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Checkout our Plumbers Insurance area – heavily discounted Public Liability Insurance and Van Insurance specifically designed for plumbers. Discussion in ‘ Central Heating Forum ‘ started by sessiOct 26, Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hello I wonder if anyone could throw any light on a aristo tiresome problem.

We have wriston above oil fired boiler. The engineer has been out and seemingly tried everything. He has serviced it, replaced the injector leads, altered the power thingy lol to the burner, and goodness knows what else. After altering the injector, it did fire up on it’s own for a day, and now is back to ruroster to manually press the reset button. I am sure ariaton is as frustrated as we are, but now the cold weather is coming I really don’t want to have to keep doing this.

Another thing, today, when I pressed the reset button it looked like a little flame came out of the box surrounding the button, which is worrying. Thank you for your time. It is always difficult to diagnose a fault without actually being there. We need to know exactly what happens when the boiler locks out, does it happen when you are there or does it happen overnight etc. The engineer has aristton checked certain things but things to check would be partially blocked oil filter, worn drive dog, faulty solenoid, faulty transformer whether the pump pressure is steady etc.

A trained competent engineer should be able to at least recognise raiston the fault may lie. If it is an intermittent fault then that can be a different story.


If the engineer cant sort it I doubt whether you will be able to, You will have to get the engineer to give you some idea of what he is going to do or you will have to change the engineer. Trianco eurostars go through a lot of photocells and solenoids.

Thank you for your reply Kimbo, I was not considering eeuroster anything myself but rather trying to see if there was just something that could help a little.

The Engineer is a very nice man just scratching his head now! I will mention the parts that you have mentioned and see if he has a lightbulb moment!

ISO – Quality management systems — Requirements

In answer to your question of timing of this, it is not on the timer, I just leave the hot water on constant and use the thermostat to put the heating on as and when. When I come down in the mornings it is always out, and have to reset it, sometimes takes more than one go. Sometimes after showers baths etc it will fire up and sometimes it doesn’t. So very random really. Thank you very much. As Kimbo has said, it could be anything.

Assuming everything obvious is ok, then I would add, – motor or motor capacitor. If it fails to start in morning it may have locked out previous afiston. If it is cold start problem, then flame not igniting as electrodes or combustion wrong. If all ok then solenoid, control box, motor capacitor and photocell, perhaps in that order. Transformer is usually fine if good spark. BestOct 26, What’s the state of the fire valve? I’ve had one recently locking out after about 10 minutes of running, reset then lock out after 30 seconds.

Left for quarter of aristno hour then boiler ran again for around 2 minutes. Many fire valves suffered last winter and with recent rain, if water has got in it might explain why it was working during the dry summer but not now. Cold starts is sometimes indicative of the capacitor as there is more drag on the motor when cold. Also ther could also be air in the system and overnight it wont allow the boiler to start it might take a number of attempts to get rid of a small eurkster of air.


If the motor turns every time you reset the lockout button before it starts it does not sound like anything seized. Methodical approach is the best and check everything through thoroughly eiroster from the tank with the filters and joints etc.

Capacitors are often overlooked. If you turn boiler on several times, you sometimes find that ariiston will suddenly fail to turn, with only aariston hum noise. If any motor has a split second hum every time it goes to start, same applies. BestOct 27, What happens before it goes to lockout? Does the motor turn OK? Do the electrodes arc correctly when they are supposed to?

If you say you got a flash from the control box it may be bust now.


This is sometimes caused by a failing ignition transformer. I had a faulty transformer last year actually melted a control box.

Mainly seen satronic boxes doing this. Useful tips here from various posters, thank you for those! Slightly off topic, had a call out to a breakdown at 5pm, half hour away from home.

Dreaded not being able to fix it. I’ve done more installations than breakdowns. Anyway, got there, been told boiler had been arisston a few weeks ago.

Checked oil supply – tiger loop and wall hung boiler. More panic as I’ve no idea how to start an empty tiger loop if needed. No oil isolation valve. Struggled to remove burner. Not in my book! Ran as fast as I could!! Often u don’t need to do much to start an empty tigerloop as use press reset button if oil tank refilled. One of the many advantages of t. BestOct 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Users found this page by searching for: Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: