Astound’s Timeline window—which lets you view and modify Astound Studio, which also ships on the CD, includes a media manager as well. Astound also. Astound Studio. likes. A place where your thought transforms to music!:) Taking up short films, documentaries, music videos, promo songs, ad. There are six media editors, five of which are new to Version , bundled in a package called Astound Studio. When you use the sound, image, actor, animator, .

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We aim high – to Astound – by being the Agency with the best in contemporary children’s book illustration, and both licensing and commercial art from around the world.

Inside the Artist’s Studio with Geneva Benton |

We back that up with excellence in every multimedla We Astound by being good at what we do with a snappy, can-do, enthusiastic, talented and creative attitude. And yes, we’re not expensive.

Our promise to artists: No matter where you are in the world or at whichever stage of your freelance artist career you may be, we’re passionate about helping your career be more successful and rewarding by creating the art you love most! We are on your side: We’re here to discuss the artistic direction you’d like to pursue and make that a reality with you.


Here in the center of the publishing world, we are just a few subway stops away from the biggest brands worldwide, but we don’t stay local – our agents travel everywhere to showcase your portfolio and custom-made promotional materials! Frankfurt, Bologna, London and beyond.

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We spread the word about your talent through personalized mail-outs, regular correspondence with close contacts in the industry, and online campaigns in addition to our state of the art site – all free to you! Our partnership with Collaborate Agency’s highly experienced team of editors and designers means that we can also support you in developing original children’s book ideas into full-fledged storybooks and mulgimedia, which we bring to the biggest children’s book fairs of the year.

If you’d like to learn more mulimedia be represented by Astound US, please email contact astound. Where is your studio? Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Inside the Artist’s Studio with Judith Loske |

What is your favorite or signature medium to work in? I work in digital although I enjoy painting with watercolors. When you are in your favorite spot in your studio, what is on your right? My watercolor mixing palette. When is your favorite time of day to work?

I dedicate mornings to technical stuff, and by the afternoon the creative part of my brain is ready to have fun. Astoubd you listen to music? I enjoy instrumental and pop music, although I listen a lot of podcasts about science or history.


If you nultimedia add anything to your studio, what would it be? A huge paper storage cabinet. Close your eyes and grab the first thing in reach in the studio. A bobby pin that was in my hair a few multinedia ago.

Take a photo of your favorite thing in your studio: Also my Kit-cat clock makes me smile. All those things that make for an ‘astounding’ outcome.

Be drawn to better. Best of all, we make sure you’re paid right on time. Teresa uses digital and traditional techniques. Take a look at her desk!

Filled with creativity and color! Teresa, hard at work! Teresa creates the most beautiful, magical environments. Teresa astouhd a master of traditional and digital art styles! Technology is key to how the publishing industry works today. Teresa has an array of cuteness in her studio! Describe your studio or process in one word: