in a forest in Germany contains a dreadful secret. There was just too much technical garbage that was never ending and every time you thought it was over you would get punched in the gut and the whole xtlantis would start over. He’s pulled from current research, the work of G. There were times atlantls I was reading the bibbins, and I had to say, wow, simply due to his incredible savid.


Eventually, a group of marine archeologists find a few different artefac This book read like a bad action movie.

Review of David Gibbins’ “Atlantis”…

Books of the Week. The scenario is alantis, the coincidences are too convenient, it is predictable and lacks of originality. Easily the worst book I’ve tried in This book read like a bad action movie. The first half of the book is devoted to the three of them showing off their knowledge to each other, sounding like professors in a classroom.

Diane on March 14, at 3: How wrong I was! The cover of this book said atalntis would be a combination of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. And we do get Jack and Costas’ diving at Atlantis again and some of a story of two brothers who were part of the exodus from Atlantis at the beginning, but then it goes right back to the Nazi and WWII stuff which I’m not as interested in.

His flashback to the dilemma faced by German Luftwaffe officer Ernst Hoffman in the last days of World War II, which will set up the second half of the main novel, creates a full-bodied, rich character who interests the reader.

Jack Howard is all things to all people, thus making him both annoying as well as shallow and unrealistic.

That’s why I chose the book in the first place. That said, it’s still worth a read if you are interested in “Atlantis,” as it covers a lot of ground. Will I recommend this book?

There are very few books I have given up on. I write A LOT. It held my interest for about pages.

I want to start the Jack Howard series from the beginning and see how he finds Atlantis to begin with! Other books in the series.