Arcadia: A Novel [Lauren Groff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Timeless and vast The raw beauty of. Arcadia [Lauren Groff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times Bestseller “Timeless and vast The raw beauty of Ms. Groff’s. Lauren Groff’s “Arcadia” is so immersed in the life of a hippie commune that patchouli ought to waft off its pages. It’s a novel of the s and.

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Know, however, that when the commune disintegrates, the 60s are truly over.

Arcadia by Lauren Groff: review – Telegraph

What Bit hated most in all the Outside world, hated with an irrational, puking hatred, was the goldfish lauuren the pet store a street away, its endless dull slide around the glass. She captures the hy, the idealism, the disillusionment, the drugs, the free love, the naivete, the hope and so much more.

Everyone will live together in love and kindness. Although fascinating to read, this story was, at times, difficult too. Apr 19, Carla Baku rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. As was the case with Fates and Furiesthe prose is a constant delight. Groff offers us Bit’s perspective in third-person present tense, which allows us to experience Arcadia in real time, to be as present as the characters, to exist within a child’s mind yet to remain detached observers. This is a finely crafted, exquisitely written, and particularly interesting nov Oh what a fine novel this is, one of the few I feel is worthy of the 5-star rating.


Arcadia: A Novel: Lauren Groff: : Books

Even as the novel sinks into questions about social and bodily illness, it resists any easy cynicism in favor of a profound consideration of the American paradox. Arcadia – Final Discussion Spoilers September In other words, as with all sensitive children, Bit’s world is magically magnified. Why create that improbable and fascinating underground emergency tunnel between Arcadia House and the Octagonal Barn, and then allow it to drop out of the story almost completely?

The first couple of sections deal with a boy growing up in a commune, which is fairly interesting, but certainly not a topic that hasn’t been dealt I don’t know about this, you guys. Just a few things dropped this novel out of the 5 star category for me, and not by much. Arcacia is defunct and new couples are formed although Hannah and Abe choose to stay together.

The entry of speculative fiction is jarring and makes no metaphoric contribution to Bit’s dealing with mid-life issues byy of parents, rediscovery of love beyond that supplied by a setting in our current day. I did feel from time to time that the author probably owes a debt of gratitude to work such as TC Boyle’s Drop City and that wonderful counterculture classic Spiritual Midwifery for example, the midwives of Arcadia referring to uterine contractions as “rushes”.

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He also has the task of nursing arcxdia once Amazonian mother whose decline is shot in slow-motion close-up; I was desperate for her to die because by now I’d had a bit too much of Bit.

Sweetie gives the note to Hannah, whose lips form an O. Groff’s narrative style evokes a feeling that you’re paging through a photo album as you read.


This was a beautifully written book about family biological and otherwiselove, responsibility, relationships, and the unique pull of one’s upbringing. It focuses on Bit, the first child born into a s hippy commune which begins with only a few charismatic acolytes and ends with thousands.

Arcadia by Lauren Groff – review

She’s a pleasure to read, so descriptive, so luscious. Even the most incidental details vibrate with life. I was champing at the bit to read it He wanted to sing. The kind of book where I couldn’t wait to get back to it, where I just sat arcadiw pondered after finishing it, where I could drop into it and just get lost.

Feb 29, Melki rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t give 5 stars very often. The only really redeeming part of this section was the main character, Bit, who you can’t help but love.

Jun 02, Holly Robinson rated it it was amazing. Mar 27, Darlene rated it really liked it. The queasy, off-kilter feeling this style evoked at first, subsided as it progressed through Bit’s later years thankfully. My earliest years were spent in a tight-knit community on the conventional fringes of hippiedom, and Bit’s sense of connection to and belief in his community — the way a place that is a little screwed up for adults can still be magically warm and safe for a child –rang very true to me.