Results 1 – 30 of Doorway Papers by Arthur C. Custance and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 16 of 16 Doorway Papers No by Custance, Arthur and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Arthur C. Custance () had a Ph.D. in Education, and wrote a number of books (including the well-known “Doorway Papers” series), such as Without.

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Everyone needs a raison d’etre, a world view such as that provided by the Medieval Synthesis. An imaginative reconstruction of the earth’s early global history: The Survival of the UN-Fit The evolutionary view that the chronic warfare in nature results in the survival of only the fit is undermined by the numerous reports of the survival of the UN-fit, demonstrating the harmony of natural communities.

Arthur Custance

During that time he also wrote and published The Doorway Papers, and in retirement inhe wrote 6 major books. Scripture has very little to say about sweating, but what it does say about it in Genesis 3: To allow miracle is to imply that the Watchmaker’s mechanism was imperfect or has been disturbed. Arthur Custance also wrote 6 books providing fresh insights into our creation and redemption, and our journey into the glorious world to come. We believe that the Bible conveys facts that are fully supported by science.

A Study of the Names in Genesis X A study of this record of the families of Noah’s three sons from whom it is plainly stated in verse 32 arose all the nations, provides information about the origins, relationships, and patterns of dispersion of all racial stocks; and explores the evidence that fossil man, primitive people, and modern man are all to be derived from these three brothers. He also wrote Without Form and Voidan in-depth treatment of Gap creationism. A strict adherence to the literal wording leaves us with little alternative than to view Noah’s Flood as universal insofar as mankind is concerned, but local insofar as geography is concerned.


The theological and scientific challenge to theistic evolution and evolutionary creationism.

Custance Library Books Online. It is not divergence, but convergence. Other cultures see a profound connection between a word and the thing it identifies. Custance — was a Canadian physiologist and writer, best known for his advocation of gap creationism. Language neither evolved nor is instinctive. Custance obtained a Ph.

What was the Son of God doing before the Incarnation? The ‘how’ of the harmony found in the web of life appears to be in the complexity of the genes: Genealogies of the Bible: Time has no existence, said Einstein, apart from the physical universe. Science and Faith 1 Mb Volume 9. Part Custnce of Vol.

Arthur C. Custance | The Online Books Page

Preparation of the Earth Before Man: God not only forgives all our sins but also forgets them! Those theories can see the virgin birth as related to incarnational or Biblical terminology, such as the Son of Godwithout directly being causal to the sinless nature of the Messiah.

Time and Eternity 2. The Fall was Down Evidence of Man’s Fall Throughout History History is a dismal record of man’s destructive wickedness; and how we account for this fact determines how we deal with society’s ills.

Custance — was a British born Canadian who wrote about the unique connections between scientific research and biblical understanding bringing together faith and reason [ see Biography of Arthur Custance ].

Can one, by studying a skull, determine whether the lips are full or thin, the beard and eyebrows thick or sparse, the eyes lively or dull and vacant? It seems that this world is peculiarly suited to such a creature as man – as if the universe was made for the world and the world for man and his redemption.

A Neglected Study Genealogies, seemingly “dry” lists of names, do provide a framework for historical events, and also tell us much about relationships, social customs, spiritual history and lessons.

The Development of Personality: The Extent of the Flood The Flood: Research has shown that the effects of incest tend now to be evil for reasons which are scientifically understandable. How time and eternity differ and yet co-exist is demonstrated by events at the Cross.


He completed his Ph. Who Taught Adam to Speak.

The Arthur C. Custance Centre | For Science and Christianity

The Technology of the Hamitic Peoples The Originators of Technology This Paper is a is a list of basic technological achievements, traced back to the first originators. Is Man An Doirway The Paper deals with two misconceptions: Modern Fragmentation of Thought Everyone needs a raison d’etre, a world view such as that provided by the Medieval Synthesis. Private and corporate worship can be helped or hindered by environment – such as cathedrals vs meeting halls, beauty vs functionalism, liturgy vs extempore prayer.

Custance asserts that the sin nature or the propensity to sin in Hebraic writings ;apers yetzer hara is passed through papesr male line genetically, starting from the first Adam, thus allowing a full human genetic complement through Mary. Some Striking Fulfillments of Prophecy This is a tale of two cities whose futures were foretold and exactly fulfilled. Part III of Vol.

In his scientific career, Custance “developed and designed respirator mask, mask-sizing meter, anthropometric facial contour measuring device. Flood Traditions of the World.

The Silences of God The Reasons for God’s Silences This is not about unanswered private prayer but about God’s public silences in the face of appalling suffering and injustices. Title Titles are of the original monographs papers published during the years ; Papers were originally 60 in number but grew to A New Species of Homo Sapiens It now appears that the basis of speciation is psychical spiritual as cusrance as physical and thus the experience of new birth has the effect of making one a member of a new species, termed in Scripture the “Body of Christ.