Buy The Koran Interpreted: A Translation 1st Touchstone Ed by Arthur J. Arberry ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. The Koran Interpreted is a translation of the Qur’an (the Islamic religious text) by Arthur John Arberry. The translation is from the original Arabic into English. Arthur John Arberry FBA was a respected British orientalist. A prolific scholar of Arabic, Persian, and Islamic studies, he was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School and Pembroke College, Cambridge. His translation of the Qur’an into English, The Koran Interpreted, is one of the.

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Those call unto the Fire; and God calls unto Paradise, and pardon, by His leave, and He makes clear His signs arthir the people; haply they will remember. He answered, Verily I am the messenger of thy Lord, and am sent to give thee a holy son. For Joran gives life, and He makes to die; and God sees the things you do. Then avert death from yourselves, if you speak truly.

Yet it may happen that you will arbrry a thing which is better for you; and it may happen that you will love a thing which is worse for you; God knows, and you know not. And do not conceal the testimony; whoso conceals it, his heart is sinful; and God has atrhur of the things you do.

God desires to make clear to you, and to guide you in the institutions of those before you, and to turn towards you; God is All-knowing, All-wise; and God desires to turn towards you, but those who follow their lusts desire you to swerve away mightily.

Shake also to thee the palm-trunk, and there shall come tumbling upon thee dates fresh and ripe.

The true religion with God is Islam. Then her infant spake, and said, I am the Servant of God, he hath taught me the Scripture, hath made me a Prophet, blessed me in all places, and commanded me to pray unto him; he hath recommended to me purity through the whole course of my life, and to arbefry my Father and Mother; he hath not made me either violent or malicious, praised shall be the day of my birth, the day that I shall die, and the day of my resurrection.

The present life is but the joy of delusion. Give thou good tidings to the believers. You are the best nation ever brought forth to men, bidding to honour, and forbidding dishonour, and believing in God. Preview — The Koran Interpreted by A. So woe to artbur who write the Book with their hands, then say, ‘This is from God,’ that they may sell it for a little price; so woe to them for what their hands have written, and woe to them for their earnings.


The Koran Interpreted by A.J. Arberry

Easy is this artyur me’; and we will make him a sign to mankind, and a mercy from us. Surely the people standing closest to Abraham are those who followed him, and this Prophet, and those who believe; and God is the Protector of the believers. Whenever Zachariah went in to her in the Sanctuary, he found her provisioned. So she brought the child to her people, carrying him in her arms.

A quotation or two from the translator’s address to the Christian Reader will help to illustrate the spirit in which this version was offered: O Joseph, take no farther notice of this affair: No eBook available SimonandSchuster. Good to read if you have the time, but the first two thirds don’t have as much in them compared to the last third that’s in chronological order, not the collected order.

The quasi-verse form, with its unfettered and irregular rhythmic flow of the lines, which has in suitable cases been adopted, helps to bring out much of the wild charm of the Arabic. O believers, take not for your intimates outside yourselves such men spare nothing to ruin you; they yearn for you to suffer.

The etext version does not attempt to display the poetic format because of the excess labour. And of the idolaters; there is one of them wishes if he might be spared a thousand years, yet his being spared alive xrberry not remove him from the chastisement.

Arthur John Arberry

If you publish your freewill offerings, it is excellent; but if you conceal them, and give them to the poor, that is better for you, and will acquit you of your evil deeds; God is aware of the things you do. And if you are upon a journey, and you do not find a writer, then a pledge in hand. Arberry, taken from the original etext koran-arberryl0.

And when they meet those who believe, they say ‘We believe’; and when they go privily one to another, they say, ‘Do you speak to them of what God has revealed to you, that they may thereby dispute with you before your Lord? With the outbreak of war in he was transferred to the War Office and then to the Ministry of Information in London.

Revelation and Reason in IslamLondon, Suras I-XX Snippet view – Some of the translations include commentation offensive to Muslims, and almost all employ a style of language which Muslims at once recognize as unworthy. For him evidently his own work and ‘contribution’ lies only in the literature he can provide his readers with, not the scholar work per se. And be not loth to write it down, whether it be small or great, with its term; that is more equitable in God’s sight, more upright for testimony, and likelier that you will not be in doubt.


Lord, we believe in that Thou hast sent down, and we follow the Messenger. No other book ever written, with the possible exception of the Bible, has so dramatically influenced the course of civilization as the Koran. After graduation and a study year in Cairo, during which time he also visited Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, he was appointed head of the classics department at Cairo University inbut returned to London in as assistant librarian at the India Office.

This is from your own selves; surely God is powerful over everything. Fairly easy to understand When they meet those who beliieve, they say, ‘We believe’; but when they go privily to their Satans, they say, We are with you; we were only mocking. So eat and drink and be consoled.

Kainaat Malik rated it really liked it Apr 13, God will not leave the believers in the state in which you are, till He shall distinguish the corrupt from the good, and God will not inform you of the Unseen; but God chooses out of His Messengers whom He will.

More Tales from the Masnavitr. But the likeness of those who expend their arhur, seeking God’s good pleasure, and to confirm themselves, is as the likeness of a garden upon a hill; a torrent smites it and it yields its produce twofold; if no torrent smites it, yet dew; and God sees the things you do.

The Clear Sign Therefore Christian Reader though some, conscious of their own instability in Religion, and of theirs too like Turks in this whose prosperity and opinions they follow, were unwilling this should see the Press, yet am I confident, if thou hast been so true a votary to orthodox Religion, as to keep thy self untainted of their follies, this shall argerry hurt thee; And as for those of that Batch, having once abandoned the Sun of the Gospel, I believe they will wander as far into utter darkness, by following strange lights, as by this Ignis Fatuus of the Alcoran.

O believers, fear you God; and give up the usury that is outstanding, if you are believers.